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Amber Alert; GW; printer funny

My life is boring. :b So I’m not really writing anything here … ah well, no big loss, right?

I’m afraid of DaMOO. T-T Arrgh, I’m so … weeeeird … :D

4SHV526. :| I saw that Amber Alert going home today. Soooo creepy. *shudders*

Buuuuut … w00t! *dances all over the room* ^_^ The baseball strike didn’t happen. Good: the Angels get to keep going! Yeah! Bad: I don’t get to see what would have happened. ^.^; What? I was really interested in that.

^_^;; M88’s watching my Gundam Wing tapes, and omigoodgoshness, it’s so corny and silly. T-T I dun want it to be that way. Oyeah, I still have to watch my CCS DVD I bought like a month ago … ^.^; Hmm, maybe I’ll take it to Jedi Mako’s house. How’s that? :D

Daddy played funny with my laptop. -_-; It wouldn’t respond when he clicked on the print button, so he kept pressing it over and over, then we got all these printing jobs lined up. They kept coming through, even though Daddy canceled them, and even though M88 turned the printer off again and again. o_o But we got lots of copies of our house in an aerial shot. :b