earthquake? what earthquake?

I still love this site: Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada. It’s a bookmark that has followed me from my Internet Explorer “favorites” days, and the only .gov site I visit. XD; I also like reporting my experience of the latest earthquake in my area.

But this time I can’t! *weep* I didn’t wake up when the Chatsworth quake happened. Arrrgh.

My boss said he felt it, Mum, my brothers, say they felt it. My brothers didn’t even wake up during the Northridge quake!

Grrr, how could I not have felt it??

2 thoughts on “earthquake? what earthquake?

  1. Noelle

    Waah, stupid earthquake made me wake up, and I couldn’t even go back to sleep for about two hours. :( (It was also really hot then.)

    I take it you felt the Northridge one? That’s cool. :D I somehow managed to sleep through the entire thing. :x

  2. Jeidai

    Aww, I hate when you can’t go back to sleep. :(

    Yeah, after the Northridge quake I was afraid of earthquakes for a while. But not anymore! (Y’know, as long as they don’t kill anyone…)

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