more fanlistings gripes

<!--Please do NOT steal my codes.
Your IP Address has just been recorded and sent to [webmaster's e-mail].
You will be hearing from me shortly. -->
<!--END IP TRACKER CODE 99653-->

O_o Is this something new I’ve never heard of? Is the webmaster going to send a little text file to my IP? Or is it just a really different scare tactic? It’s … interesting.

I was looking at that person’s code because I saw the fan list was displayed in some way, so I wanted to see how it was done. Not that I have to justify myself, this is just a segue into a new topic. That person used a table to display the list, which I find to be the best way, personally, because it’s just so neat and tidy, but it doesn’t validate using Enthusiast. (The “Showing…” part gets stuck in the table tag.) I could, theoretically stick fans in their own little tables and style it so it looks like one big table, but … fifty tables on one page? Ouch.

I am yet again updating my joined fanlistings, because I haven’t done so for over a year and I keep meaning to join more anyway.

My recent gripe with many a fanlisting is the lack of a means of contact. There’s not even a way to contact the webmaster at her fanlisting collective site, or any other place she has control over. So what do I do when I want something on the site corrected, like MySQL errors, or even the inability to get past the splash page? Do I dare report the fanlisting to TFL? I hate it when my site gets on the troubles list, but I also don’t like the faulty site! I think I’ll just fall to my usual passive response: wait and see what happens.

4 thoughts on “more fanlistings gripes

  1. Noelle

    Try disabling JavaScript and see if you still get that. Sometimes some webmasters do that to scare their visitors, but usually their little message doesn’t do anything other than to scare people. :P

    Also, is the message the only thing you see when you view source? Sometimes, to make it seem like they completely blocked the code, they’ll put multiple lines of white space after the message, but if you scroll down further, you could see their actual code.

  2. Jeidai

    Oh yeah, I use NoScript so JavaScript wasn’t on for that site. And I know the trick of multiple line returns in code. It’s how I found out the person used a table for the fan list.

    I just thought it was funny that the person would get in contact with me just from knowing my IP. Is there some directory of e-mail addresses or phone numbers for IPs now?

  3. Noelle

    Oh okay, in that case, I think she’s just bluffing. ^_^ I mean, if there was a directory like that, does that mean your ISP or whoever would have to be notified when you change your e-mail address? And if that were the case, how come I’ve never heard of it? O_o (Not that I’m saying that my knowledge is so big and vast that there’s little I don’t know, but I’m saying that as an average Internet user, and if there was such a rule, shouldn’t that be something Internet users should know about?)

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