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Boogiepop Phantom

I finished watching Boogiepop Phantom … sometime during the summer. I got the series for Christmas … 2005, was it? Started watching spring 2006, might have watched an episode or two last summer, watched some more episodes this spring, and finished the series a week or two ago.

In the beginning the series confused me. It seemed to me it was just trying to make it seem all intricate and convoluted and it wasn’t really going anywhere. Like it was trying to be deep, but really it was just … pointless.

When the last DVD ended, I again thought, ‘What?’ It made no sense to me! I thought, well maybe I missed something, maybe watching the series in lumps over the course of a year wasn’t a good way to watch it (duh, I wouldn’t watch Serial Experiments Lain that way, unless I wanted to break my brain), maybe I should rewatch it.

There were some notes from … someone (director? producer?) involved with the English translation that were included on the last DVD, which I read initially … then skimmed. This guy (I assume the person is a male, I don’t think the name was female, but what do I know?) was just gushing over the series … how else can I put it? He thought it was the best series in recent years, he said there was so much depth to it, that some people wouldn’t get it, that people would have to look at it again, that it’s probably best seen on a weekly basis on tv.

So I thought, okay, I guess I did miss something, I guess I should rewatch the series before I dismiss it.

But, having just read the Wikipedia Boogiepop Phantom article, what I thought was the whole plotline in the series ended up being exactly what was outlined on Wikipedia! Well okay, the timeline was a lot more jumbled than I’d realized. But basically, yeah, the series really was all about what was in the series. I didn’t miss anything. Except for the backstory that was written in a book, which was lightly touched on in the series but not enough to actually say, yeah this is what happened.

The Wikipedia article says, “[the series] has also received criticism for not addressing certain areas of the back-story,[18]leaving the viewer ‘with more questions than answers’.” You got that right! >_< But I think I want to read the book now. :) Then I’ll have to rewatch the series. XD; Yeah. Just add that on to the two series I started but never finished (Escaflowne, got halfway through, and Fushigi Yuugi, stopped two tapes from the end of the first box set) and should really rewatch.

Howl’s standstill castle

(First, I’d like to mention that I talked to my mom today, and she said she was looking at our city’s sanitation website where she found out that we can recycle plastics. Did you hear that? No specifications [I think it was something like 1, 2, 6 when I was a kid, lately it was 1-5], nothing, just that all-encompassing word, plastics. I can now recycle styrofoam, folks, do you realize how excited this makes me? My mom said she’s throwing out only one bag of trash every week, the trash can is so empty, and the recycling bin is practically overflowing. Oh my heart, it races.)

(On to the real interesting post.)

I finished Howl’s Moving Castle on Sunday. When I closed the book, I was grinning, the story made me so happy and thoroughly satisfied. It’s even better than the movie. Although the movie’s still good. It’s just, you know, a shortened and simplified and prettified version. And it’s a bit different than the book. I don’t know if it’s bad. It’s Miyazaki, so I’m biased. I like both the book and the movie. But I’d choose the book over the movie.

The problem I have now is, well, I finished the book! No more moving castle to read about, no Sophie and Howl to join while they go about pretending the other isn’t important. I miss the book. :( (I can’t tell if it’s sad or a sign of a good reader and a good book that I miss these characters so much.)

I just had a thought. I should go buy Castle in the Air. It’s sort of a sequel. Howl and Sophie are in it, but they’re not main characters, I don’t think. ^^’ That makes me a little happy.

I kind of wanted to point out all the differences between the book and the movie … just because. But I figure that no one would want to read it (unless they don’t mind being spoiled, or they’ve already read the book, the latter being highly unlikely). Also, I’m typing this entry up rather late, and seeing as my sleep schedule recently is already messed up enough … I shall skip the contrasting.

For now. muahahaha …

Howl’s Moving Castle

I finally saw Howl’s Moving Castle this weekend. Despite not really being interested in it when I first heard about it (from Neil Gaiman’s blog, actually), I loved it! :D Now I feel like reading the book. XD Because, you know, books are generally better than the movies that are based on them. Even if Hayao Miyazaki did the movie.