more computer woes

As mentioned in a previous post, my laptop has problems coming back from standby.

I thought it was Firefox creating all the trouble but that proved false when I tried to wake up my laptop when no programs were open, yet it still ran very slowly. Now I figure it has to be the wireless netword card/PC card driver since there’s nothing else. If I want to put my laptop on standby, I’ll have to remove the card beforehand.

I would try fixing this little problem but I can’t remember how I fixed it before. I don’t even know how I got the computer to recognize the card or to access the internet after the reinstall. It was just a random crapshoot of installing different updated drivers and whatnot in different sequences from the Dell support site. Once I got it working I stopped touching it, and am now afraid that if I try to fix it I will just not have internet access period.

(I hate how old machines work only because each little clunky part is relying on the rest of the clunkyness and if you fix one little thing the whole thing goes kablooie!)

If you didn’t notice, I haven’t started on my photoblog yet. Partly because I am lazy. But mostly because my camera is back in Canon’s fix-it shop! (Yes, I sent it in once before.) I guess they fixed the faulty mode switch, but decided not to repair the image sensor. Or they did repair the image sensor, but they used a refurbished one so that my camera lost the horizontal lines (for the most part) but still had pink/purple tints to them. I don’t know.

So I called support and asked what was up with that, why it wasn’t fixed, but I don’t think I communicated well (what else is new). End result, I send it in because there is a recall out on it and they will fix it at absolutely no cost to me. (They even pay for shipping.)

Minor complaints: I saw the recall on the Canon support FAQ, but after reading it I didn’t think it included my camera. It’s probably my lack of communication/comprehension skills. But I mentioned the problem in the repair form. I don’t know why it wasn’t fixed adequately. I wouldn’t have minded (too much) paying to fix the problem the first time I sent it in. Having to send it in again and being without my camera for the first couple weeks of school is a real pain in the [insert body part].

All in all though, it’s cheaper than buying a new camera. And I like my camera. I would miss it if I had to recycle it.

(I was originally going to buy a new camera because I didn’t feel like dealing with repairs and sort of wanted a camera right at the moment, but Mum ranted about appliances not working as long as they used to and what’s wrong with electronics today? so I sent it in to prove to her that Canon doesn’t really suck that much. :3 Who’s right?)