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So I’ve got some free time. (Not really; I should be studying, but I have to be somewhere in half an hour so I feel antsy and can’t concentrate.) I thought I’d write something here, since I’ve noticed a definite positive result in Google searches since I’ve updated more. XD;;; hahaha.

…Aaaand two hours later, obviously I was too antsy to concentrate even on this entry.

Another hour later … here’s the entry.

I don’t know that anyone is reading this blog regularly, other than Noelle. So the continuity factor of this post will be lost on some people.

I’m almost done with this quarter, just one final (and required studying for said final, which I am avoiding…) tomorrow and then I just have to stick around the rest of the week for … the commencement ceremony! I still have two classes to take next quarter, but I’d rather participate in this ceremony than come back next June. (Although I’m considering going to that ceremony to see some friends, if things work out that way, but that’s another story.)

I’m a little nervous about the ceremony, because I haven’t walked in a ceremony since middle school! That’s over a decade ago! (Yes, I am quite old, aren’t I?) On top of that, there’s no rehearsal or real explanation of what’s going to happen, so I’m going in cold, folks. To add icing to the cake, there are only about a dozen people in the ceremony I know. Previous ceremonies, I’ve known pretty much everyone. This one, there are way more majors and other colleges than the little microcosm I’ve grown used to in my department.

What if I fall on my face? It’ll be in front of all these people I don’t know, along with all their guests. What if I forget to wear pants? What if I have a huge sneeze and smear boogers all over my face?

Then afterwards there’s a reception where everyone can gather. I’d like to talk to my classmates and say, well, good luck to ya, nice knowing you, BYE FOREVER. But I really don’t know how many people there are going to be milling around, and I don’t know how many people that I know will be there. And I don’t know if I’m meeting with my family before then, so how do I deal with 9 people trailing behind me? Or if I don’t meet my family, then I won’t have a camera with me (I don’t want to carry it during the ceremony). What will I do then?

Then after that, we have to figure out where to eat (although I think my parents already settled on Red Lobster down south somewhere). Two of my cousins each hate one of my favorite foods (Japanese and Mexican), so where does that leave me? Once I’ve decided on what type of restaurant I want to go to, I have to take into consideration the budget that my parents have (small, very small), and then there are my aunt and uncle who are nearby who I’d like to invite to dinner (but don’t want to bother them with the ceremony) who are not exactly low budget diners. What then???

But all in all these are just minor worries. What about next quarter? How do I find a job??? Oh noooo!

2 thoughts on “little update

  1. Noellium

    To me, graduation ceremonies were these big, dramatic moments, where you cross over into the next phase of your life (based on what books and movies tell me XD). Especially college. Middle school ceremonies aren’t that big of a deal apparently. High school one (mine, that is) was non-existent. That left college (and since I’ve never been to any kind of commencement where I had to don a cap and gown, I wasn’t sure what to think). And (you already know about this, but…) seeing my friends and classmates in grad gear was something I couldn’t comprehend either. :O

    You get a reception?? ;o; All we did was just follow my Spanish teacher out of the aisles and go off on our own little merry ways.

    As for the bit about being able to meet up with everyone: cellphones, man. :3

    Anyone like Italian? :D I don’t know about your family or Aunt and Uncle, but it’s one thing everyone in my family can agree on.

    Oh yeah, and you are allowed to call me Tracey online. :D Or Noellium.

  2. Jeidai

    I could have gone to a ceremony for high school, but there would have been only 6 or so people, and I didn’t know any of them, so I skipped it. ^^;

    I don’t think the reception is a big thing. I don’t know how many people will be there. It’s just drinks and some snacks.

    Oh, I didn’t mention it in my entry…I’d bring my cellphone, but the pants I plan to wear have very tiny pockets and it would be uncomfortable to sit for two hours with a phone in my pocket.

    Ahaha, wow, our family has got the worst luck. Italian is my least-liked food, although I can usually find something to eat on the menu. ^^; Adam and Lindsey both can’t believe that I don’t like spaghetti much. My family can agree on pretty much anything, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Jack-in-the-Box, just as long as there’s simple food (for the males).

    Yeah, I figured I could call you Tracey, it just feels really really weird to me after 8 or so years to suddenly switch. ^^;;;

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