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random: Simpsons, songs, Parakiss, Time Enough

It r hot, yo. (Forgot how to say very. Uhh … muy XD atsui.) Atsui, yo.

Wow. Trowa‘s usually quiet, so it must be a good idea.”

O_o Anyway. I’m being random. I’m in a random mood.

For some reason while watching Simpsons I started reciting the lines along with the characters. “Oh, I’ve created Lutherans!” “Must Kill Moe. Wheee! Must Kill Moe. Wheee!” XD *ahem*

“I’ve been taunting them, singing off key … mah mee my moe, mah moo my may— AGH!” Incorrect line. But you get the idea. Chief “Piggum.” I forget which episode. Apparently so do M88 and Adam. Darn. Darn is a real word. I forget what it has to do with dragonflies, though.

I like this chorus. “I know you are wrong. Headstrong. Headstrong. I’ll take you on. I’ll take on anyone.” Or something.

I also like the chorus to Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter.” >.> Don’t tell anyone that. “Make me that much stronger. Makes me work a little bit harder.” Or … switch that around.

I also kinda like the music video. Don’t tell anyone that either. I don’t like the Asian-ness of her outfit, though. Adam says maybe it’s because I feel like people are wearing it as a fad, and they know nothing about the culture. Yeah. That makes sense, no? But I don’t like the rest of the song, funnily enough. It’s nothing special, and for the life of me I can’t remember what it sounds like. All I remember is the chorus and her smashing the glass and her fluttering her eyelashes and her black outfit melting away.

Anyway. I think I like weird indie stuff. Probably not, though. It’s still hot. Yo La Tengo is in my mind.

I bought the first volume of Megatokyo. Yaaay. No one has Paradise Kiss. Well … that BnN in Ventura had 3 and 4. The Waldenbooks here has 3. The Waldenbooks at the Westside Pavilion has none. Or maybe they have 1 and 4. BnN at WP has NONE. They have Abhorsen though. Hardback still. T-T There’re a lot of books I could possibly fall headfirst into.

Time Enough For Love has gotten kinda draggy lately. >.> Although it was rather funny how he said they wear clothes all the time, even while they sleep. Hah. Funnay. Yeah. And he said clothes say a lot about your social status and what you do and your education. He’s in 1916 right now.

Last I read, he was attracted to his mother, so he cut his trip short. Or … that’s what he told himself, anyway. Time paradoxes, either you have or you haven’t. And his mother hadn’t been unfaithful to his dad, and he hadn’t had an eighth sibing.

That commercial, I guess it’s a car commercial. For the Passat? Can’t recall. He called hmself from the future. But don’t you think, if he’s in the future calling himself, then he’s in a trillion other places at other times, and so would that time or whatever have to lead to himself calling from the future again? Bad wording. ._.

Um. “Regardless of warnings the future doesn’t scare me at all. Nothing’s like before.” Utada Hikaru

I also like Amy Lee when she sings, “Look, here she comes now. Bow down and stare in wonder.”

I wish I could sing. Mommy had this theory that tone-deafness influenced your music tastes. Tone-deaf equals heavy metal. Something like that. ‘Cause N likes tuneful pop stuff and plays cornet, and Mommy likes tuneful stuff, and plays cornet … and other instruments, and Auntie G is tone-deaf, and always liked the harder stuff. That was interesting. But then I pointed out someone I know of online can sing and wanted to be an opera singer at one time, and she likes Evanescence. Then Adam says he can’t sing and he likes metal and classic rock, but he played trumpet before.

I’m bored now. I forget what I’ve said. My brain died. I can’t recall what I’ve done today. Major stuff, yeah, but not small stuff …

Friday Five and Thursday Three

*shrugs* Friday Five and Thursday Three. ooooold

1. If you could only choose 1 cd to ever listen to again, what would it be?
Mm … I don’t know … I suppose right now it’d be The Cardigans’ First Band on the Moon

2. If you could only choose 2 movies to watch ever again, what would they be?
Wait Until Dark, and Three Faces of Eve

3. If you could only choose 3 books to read ever again, what would they be?
O.O Okay, I thought the first two questions were hard? This one is completely inane. o_< I suppose … Lirael, Garth Nix; Keeping the Moon, Sarah Dessen; Dancing on the Edge, Han Nolan

4. If you could only choose 4 things to eat or drink ever again, what would they be?
Udon, ochazuke, shrimp, gyouza :9

5. If you could only choose 5 people to ever be/talk/associate/whatever with ever again, who would they be?
… Do I even want to answer this? Jedi Mako, Mommy, Matt … Adam … .. …. … aaand … ….. Jesus? XP Thursday Three, even though it’s Wednesday and I’m lame and doing the old one almost a week after it’s posted. *shrugs* I’m bored. Even though I should be going to bed just ’cause I need the shleep.

Do you believe the general public spends less time watching television time due to time spent online?
I automatically say yes, but then I remember the people without internet access, and they’re probably watching just as much, if not less because of poor programming. So then I think no, but there are people who surf the ‘net instead of channels now, right? *shrugs* In between. Favoring the yes side. :b

Do you feel that surfing or creating for the Internet has taken from your television viewing time? Is that a good or bad thing?
Yes. It has. I used to watch maybe 15 hours of TV a week. Now it’s more like three. Four if you count the uninterested viewing of the TV that someone else is watching. It’s a good thing, people! I’m doing things with my mind now! *rolleyes*

Have many hours of television do you watch per week? Favorite show?
Hah. Three. XD Answered already. I suppose my favorite show is CSI … no WAIT! I forgot all about Monk! T.T How is that possible? I keep forgetting to watch CSI anyway. Monk is my favorite show right now. ^-^ Oh! But this Friday is the season finale. *weep weep* Such sad news.

laptop; Lirael; books, reading

Wheee, my laptop came today. :D It’s heavy. T-T And the case is heavy too. O.? Umm, M88 turned it on. ¬_¬ And I don’t want to turn it off, cause … well, I’m not at the main screen, it’s a screen saying I have to read … stuff, and then press any key on the keyboard to say I’ve read it, and I don’t want to read it, so I don’t want to press keys on the keyboard either. And I don’t want to just turn it off because … I think that would be bad? ^_^;;

Um, did I ever say? I finished reading Lirael. Last Wednesday. ;_; Are authors allowed to do that? Make a whole long really good and juicy book, then make it “to be continued”??? Hmm, I don’t really mind, since it just means more goodness from Garth Nix, but still … when is Abhorsen coming out? :( *checks Amazon* “This item will be published in January 2003.” Wahhh!!! *sniffles* How will I live?

Oyeah, M88, Mama, and I went to Super Crown on Sunday, and the new ownership really really really … stinks. There were two shelves of sci-fi (two Star Wars books O_O) and the Young Adult and “chapter books” were still stuck together. >_< Seriously, does this tell me I’m supposed to move on from Young Adult? grar. They didn’t have Caroline B. Cooney, either.

So we went to Barnes & Noble, at the mall, and they didn’t have For All Time either. ;_; But I bought Episode Zero, Chobits 1, Crown Duel (double book version *dances*), and Witch Child. Born Blue still isn’t in paperback. *ponders* So, I read Episode Zero, and spent last night reading Chobits, then had a really weird dream that I don’t really remember. ^_^;

And Simpsons is in Spanish again. O.o What’s going on?

1:24 Mommy isn’t home yet. Wow, the laptop’s been on for quite a while …