can’t take it?

Curse you, stupid cheap HP printer that stops responding after being plugged in too long! *shakes fist*

Foiled by my own laziness. I got on the computer(s … laptop for music and desktop for Adobe programs) to start work on my art project right after I got out of my last quality lab, woohoo! (The lab left my elbow feeling a mite sore, folding ninja star parts over and over and over…) And then … I decided to have some yogurt. Then I decided to tidy up the table a bit (after having left it that way for how many days previous?). Then I watched the last of a Mythbusters episode, the jaws special edition.

I might have found out that the art project isn’t due until Friday. ehehe. I don’t know what I did after that. Probably reading friends list. Then I was sorta hungry since I had only a yogurt and I was too lazy to make lunch so I just ate chips and salsa. Then I watched an episode of Step By Step because they were all young in it. Then I watched Ellen because Pink was on at the end; Pink just kept laughing and laughing.

Then I was gonna watch Oprah’s show about aging but C called to be picked up so I did and we got McDonald’s and I watched the whole Simpsons season 5 disc with the Be Sharps, Camp Feare, Homer going to college, and Treehouse of Horror # episodes. Then … I came here … and wasted time doing I do not remember what.

Back to the opening sentence … somewhat … yeah, my printer won’t print, and I don’t want to work on my art project any more because I can’t see what the heck it’s going to look like when it’s printed. I don’t know whether to keep the changes I made or not! I guess I should just save it as a copy. But I still don’t want to work any more on it, because what if all that work is for naught and I don’t want to keep the changes so I have to go back to the original? urgh.

But basically I’m just blaming my laziness and lack of work progressed on a piece of equipment with a fault that I am aware of … but temporarily forgot today … and even forgot that I had it on … so yeah.

I wrote my lab report. I actually got to two pages. Be amazed; I usually only manage the bare minimum of length required, if I do. And even then the writing is still bad. Bah. Should cut out the part of my brain that don’t do English good and get an implant.

I stayed up until 12:30 working on it. I got the charts made, extra credit, diagrams, cover page, everything. It really didn’t help that I spent 5 hours watching the History Channel. (I’d planned to write an entry about that, but … lazy now.) I turned in that report today. While in lab I just thought of all the things that made it crud. And then I told myself to not care.

Hm, I’ve got a wall crit on the poster Wednesday, art final tomorrow (not studying, woo!), 320 presentation Thursday, art project due Friday. Should make a Powerpoint slide for presentation by Wednesday night. And poster is due Wednesday of next week before the final. Bah. Stupid printer.