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*pokes Poke*

Wow. *twitchtwitch* Mozilla and IE can take the same exact coding (absolute positioning) and have a difference of ONE PIXEL. *twitch* I can’t tell which one is off, either, because it involves text and I can’t really tell where the top of the line of text is. Grr.

Hidek said to me today, “If you were sorry, you wouldn’t have done it.” Messed up logic. I dunno. That just confused me for a while. ^^;;

Mum and I went to the mall today and we went in this store that sells junky stuff and we saw these, er, things. Like, stuffed animals/figurines/statues/whatever. Well. They were cat/dog/chicken things, and we think they had real fur/feathers covering them. That was really weird. Ooh! That store also had these neat cards. They all had stick figures and speech bubbles, very simple in black and white. This one said, “Congratulations on your marriage, and I hope you have many …” on the front and “anniversaries” inside. Another one said something like, “Sometimes during the day I like to sit and think …” then on the inside “about you.” So cute. ^^

Well anyway. East Wind closed at the mall (albeit a long time ago, but I’m trying to make a point here), but we found this other food place that was there since as long as I can remember that changed its menu (and maybe its management), so now it serves shrimp and sushi! XD No noodle place yet, though. ¬_¬ Westside Pavilion and Thousand Oaks mall and the outlet mall all get noodles, but this mall doesn’t. Boo.

Yeah, I think that’s it. Oh yeah. I spent $220 on books. Er. Schoolbooks. And I bought a new copy of Hot Gimmick vol. 2. Now I have only a bunch of singles in cash. And I need to save up $300 before next semester to put back in my checking account. Ah, back to school and having no money.

(Last night I read a few of the first pages of both Mary, Called Magdalene, and Raise the Red Lantern, and they’re both soso good, and yet I’m still raging against the fact that no money means no books!! Wah!)


I’m getting interested in XHTML and validating my sites, because two people (whose journals I read on the sly) are all gungho … gung-ho … I dunno how to spell it … my typing skills are going down. Blah. Two people are really pushing it in their journals. Since I like being right, I figured I’d try it some time.

I tried it tonight. I don’t want to use Transitional, I want to use Strict. (For I am teh stubborn that way. :b) Um, I don’t know how many errors I started out with, forgot to check, but uh, I got it down to 63. ^_^;; (I’m sure there were more than 100.) So! That’s something else I could busy myself with; trying to find out how to correct these errors. (Maybe I should stop using tables for my date headers. Ehehe. And figure out how to mix tags and XHTML and Javascript.)

The good news, though, is that my CSS validates. Ahaha. Very good.

The coding for my hit counters/trackers are reeeeeally outdated, as well. Hm. Wonder how far that “Do not change the coding or your account will be terminated” legality thing goes. “But, but, but, I was just updating your coding! It was still essentially the same!” Heh. :b

working on layout; moodtheme; Alice in Chains

I’ma working on a new layout for IAT. Yay! ^^ The last layout I made was in mid-September … o.o And I think this one is very fall-y as well. O_o Not very good. But OH WELL! I was never one to follow the seasons and stuff anyway. :b

So. I’m taking a break from it because I’m pausing to give my brain a rest before I have to figure out the HTML for making a full-size div in a frame, without a background-image, but stationary images that serve as the background, and an image that hovers over the text, but not the scrollbar. *takes a deep breath* It sounds simpler when I type it out. ^^;; Ah well.

I’m also working on an Amy Lee moodtheme set. ^^’ I have about 8 of the moods set. ^.^;; About 50 random pictures that I have to assign to moods, and a few I’ll probably end up tossing out because there isn’t a mood for it, LJ doesn’t have that mood, or because there are too many pictures of her like that. XP

*ahem* I forgot that I didn’t post this. O.o *10:44 now*

So the HTML is all written up. ^.^ Yay! Now I just have to change all the other pages. Oh yeah, I also have to write the css up.

Umm … at the moment I have most all the Alice in Chains songs from their Greatest Hits album checked to record to my compi. ^^. Yeah. I like their songs a bit more than I thought I would. Or maybe … I dunno. Maybe it’s because it’s their greatest hits. :b Yeah.

Well I’m gonna go finish up putting the IAT layout together. XD So fun. I realized, recently, I think I like writing the HTML more than I like working on the layout in a graphics editor. *shrug*

she doesn’t have the answer yet

O_O *is speechless*

…. How is Netscape doing that?!?! O.O! I can’t see anything wrong with the coding … and I don’t think Netscape is that weird … It shows the scrollbars for each entry, but no text in the entry. o_o Sometimes it shows the first entry. But when I scroll right and back it disappears. o.o And the tagboard isn’t showing up either. But the “sidebar” is showing up. How weird. :( I think I’ll just switch it to a regular-ish layout.

But anyway. New layout. :b I had it saved in a folder for a longo time. About a month, I guess. ‘Tis Lisa Loeb! :D Yesterday and the day before I listened to her Tails and Firecracker albums. ^__^ But not her Cake & Pie album. :P

layouts, games, and book shopping

Ummm … *is in the middle of changing the layout* Lookie, mah birthday prezzie from Noelle. :D:D:D:D So cool! Pun not intended. ^^;;; Kawaii kitty, no?

Oh yeah, the Japanese reminds me. When we were coming home there was a commercial on the radio for some new store. This isn’t the whole name, just the part I remember. :b I heard them say “The Shishi Store.” I was sitting there thinking I must have heard it wrong, and then Daddy said, “Did they just say The Shishi Store?” ^_^;;;;;; So hah! I didn’t imagine it! XP And uhh … I don’t wanna explain. >.>; *moves along*

Today I followed N to his room and asked if I could play with the GCN. We played Tetris Worlds. :D Weird setup, though … it’s kind of like, how far can you stray from the simple game of stacking tetraminos while still stacking tetraminos? And for some reason, I kept landing blocks one space off from where I meant them to go. >.< Annoying. He kept goading me. ^^;;; I’m not very good at Tetris anymore … *sniffles* I was always two or so levels behind him. Pooh.

After we played two or three neverending games @_@ (N: When does this end? Me: Now. *quits*) we played The Sims. Bwahaha, I’m one level higher than he is in our house. >b He kept poking fun at me because of my bathroom though. >.> (N: Who has the cleaner bathroom? Me: At least I don’t have flies flying around my toilet! N: Those are your pet flies. They’re by your room. Me: Yeah well at least my bathroom doesn’t stink.)

Went to Barnes and Noble. *.* Their manga/comic section can look pretty nice when it’s cleaned up. Of course, it’s still only two shelves worth of space, but better than nothing. Everything was all out of order. I would have straightened it out (my fingers were just itching to put everything in order), but I was carrying food from Tony Roma’s, and plastic is loud when other people are reading. o.o

Got this one manga, forget what it’s called, read about it in my Waldenbooks e-mail thingimabobber. It’s “controversial.” :b Also got Kare Kano 3 (dunno why, not that into the series), Neil Gaiman’s Smoke and Mirrors (waiii!), Why Girls Are Weird (about this girl who posts made-up diary entries online, and what happens because of it o.O), aaaand … The Art of Charles Schultz. w00t! XD $25. o_o But it’s Charles Schuuultz! It has his older comics and stuff. Mommy says they’re not as funny. But they’re cute. Yup! ^-^

I spent, in total, $81.11. ._. Okay, new rule. No wandering around bookstores after I’ve got two or three or four books! x_x

Spent the rest of the night working on my First Band on the Moon fanlisting. Woo! :D I was working on the Other Side of the Moon fanlisting, but then I got tired of coding/writing, so I went to look at Noelle’s present. X) And it led me here. Muahaha.

I changed the coding a bit, though. Put the entries in a div tag, instead of in an inline frame. (Used frames for L.S layout, don’t wanna do that again any time soon. x_x)

Oh yeah. :D New layout at Literal Scars. Woo! Dunno how good it is though. I always tend to like my really not-so-normal stuff, and then it turns out that there’s something wrong with it. :( Oh well. Poem! (on the layout) “I need to have loved you. I need to have told you so.” Whyyy can’t I write like that?

Oh yeah. Went to this person’s writing site. I like her poems. ^^; All three she’s got up there. Especially the first one. ^^ Kind of makes me want to create my own writing site (one separate from my art). But I don’t have nearly enough of anything for it.

Anyway, anyway … now on to fixing up the tagboard for the layout. And after that I think I’ll leave the OSOTM fanlisting for when I wake up.