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use the right words…

Wow. Windows Explorer just disappeared again. All I had open was Windows Media Player, Volume Control, IE 7, and Firefox. I also had just closed FileZilla and Paint Shop Pro (6, if anyone’s counting; yes I do like my ancient programs).

It probably didn’t help that I had a … My Documents folder Window open (… I have no idea what they’re called, sadly) with a folder of almost 400 images in the Thumbnails view setting (woo, look at that CPU speed shoot through the roof!) that I was attempting to close.

(It was my Amy Lee 2 folder. Yes I have enough images in one folder to warrant the creation of a second folder. Why am I talking about this? I have no idea. One would think that I’d find it horribly embarrassing to post on the internet that I have almost 1500 images of Amy Lee on my computer. — And I’m just saving pictures to analyze her style, sheesh!)

I think I really do need help … for my laptop, I mean.

This did remind me of another complaint I have though: it takes forever to go from My Computer to either the Windows folder or Program Files folder. Also the My Music folder (moved it to C:\ when my laptop was running at a fraction of a snail’s speed after installing SP 2), but not as slowly, so it’s not that bad. Sometimes it also takes a few seconds to load the C:\ drive itself, and the little flashlight beams around searching for it. (Helloooo, Windows, where aaare you? Olly olly oxen freee!)

state of my internetness address

I haven’t really been on the computer much lately … which can technically be called a lie. What I mean is I’m not spending almost the whole day on the computer. I may get on in the morning (11ish), after lunch (1ish), or in the evening (5ish). The times I get on in the morning or after lunch are the times I go on someone else’s computer so that I get off in a couple hours or so.

Most of my time I’m filling requests for layouts. Or reading my lj friends page. That’s what I do daily. Once a week on the weekends I update my fanlistings. Every few days I read blogs/journals.

On Saturday Mum started taking the paint off the front porch. To explain … there’re three layers of paint, we found out: the grey-blue paint my parents put on it when they first bought the house; the maroon paint they were trying to cover up; and to Mum’s surprise, fire engine red paint. The blue and maroon layers come off nicely just like the picture on the paint remover can, but the red paint does nothing but liquify then dry back up. Mum thinks there’s lead in the paint which prevents it from peeling like the newer layers of paint. Luckily, though, we found out that turpentine will remove the red paint, when used in conjuntion with the paint remover (even though it says on the can to not mix with other substances, haha). It just takes a long time. So every day we’re outside scrubbing the porch for two hours or, more often, longer.

It’s amazing how, when I take into account stuff I do when I randomly get off the computer and walk around the house, and other stuff like eating, that those two hours mean I lose a lot out of the day. So I haven’t really done any of the stuff I wanted to do over the summer. :( But I’ll make a list now! Just to remind myself. Or guilt myself. Or something.

  • ✓ WordPress install for new dreamlog
  • ✓ input all old entries into WordPress x.x
  • ✓ credit all (as many as possible) lyrics in Lyrically Longing
  • add more lyrics to lxl
  • join lots and lots of fanlistings for stuff from my childhood
  • make a website for Amy Lee’s fashion (much like Padme’s Wardrobe … except without the niftyness and multiple pictures and neato layout and overall ubertasticness)
  • finish remaking jeans into a skirt (find fabric!)
  • make a subsection in SMC for pictures of collections I have (eg Snoopys, manga, books, playing cards … whatever; this is mostly for when I’m bored, which evidently ain’t happening soon)
  • READ *g*

But at least I managed to clean my room and clean off my desk. Although it’s not really noticeable now … *cough*

Odd, even though I’ve taken to staying up way late again (*smashy*), I still haven’t got near enough time as I used to. *goes to bed now*

Ev & Christ

This all started because I opened WMP to listen to the videos I have, since Yahoo won’t let me watch theirs at the moment (the message says “use error code 16 when reporting this to Yahoo! Help”). The video for Evanescence’s “Going Under” came up and I just remembered what Ben Moody said once about the song, but I couldn’t remember exactly what he said … so I went searching for it. I ended up finding this old old article from 1998, and I’m beginning to rethink what I thought I knew about Evanescence … heh.

I do believe that Amy and Ben didn’t really mean to make Evanescence a Christian band. I think (my opinion) that they just loved God so much, and when you love someone (or something … x.x), you just want to share it with everyone. God was a big part of their lives, so how could he not show up in their songs? But! What they weren’t doing was writing worship songs or songs telling everyone how great God is, ‘you should love God too!’ (“We want people to know that your salvation is not going to keep people from hurting you and it’s not going to stop you from feeling pain. But you are not alone. God made you the way you are for a reason. There are other people who think, feel, and dream the same way you do and Christ will never abandon you whether you go through trials or not.”)

Then they got big and everyone could see the Christian bits so they called Ev a Christian band even though Ev wasn’t trying to tell people about God or anything. I don’t really know why they decided to deny their religion had anything to do with their music; money, fame, or maybe they just didn’t want to limit their music to one audience? Whatever.

David Hodges is gone, and I think he’s in a Christian band now. Ben Moody’s gone, and he’s done some religious music. Amy Lee’s the member who is left, and she’s said she feels her relationship with God is personal and private. (I feel that way too. ^^;; Omigosh were so alyke we cud b bffs if she new meee!! … /end sarcasm. I mean, I understand what she’s saying.) John Lecompt and Rocky Gray were in Christian bands, too, right? You never know if God may slip in one of their songs. ;b

Not that I want to bring up that whole “OMG they so are/aren’t a Christian band!!!1” controversy. I never really thought they were a Christian band after they said they weren’t. I still don’t. I just thought it was … very interesting and different, that article. ^_^;;

What I was looking for originally:

[Going Under] was um, the last song we wrote for Fallen. It’s the most recent, and it actually was more collaborative than any other song we’ve written in the past. … We were working on it all at once and she really branched out vocally and did a lot of really really cool sultry stuff on the verses which hadn’t been done by us yet.
–Ben Moody (in the “Making of the Video” … video

When I first heard that I was hoping Evanescence would make more songs like Going Under. It’s my favorite song of theirs. Along with Lies and Everybody’s Fool. ^^

Just because I feel like it, what Amy said in the video:

Well, Going Under to me is sort of um, an empowering song, it’s sort of like a really strong um, almost angry song, for me, and I wanted the video to really express sort of like this dark, like powerful, um, anger.

I still haven’t watched the Making of Fallen pt II video. pooh. First thing I’ll do after my chem final! XD Er, when I get home, that is.

Anywhere But Home DVD

I watched the Evanescence Anywhere But Home DVD before dinner. heh. Kinda surprised by how they act. By the end I was kinda disappointed and I didn’t like Amy Lee as much as I used to. But now I’m telling myself I’m stupid and she can act however oddly and stupidly she wants, I’m no judge, I still admire her and everything, and she’s a good person, so what’s wrong? (She was drunk! :o But mostly I was disgusted by this sex move she did on her friend *rolleyes* Whatever.)

The concert on the DVD is terrible, with its awful music video-esque direction. I like the videos I downloaded off the internet more. Even including the image quality. Geez! The concert looks like she’s not even singing! Like they coulda stuck video of anyone in there and it wouldn’t have looked any more off! They cut away too much, show little snippets too much, there’s no loooooong camera view on her or anyone. Or maybe that’s just the first minute or two. I don’t know. I don’t want to watch any more of it anyway. ugh.