so this is Christmas

I’ve heard that this time of season is the most depressing for a lot of people, and while I believed it, I’ve never had a bad time during December. That is, until now. Can I list all the things that were wrong?

I was partly sick from Thanksgiving to maybe a week ago. Mostly it was a middling coughy and phlegmy sickness, not the normal sickness of runny nose/sore throat/inflamed inner ears that I have every year. But still very annoying and I couldn’t do much all those days I wasn’t feeling well. (Barely managed to play with my cousin’s dogs while she was on vacation.)

My brother’s cat kept biting me. (I’ve been trimming her claws lately so she can’t scratch, but she’s decided to use her teeth instead. Argh.) That resulted in a swollen right finger (almost an infection?) for which I had to care for a day and almost made me miss a trip to Disneyland! On my left hand she gouged my palm and left an inch-long cut which is just barely vanishing now. It’s really annoying trying to dress oneself when one’s hands are injured and bandaged, I’ll have you know.

Someone did something unexpected, not exactly pleasant. That’s all I’ll say.

Again felt lost and unsure of what to do with my life. Still no drive to get a job. ._.

My computer was running a bit sluggishly while using Adobe design programs. I’m used to that, never was able to run InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator all at once. But the fact that I couldn’t paint in Photoshop with both Firefox and Seamonkey open on Flash-heavy sites was such a pain. (I tried to ask for money for Christmas to buy more RAM for my computer, not sure how successful I would have been if two people hadn’t surprised me with lotso cash. :3 I think, though, that part of my problem was that I had left old SQL files on my desktop totalling over 5 MB. I realized that today when my aunt was explaining virtual memory to my mom, haha! Hopefully moving them off my desktop will speed things up. Then maybe I won’t have to spend so much on RAM!)

I lost my hairclip. This shouldn’t be so bad, but I really don’t know where I lost it and it bugs me. How can I be sure I won’t commit the same mistake again if I don’t know what I did wrong? Also it was a really good hairclip, it lasted me a good few years whereas before I went through hairclips every year. And it was pretty. Then another hairclip that I owned broke. $16 for a really pretty hairclip and the metal busted on one side so it’s kaput. Who said having a lot of hair is envious? I think it’s a bother.

For a few months now my laptop would have times where the Backspace key wouldn’t work. After a while the H key would go out too. Recently the G key joined the random moratorium. Even more recently, shutting down and starting fresh would not get the keys working again. I spent a couple days depressed thinking of my little baby that got me through college just being a useless lump of ancient computer parts. After a trip to Fry’s I had the brilliant idea to just buy an external keyboard. I don’t use my laptop much anyway. Just to listen to music and to use WordPress. But today! Today I started up my laptop and the keys worked!! I’m not holding my breath for this being permanent, but it gave me hope.

On said trip to Fry’s I was wondering why my month sucked so much, and I was beginning to blame it on aforementioned Someone, but I gave myself a hard shake and realized it was mostly my state of mind. Both bad and good things happened this month, I was just in a poor mood, likely because of cold temperatures and ill health, and I was focusing on the bad things. I managed to buck up and wrap Christmas presents and have a great Christmas with my wonderful family.

I wrapped my dad’s present, a JAG hat, in a huge box (“Did you remember to put anything in here?”) with tons of bows and ribbons on it. I noticed there was a serious Cinco de Mayo color scheme because I couldn’t choose among the red, green, and white on the wrapping paper, but no one else commented on it. :P

One brother’s present I wrapped in lots of newspaper ads, trying to make it look less like a DVD, the other’s I put in an empty Scotch tape refill box.

One cousin’s present I had to make a box for, so I used a Robitussin box (my sickness came in handy?) and the other I sandwiched money between two old Dragonball Z VHS cassettes.

Everyone had comments about how I wrapped their presents, so all in all I think it was a successful venture. XD

(I do this every year.)
$50 from Jichan
$50 from Auntie G and Uncle H (partly birthday present too, she said) (she also wrote their names exactly like that on the envelope, “from Uncle H and Auntie G,” I thought it was funny)
$20 from L
Little Nemo DVD
The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho from N
Harry and David Moose Munch cocoa from Tracey
King’s Shield by Sherwood Smith from C (keeping up my Inda series for Christmas tradition; next year I’ll ask for the last book :P)
Stardust (movie) from Auntie and Uncle
Coraline soundtrack from Auntie J and Uncle G (or reverse with Auntie and Uncle… doesn’t really matter) (plus money for RAM)
Finding Nemo antenna ball from Disneyworld from Cousin 1
Finding Nemo novelty pen from Disneyworld from Cousin 2 (plus a handful of chocolates and a couple chocolate liquors)
antique pocketwatchface necklace from Mum and Daddy

12 thoughts on “so this is Christmas

  1. Noellium

    *hugglies* ;.; This month isn’t over yet…here’s hoping the last few days will be better.

    (and even if that’s not the case, here’s hoping the next month will be better!)

  2. Jeidai

    birthday presents:

    gorillapod from Tracey
    Sh*t My Dad Says from L
    zimmay Avatar (TLA) art at AX from C
    Totoro DVD from N
    Cal Poly chrome license plate frame from parents
    $50 from Jichan
    $30 from Grandma and Grandpa (the trust)

  3. Jeidai

    Christmas presents:

    The Art of the Disney Princess from AG and UH
    Escaflowne series on DVD from AJ and UG
    Arkham Asylum (comic) from T and R
    $10 from L
    Senrid from N
    Treason’s Shore from C
    $50 Kickstarter “The Price” donation from Mum and Daddy, AE and UR
    braclet from K1
    chocolates from K2
    $50 from Jichan
    $50 from AG and UH (birthday)

  4. Jeidai

    birthday presents:

    Gloomy Bear plushie from C and R
    Catal dinner from M and D
    Peanuts lunch box from T
    Club 33 bracelet from Cousin
    Minnie shirt from N
    $20 from L

  5. Jeidai


    mini pocket watch necklace from M and D
    guinea pig calendar from M and D
    Prince of Stories from AG and UH
    Maria Mena from AJ and UG
    House of Many Ways from A and U
    Last Airbender comics from T
    kitty kneading shirt from R
    Little Rascals from L
    guinea pigs Sylvania from C and M
    $50 from Jichan
    Charlie’s Closet hat/scarf from C1
    chocolate from C2

  6. Jeidai


    Cowboy Bebop prints from R and C
    Keep Calm shirt, Tiara from coworkers
    bracelet, shoes shirt from K & K
    Angry Cat postcard from Joe
    Beauty by Robin McKinley from T
    Dland charm bracelet from M & D
    mug from M

  7. Jeidai Post author


    Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Art of the Animated Series
    Gustav Klimt
    Gigi soundtrack
    Neil Gaiman’s A Short Film About John Bolton, L
    Sailor Moon Box Set Vol. 1–6
    Keep Calm and Go to Disneyland hoodie, K1
    ear warmer head wrap thingie, K1
    Mickey Mouse ornament tree stand, K1
    Big Island chocolate, K2

  8. Jeidai Post author


    $50 – M&D
    $10 – N
    Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Promise Part 1 – C
    Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker/Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman – T
    $20 Disney gift card – L
    Lia Sophia necklace – K1

  9. Jeidai Post author


    The Sandman Omnibus Vol. 1 from almost everyone
    running skirt from K&K
    candy and kitty ornament from K2
    $50 from AG and UH
    An American Tail (double feature) from T
    Disney gift card from L
    I Am Pusheen the Cat from R
    Blankets, Poppy Hill, and Howl’s from friend
    Forever 21 skirt from coworker (Secret Santa)

  10. Jeidai Post author


    LeSportSac Minnie Mouse purse from UT & AL
    Harvey’s seatbelt Aurora/Maleficent purse from AG/UH/K/K
    40 from AJ & UG
    100 from AE & UR
    Snoopy’s Reunion from T
    10 from R
    Sandman Omnibus Vol. 2 from my famille
    Legend of Korra vol. 1 from friend


    Books of Magic from Mum
    Avatar: The Last Airbender vol.s 1 & 2 from Mum
    money from Daddy
    two Jerrod Maruyama Mickey/Minnie pins from C
    Sleeping Beauty (Disney) soundtrack from N
    Rose Daughter from T
    Snoopy, Come Home from R
    Disney gift card from L
    money from AE, AJ
    Amazon gift card from AG
    D23 ticket from K/K

  11. Jeidai Post author

    Waugh I forgot what presents I got for my birthday. ._.

    h.Naoto scarf from C, N, Mum, and Daddy
    An American Tail soundtrack from T and piggies
    Disney gift card from L
    Hat and Mouse Haunted Mansion fascinator from K&K

    quilt from AG
    Lia Sophia necklace from K&K
    2 books from R
    Disney gift card from L
    Disney gift card from AE and UR
    piggie Pride and Prejudice from T
    Tsum pins and simba keychain from C
    Korra from N
    Bear book, Korra, and a third thing from Mum and Daddy

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