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the earth moved for us

I know I am about two weeks late in posting this, but at least I am posting?

All right, August 29 there was an earthquake somewhere around Chino Hills? 5.4, according to the USGS page on the quake. I’d heard numbers from 5.8 to 5.2, but I guess it’s settled down to 5.4 finally. Felt all the way to southern San Diego county (because it’s sandy there).

Where was I? With my family and Noelle’s family (sans her dad) in Anaheim, standing outside our hotel, just starting our 3-day vacation to Disneyland. Bwahahar!

Yes, we live in Southern California, what the heck do we need three days at Disneyland for? Well my brother, the one who recently has really fallen in love with Disney, never really went to Disneyland when he was a kid. Whereas I went quite often with my Girl Scout troop with our cookie sales money, and thusly got sick of it. (Mum said that it was much more crowded in the 90s, aka the Eisner years.) But now that my brother is working full-time, he has money to drag us all to Disneyland. *grin*

We didn’t just go on most of the rides there, but we looked through stores, caught some shows, and just generally took in the Disney atmosphere.

But before we got to that, we experienced an earthquake! This was the first time for everyone (I think?) that we felt an earthquake while outside. We were standing on the sidewalk, just talking about I have no idea what, when I felt this weird boom underneath my feet.

For a second I thought we were standing on a metal plate over some electrical works or something. But no, it was solid concrete on solid ground next to solid asphalt on solid ground. I automatically asked, “What was that?” and then the ground started moving sideways. :o I put my hand on my dad’s shoulder because I thought I might fall over, or maybe it was just for security, haha.

My mom asked, “Is that an earthquake?” and my dad said yeah, look at the windows of the hotel rattling. Then we noticed some hotel guests on the first floor standing outside their room.

Then it was all over, and everyone talked about what they thought and blah blah blah. C and my dad tried using their cell phones, but they didn’t work. :( Worked about an hour later though.

All in all, best ride of the day! (This entry is very long and Mythbusters is on in a short while anyway, so … hopefully I’ll write up our Disneyland trip. :x)

storm on Saturn

I thought this was interesting.

A colossal, swirling storm with a well-developed eye is churning at Saturn’s south pole, the first time a truly hurricane-like storm has been detected on a planet other than Earth, NASA images showed on Thursday.

Doesn’t a storm require an atmosphere? Does Saturn have that kind of atmosphere?

“I’m hoping that as we puzzle over it, it will become even more exciting as we start to connect the dots in our brains. But right now, the wheels are a little creaky,” [Michael] Flasar said. “We’re all arguing with each other about what it might or might not be.”

XD I wanna know too!

How long have we been watching the planets, anyway? The article never says. :( I mean, is this the first storm we’ve seen in 20 years, 50, or 100, or what?

(Full article in the “more” section.) Continue reading

cactusy earthquake

Last Thursday there was an earthquake. Somewhere in the desert. Something like … east of Riverside? At the time I thought it was Mum getting really serious about her vacuuming. hah. I went up to talk with her. She asked me, “What do you think, 4.5 to 5?” I, as the inexperienced one, could only reply, “Maybe, I dunno.” And that was it.

Then Daddy called and he and Mum talked and stuff and Daddy said he was trying to go to this one website but it was down and etc. A little while later Mum checked channel 4 and they were talking about it and said it was 5.2. I showed Mum the website and then Daddy called again.

Later that day when we were taking paint off the porch there was no Ellen or Dr. Phil ’cause channel 4 was still covering the earthquake. ;.; So we didn’t work for that long.

The next day Mum told me Hal Fishman’s commentary on the media coverage: all the journalists and whoever else were excited and everything and took up the airwaves for hours for an earthquake in cactus land? hah! Mum even teased Daddy, saying, “You called home talking about the earthquake.”

Japan dresses down

In a nationwide campaign to save energy by cutting down on air conditioning, the government has asked public workers to leave their ties and jackets home for the summer.

The Environment Ministry campaign has nothing to do with loosening up Japan’s stodgy government ministries — and everything to do with meeting targets under the Kyoto global warming protocol. Tokyo needs to cut so-called greenhouse gas emissions to 6 percent below 1990 levels by 2012.

To help make the goal, air conditioners in government buildings will be set at a toasty 82, the maximum allowed by law. Offices usually keep the temperature at around 77.

The Energy Conservation Center estimates if all offices in Japan increase summer temperatures to 82, it could save 81 million gallons of oil in one summer.

O_o Is that why America turned that thing down? Sheesh … 82 … on an air conditioner! I have seriously never heard of it … I didn’t know there was such a setting … 77 even would have stretched my imagination. And 81 freaking million gallons of oil! *dreams*

(Yes I know America didn’t sign whatever it’s called because we pointed our fat finger at some other country who didn’t sign and said, “They waste a lot more! We don’t see how our waste will make that much of a difference compared to them!”)