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What’d I do today … went to Carmax to get my new CD-player … took an hour and forty-five minutes to find out that they ordered the wrong thing and my CD player is still broked. ;_; Came home, had lunch, went to Century City to look for guinea pig calendar and see Closer. The calendar store wasn’t there this year. Pooh.

Went through Bloomingdale’s. Wow. Expensive. And I don’t even really like their clothes. ^^;; Looked in Express too. They were having a sale on some stuff. I saw a nice pair of pants for, what, 40% off $68? I was thinking of buying them … but I didn’t really want to spend that much. x_x *sigh* I really do need a job. hah.

Saw Closer. Eeeee! I liked it! Not as much as Garden State, but then again I like Zach Braff and I guess I just don’t understand all this couple stuff, finding the flawless person (as Mum said), hurting each other … meh. But yay! Natalie Portman! XD I liked her. Even in the strip scene. O.o But she didn’t really strip. I mean, she did, in real life, take her clothes off … but you didn’t really see anything in the movie. >b So nyeh.

Let’s see … woah, moment of dizziness there. Go to bed soon, yes. I spent about $20 at Michael’s. So I have … $93 again. *sniffleweep* Oh well. I don’t really want a DS that badly. :b I guess I give up on video games at this point and time. I’ll still play them … but I won’t really go buy new ones or anything. Hm. I want to go to the mall and buy clothes. o.o

I could also buy books. Waldenbooks is getting rid of their preferred reader program! Grrr. I already said that here didn’t I? Oh well. But I don’t really want to buy books … which is really really horrible. eek. I’d rather buy clothes. *shock* Something’s horribly wrong here. I don’t even know of any books to read! *cries* So stupid. So horrible. So AUGH. hm. I’m really tired now.

I also want to go to Mitsuwa in Torrance and buy Kera. I also want to buy Gothic & Lolita Bibles from fujisan. I wonder if they still have #5. o.o

Espeon! Go!

New layout. :) A week and a half or so ago M88 and Friend 1 rented Pokemon Coliseum … and I don’t know how to spell Coliseum. I didn’t really have anything else to do that I actually felt like doing, so I watched them play quite a bit. ^^; M88 named the main character ASS and said, “If anyone asks, I misspelled Ash.” Haha. Then he named the girl after Friend 1, and it was funny, ’cause her grandpa’s name sounds like his, and M88 was poking fun at him for that.

So anyway. The main character starts out with Espeon and Umbreon. And I was remembering this one girl from the UPN boards who had a layout on her website of Umbreon (or maybe Espeon …? or both at different times ^^;). So I was thinking, no one else would have a Pokemon layout up … so voila! :D Hehe.

bury it

I don’t know what to say. I’m not really playing video games. The one I’m playing the most is The New Tetris, and I play that one about twice a week. I haven’t played OoT since … the last time I played, I dunno when that was, but I got about halfway through the forest temple. I’ve played Link to the Past twice since classes ended. I got through part of the second place … the place where I get the power glove. But then I kept getting hit and I lost the fairy I spent so much time looking for. >_> So I stopped playing.

I kinda sorta finished cleaning out my closet. I should really find another place to put my Barbies so I could put a box where they are, then I could move more stuff to the storage area above, and have more space for clothes.

I don’t have any other place for my Barbies though. I think Auntie G keeps her in the garage. ^^;; We don’t have any space in the garage. Mum just spent the longest time cleaning it out, and it’s still a tight fit. I guess it doesn’t help that one car in there is a van and the other is a car bigger than mine.

I think I want to sell my Dodgers Barbie. I don’t like the Dodgers that much. But I keep thinking, ‘Don’t make money! Give it away!’ Then I think, ‘But who would want to buy a collectible Dodgers Barbie from the Dorothy Brown School?’ Or wherever we donate stuff … I dunno. ^^;;

I want to get rid of some of my manga too. I don’t really feel like giving it away, ’cause I don’t know who really would want to read it, but then I feel bad making money off it when … I don’t know.

I owe Daddy $15 for the hosting I bought. Which really really seems to be down more often than Endore (when they were good), and Endore only guaranteed 99.5% uptime. But then again, I paid $100 for Endore. ^^;; Then $50. I also owe Mum $32. Plus a portion of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, for Daddy for Father’s Day. Then I need to save up $200 more dollars to deposit in my bank account. Then I can start spending again.

I really need a new CD player.

i don’t think woah

Yeah! iat r back, w00t w00t! ^_^;; My domain registration expired on the 2nd and I couldn’t renew until the 6th. >_>

And all the stuff that I updated/changed on my pages over the weekend … uhh, I can’t remember whatall I worked on, so it’s not being uploaded. ^^;; So there really was no point of me updating, was there? Oh well. Mainly I just made a fanlisting collective and added more photos to Elsewhere. The reason why I made a fl collective is so I can just change ONE page when I have to say something about all my fanlistings. >_>

AND I got two books on Friday on Mary Leakey, for my anthropology report. Yay! One of the books is over 600 pages long. *dies* I haven’t started reading them yet. :b Of course.

Last night I started playing Ocarina of Time on the GCN. ‘Cause I haven’t, yet. ^^;; No, I guess I’m not much of a gamer anymore … not that I ever really was either … *shakes her fist at her brothers who hogged the consoles all the time* I dunno how many games I’ve played, but the ONLY one I’ve ever finished is Kirby’s Dreamland. ^^; Yeah, when I beat it (a long long time ago … in a land far …), I was sooo happy! XP But I can’t beat the second game. >_> Stupid crystals won’t show up so I can find them.

Aaaaanyway. Yeah. Last night I played OoT. And I got stuck in the Deku Tree. >.>;;; I got the slingshot. Now I dunno what to do. ^^;;;;; I read the player’s guide, that thing sucks. I read a walkthrough, and that thing sucks. (Go left. Go right. Go up. Go down. >.<) I feel really stupid. ^^;;;;

Oh! I had a dream that I went with my brothers to a mall, and we went to this store that had DVDs and CDs and video games, and they were having a sale on their games, and they had Link to the Past for GBA and the Zelda bonus disc, which they had a high price on. And I magically had lots of money, but only enough for one game. ;.; So I walked up to the cashier with both games and my money, and he asked which one I wanted, and I said I didn’t know, so he rang me up, then asked which one I wanted, and I said I still wasn’t sure, so he opened up both games and popped them in and started playing to show me how each was. Then I woke up and I didn’t have EITHER game! *cries*

Speaking of a guy cashier at a video game store, I wonder how Kayura is, and her video game store guy … >.> I think I lost her e-mail. >_< Dang, I lose more friends that way. And she doesn’t get on aim anymore. *sigh*

Oh well. We can meet up again in Heaven. :) And now off I go to pull weeds with Mum in the front yard. XP