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piggie smell

I don’t know why, but I smell guinea pigs. Or maybe just the shavings. Or maybe the smell of a guinea pig in a clean cage. Something. I know it’s related to guinea pigs. I don’t know why I smell it though. I don’t think there’s any guinea pigs within 150 feet of me.

update and a wounded bird

New layout, finally. I had this one planned for … maybe a month. Or longer. I don’t really remember. See if you can find what I’ve hidden in the image. *grin*

Umm, update on this list I made, I am done with Spring classes! No summer classes this year, I wanted to see if I could get a job. (So far, no luck. Then again, I’ve only really looked at PetSmart. I was hoping for an easy, out of the way job like filing clerk, but I dunno where to look. So, on to retail.)

I got an apartment! Yay! And I met my brother’s friend whom I’ll be spending the next year with, yay! *snrk* I’ve met him before, though. I don’t really know him, but I think I know him enough to know he won’t be annoying, haha. I found out today another of my brother’s friends is going to Cal Poly, too. My mom wants to know where he’s staying. >b

I haven’t bought my new domain name yet. I was going to, but then I bought a couple presents from Amazon, so that charge is waiting to be paid on my credit card. (I don’t really like to use my credit card too much, maybe no more than once a month.) I was thinking of switching from to, just so maybe people will know what I’m saying when I orally tell them the url. But then, I like Just because it’s not so obviously an angel name, and it also ties in with the Inconsistent Angel Things still. muahaha.

When I showed this layout to Mum today asking her opinion of it, she thought my website was called Flimsy Science. *blink* Just like some other person who will remain unnamed. Does my domain name really look like that?! Well I guess it’s awkward seeing flimsy and silence together like that. The mind just doesn’t read it like that. Oh well.

I meant to update (over, since it’s Thursday Friday) a week ago, but I didn’t. I was cleaning my room (it was a mess!) and stuffing things in my closet and helping Mum clean the house for a family party this weekend. The result of that is I forgot what else I wanted to update on. ahaha.

Oh! Yesterday around 5 pm I heard this screeching that I thought was coming from outside, but it wasn’t. Shadow brought a bird inside. >_> Mum and I caught it, and it turned out to be just a baby, that couldn’t really fly. (Otherwise we wouldn’t have caught it, hunh?)

Mum found a wound on it where skin was missing, and it was all bloody, so we decided to take it in to the vet. Alll the way in Santa Monica. Yes. During rush hour. Look at us and call us silly. But it wasn’t that bad. We avoided the freeways and took weird side streets. The vet said he didn’t know birds, so he couldn’t do anything, but the receptionist gave us the number of the California Wildlife Center where they might take the bird, so we went back home.

Today we drove the bird there (it’s off of Malibu Canyon Road, woo, fun!) and dropped it off with a $50 donation. I don’t think it survived. >_> It wasn’t very active or peppy when we left it (did MY driving do that? o.o), and Mum said it didn’t sound like they were going to sew it up or anything. Boo.

The ending of that story is: Shadow gets his bell put back around his neck! So now we know when he’s in the house. And outside, scratching himself … even in the middle of the night.

naproxen sodium and rats (tho not together)

I had a “naproxen sodium” (generic name; it can be sold under the label Aleve) this morning, and because I was kind of rushing I swallowed it without water. I’ve done it before! But I guess then I would take more care to drop it farther down my throat …

Regardless! This time I think it stuck in my throat. (I’m never sure if a pill sticks in my throat. It doesn’t feel like a lump, or really like anything’s stuck there. It’s just … pressure.) A few minutes after I guess it started dissolving, and my throat esophagus (by this time it’d traveled far down enough to get the more technical term used) started kind of burning. Not hot burning, a cold-ish burning … So I just kept swallowing spit (because I was in the car and not near a drink) to try and get rid of it.

It really hurt. :( A different kind of hurt than heartburn.

When I got home an hour or two later I ate some food. It still feels weird though. Like a cool (think “minty”) feeling behind my breastbone. I just hope I didn’t do some irreversible damage or anything. >_>


I think I want a rat.

I bought a Neil Gaiman rat from Lisa Snellings-Clark recently. I was looking through the other rats, and I think the Magic one is so cute! I like the Valentine’s one too.

Somewhere around the time I bought rat!Neil I found someone’s Livejournal that I read through a bit. This person had a few rats, and she kept posting stories and pictures of them. I thought they were cute. Plus people have said rats are smart.

I was thinking of getting a rat ’cause I want a pet during school, you know that whole “pets relieve stress” thing, but I didn’t want a dog or cat, I wanted a small pet. I didn’t want a guinea pig, because I thought it’d be a lot of trouble, too much trouble, with classes and all. So I thought of hamsters next, but then began to think that maybe a hamster would be too small for my tastes (although I guess there are ones larger than dwarf), and also that I wouldn’t like a nocturnal pet. (“Aww, you’re sleeping again? :(” *later at night* “Go to sleep! You’re keeping me up!”) So now I’m considering rats, although I’m still not sure.