won’t stop til I find

Last night I spent almost three hours reading Jodi Picoult’s The Tenth Circle.

I like the book all right. I must, if I kept reading it and didn’t stop for hours. (Well, one drawback is that the chapters are so long … it’s a better incentive for me to stop reading if I see that I’ve read x number of chapters already … and it’s easier to stop at a new chapter … or maybe the last full paragraph on the first page of a new chapter … well how about the next paragraph going to the next page … *g*)

I don’t know. The main plotline doesn’t attract me much. It’s interesting, but is it rereadable? I bought the book because Borders had the first chapter online for preview, and the comic aspect of it interested me (Neil Gaiman was mentioned in the book XD; ). I don’t really like the daughter or the wife. I don’t dislike them, I just don’t really care about them much. I like Daniel though. I don’t know why. I will just have to continue reading it. :)