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Edvard Munch (1974)

I saw this really interesting movie yesterday, Edvard Munch, directed by Peter Watkins. It was 50% documentary, 50% drama, and 100% madness. (Okay maybe 80% madness…the other 20% seemed logical to me. *grin*)

There was a narrator who set up most of the scenes and gave context to the short lines that passed between the actors. The movie jumped around a lot between scenes.

I thought it was the weirdest thing (in the beginning) that Munch kept looking at the camera (or viewer). Freaky! But it was really the only way that I was drawn into the movie.

The way everything else was set up, I felt very disconnected from everything and from the characters, and that the characters were disconnected from each other.

But then it was very successful in expressing Munch’s state of mind, his madness, the childhood events that shaped him.

What really sucked was that I was struggling to stay awake during the movie (no fault of the film; it was just one of my sleepy days). A lot of the lines went through my head without imparting any bit of information, and I ended up sleeping for about ten or fifteen minutes, halfway through the second part. Argh!

But hey, if the film got that much through to me in that state, imagine how much better it is when you’re fully awake! hah! And luckily, the movie is on DVD! The question now is, do I want to add it to my library or just watch it a second time? (The guy who played Munch sure was cute though…)

gay comment in ABC Family movie

I watched ABC Family’s Princess last night. The movie was all right. Nothing spectacular because hey, it was a tv movie, and a family one at that. My favorite part was probably Ithaca’s clothes. XD;

I almost forgot to watch it, even though I’d been planning to watch it since commercials aired in March. Luckily C had to go work in his studio so I made dinner late and caught the movie ten minutes in.

(Spoiler, sort of.) One thing I wonder about, plot-wise, is if Ithaca is 25 and the girl is somewhere in her teens (I assume 15+ but I’m not a good judge of age), then how the heck is that workable? Calliope (the girl) would go through all that training, then in ten years her rule is up, and they need to find the next girl? What? Ithaca was found at 5 … correct? So she had her powers for 20 years. Maybe what’s-his-face (sorry can’t remember his name … William?) was supposed to be searching for those 20 years for the next girl? Or at least 15 or whatever years, however old Calliope is. But then he’s only in his 20s himself, so he would have begun searching at 10? What was that whole thing about seekers being old? (End of spoiler.)

I don’t know, I shouldn’t bother with the little things, it was only a tv movie. *grin*

The big thing I do want to complain about is a comment made by the character William. Remember, I didn’t see the first ten minutes of the movie the first time around, so I watched the rerun at 10 o’clock.

The reporter friend guy gets the invitation to Ithaca’s dinner thing in the mail and his wife says he and William should go, since she’s so very pregnant and can’t fit into any sort of nice evening gown. Then William says (paraphrasing), “Sure, like two guys going to a ball isn’t gay.” What?!

The comment itself isn’t what’s bugging me, it wasn’t that bad (right? I’m not underreacting, am I?). But I do hate that this is a movie airing on ABC Family, so probably kids as young as … 8? could be watching it. I don’t care that William used the word “gay” when kids are watching, but I can’t stand that he used it in that joking, derogatory manner.

Maybe I’m overreacting about this and gays have become so much a part of the norm we can joke about them now…? But it still creates this idea for kids that it’s okay to say things like that! They might say it around other kids, who might or might not be gay, and those kids will feel … however they feel. Marginalized?

:x Sorry, my brain’s shutting down now … this is why I suck at blogging. Argh.

Closing statement … stupid Disney is still furthering a world where gays are seen as bad and can be shot or tortured. Am I going too far there? Oh yeah.

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I finished reading Neil Gaiman’s Stardust recently, and like any good fan also went to see the movie when it came out. (Oddly enough, this is the only story of his I’ve read twice, if one doesn’t count short stories.)

First time I read the book, Stardust didn’t thrill me that much. One of my lesser-liked books of Neil’s. (Apparently, according to my 2005 book list, I read it about two and a half years ago.)

The movie on the other hand, I loved dearly and can’t wait to get the DVD and watch it again. It was so much fun, so magical.

I thought to myself, if I liked the movie so much, why didn’t I care for the book? Which is why I decided to read Stardust again. My conclusion: it must be Neil’s writing style. While reading it I would feel sort of ho hum and wonder what book I was going to read next. But when I would imagine parts of the book as the movie

[edit, January 3, 2009:] … What the heck? What happened to the rest of this entry? Did I not write it? Did WordPress or my server lose it? I probably wanted to say that the story … came alive. But I don’t remember what else I was going to say.

Flags of Our Fathers; The World of Henry Orient

I saw Flags of Our Fathers Sunday. (Talked Daddy into buying a boxset at Amoeba of FOF, Letters from Iwo Jima, and a third DVD, Heroes of … something.) I don’t really have much to say about it, just wanted to record that I saw it …

Am sort of regretting now that I didn’t start a movie list for this year. My thoughts, ‘what movies would I see this year?’ and ‘should I really put as much emphasis on movies that I do on books?’ Mreh.

I normally don’t watch war movies. Partly because they’re loud with all the explosions, but also because I don’t like to see what’s inside the human body when it’s cut up, and how the cut up person reacts to seeing what’s inside him. I’ve seen portions of Band of Brothers, not all of it, and parts of Saving Private Ryan (yes, I still have yet to see that movie). I guess I just don’t like seeing the results of a bunch of grunts (men?) with influence going at it. I’m too sensitive.

But anyway! I thought Flags of Our Fathers was good. I liked it. What else can I say? My knowledge of last century’s events suck. I don’t know anything about World War I, not much about World War II (outside of the concentration and internment camps), and don’t know much of anything of U.S. presidencies. Mum says it’s likely because I was homeschooled … but that she doesn’t know much about the World Wars either…. It’s only because of my dad the history nut that I know what I do know of recent history. But he gets annoyed when I ask too many questions, like I must be really ignorant or something. >.>

Anyway! So yeah, I had absolutely no clue that the picture taken was of the second flag, and that the first flag was taken down because of some stupid military person who wanted it as a souvenir. *twitch* That’s all I have to say about the plot.

I had no idea Doc was played played by Ryan Phillippe. O_o He just looked like some young kid to me. (Then again, I had trouble at the beginning keeping all the characters straight.) I finally figured it out around the time I saw Robert Patrick (X-Files!) and Jason Gray-Stanford (Disher! XD). Melanie Lynskey (Rose in Two and a Half Men) was also in the movie. Woo!

Also, Friday after Gypsy Mum had me watch The World of Henry Orient again, just to see if I’d like it this time, and yeah I did. Nice movie. Wasn’t much interested by the Henry Orient part. But ya gotta love Angela Lansbury. (I like The Harvey Girls, she plays someone completely different from Mrs. Potts. XD)

Gypsy, Aly & AJ

Yesterday Mum and I watched Gypsy ’cause Mum was looking for a movie for me to watch. I feel like, even though I couldn’t really watch the movie (VCR is getting old, and the VHS cassette is old), I really saw the movie this time. Rose’s manipulation, June’s frustration, Louise wanting to please Rose, and then the scene where Louise had to go on stage as Gypsy Rose Lee for the first time. Man, what an actor Natalie Wood is. XD I really need to see her other movies. (I’ve seen The Great Race, Gypsy of course, Splendor in the Grass, and Rebel Without a Cause.)

Mum told me that Gypsy Rose Lee came to the filming of the movie and cried when she saw Natalie Wood on stage, because she had the walk down perfect.

In other news, N bought Aly & AJ’s album Insomniatic. (From Wal-Mart. Hulk smash!!) Wheee! It’s a great album. :D Whenever I listen to Potential Breakup Song today I get weepy. It’s just … so good. *wipes away tear*