10 weird things about me

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  • I’m like a cat and don’t like to get wet. I prefer a bath to a shower, which keeps pelting me with water.
  • The reason my nails are long (other than I like them that way) is I’m too lazy to keep trimming them short.
  • I like sporty cars, not soft luxury cars.
  • I think my feet are pretty.
  • I have hand modeled—but for a small company’s catalogue. I wasn’t paid for it (directly; I was paid as a design intern) and won’t be breaking into the industry any time soon. :P
  • I realized a year or so ago that some of the “hottest stars” were younger than I, and it felt weird. It still feels weird. I didn’t think it would be weird.
  • I like Asian noodles, but I don’t like Italian noodles (pasta). It’s probably the rich sauces that don’t agree with me.
  • I love wearing glasses, but right now I can’t wait to get eye surgery because my current prescription is so strong that my glasses keep slipping down my nose. X( And after I get the surgery I’ll still wear glasses.
  • My dream job would be Oscar-winning costume designer.
  • I’d feel guilty if I bought a new laptop because my current one is still good after 5 (almost 6) years. It served me so well! *wipes away a tear*

That was hard, coming up with 10 things. :o

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