Miley’s teen party

Just saw Miley Cyrus’ performance at the Teen Choice Awards, the one that people are complaining is “too adult.”

Overall I thought it was tame, although you’d never see it on the Disney Channel. I also wished I could move my hips like Miley, I’m jealous!

Mum said it’s just what she’s being told to do and she’s going along with it, but she said the same thing about Britney Spears. O_o How do we really know that this isn’t her idea, this isn’t the real Miley?

I don’t know. Mum and I had a (totally unrelated) conversation recently about perception versus intention, what people intend to do versus how other people perceive the actions. An example was anyone who demanded an apology from Obama because of something he said which got misinterpreted. In other words, people are saying, “I expect an apology from you for what I thought was said.”

Regarding Miley’s show, I thought, hmmm, if 8-year-olds danced like that, it would only be the older people who would be scandalized by it. The little kids aren’t trying to find sex for themselves, they’re just moving their bodies. It’s all the fault of the adults who see sex in it and then molest children, just like it’s the fault of the guy who saw an attractive woman and raped her.

We as a society don’t like to see provocative attire (especially on children), and condone the sexy moves of celebrities as indecent and completely inappropriate for children.

If that’s true though, and we don’t want kids to mimic celebrities in order to protect them, it’s also logical how in Islamic countries women are required by the government to cover themselves so they don’t make men horny. It’s not that they’re nonentities in burqas, women are just protecting themselves and the men who have no sense of control.

Whose fault is it really? The teen-aged singer who wiggled her hips, or the adults who interpreted it as SHE’S SELLING SEX ON THE SEASHORE NOW.