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no business like show business

“Parker Preps Prod for Pitt’s Preme”

I know I saw this episode of I Love Lucy recently. Mum asked me if the guy who was Lucy’s dance partner also played Ricky’s manager in another episode. (“My 10% goes on!”) I guess that was two weeks ago. It played today again. Is that the problem of having I Love Lucy on two channels? I can’t really consider it a problem though …

The problem I have is watching I Love Lucy only during the summer months, when all the vacation episodes are played over and over again. (“Didn’t they just come back from Europe? Why’re they going again?”) Argh. Play the normal episodes!!

But anyway. Just wanted to save that headline up there. XD; It’s the first time I’ve caught the whole thing.

Also, Lucy’s skirt. I noticed it for some reason. I like the cut of it. Normally I don’t like stripes, especially when they’re emphasized that much. But I guess now I’m so intrigued by clothes with atypical cuts that I ignore the stripes.

I don’t know any fashion or clothing construction terminology, so I couldn’t even begin to explain the skirt. Sorry for those vision impaired visitors. (Drew the image in Paint Shop Pro 6, with a touchpad, so there isn’t much to miss there.)

price I pay

I had an hour and a half to work on my lab report. What did I do instead? Crossword puzzle for half an hour and spider solitaire for the past 40 minutes. (I might play spider solitaire like Mum and Auntie played Freecell. Wasting Losing time. D:)

The Starter Wife is on in 20 minutes, and I don’t have either of my classes tomorrow, so woohoo! I opt to write in here rather than continue playing card games. Easier to stop writing. XD;

Record keeping stuff: over the weekend, went home. Friday night went out with Noelle’s family for dinner, since C skipped his 3–6 class.

Went shopping Saturday, found only one pair of jeans after five hours. >_< Jeans are either ugly or not in my size. Mostly ugly, right now. I honestly do not see anyone wearing dirty jeans … so stop selling them!

Sunday went back to hang out with Noelle’s family. Muahaha! Monday had a barbeque with family, Grandma & Grandpa, and Uncle R. Huh. Either I really am losing my memory, or Uncle R wasn’t as annoying Monday as he could possibly be. I almost forgot he was there, haha! He brought over a lemon meringue pie that he said was fresh, bought that morning, but Mum said it was old, so “Whatever he says, it’s the opposite.” Only G&G, Uncle R, and Mum had the pie. -_- (Lemon meringue is Uncle R’s favorite, but of us, only Mum likes it.)

Tuesday … art lecture was canceled. Had my individual art project critique with the activity teacher though. And haven’t worked on it since. :x Wednesday art was canceled, I don’t remember why. Thursday, today, regular day. Tomorrow, typography and art are canceled. XD; Free day! If I were smart, I would work on my lab report and my art project, in that order. But I don’t think I’m that smart.

I’ve got … art project, extra credit for art possibly although it’s not probable I’ll do it, typography poster, another typography poster (I’ve got a second idea, but I think I’m too lazy to do it), 320 lab report, 320 quality paper … then I have to study for 203, 218, 320 finals. I’m not studying for art. X) I’ll take my A−/B+, thanks.

Next week, 203 is canceled Tuesday but I’ll still be on campus because I want parking before 10, and there’s no 203 lab Thursday so I guess I’ll go to class, come back here, then go to 320 group presentations.

Finals week: 320 Monday, 218 Wednesday, 203 Thursday.

Two more weeks and then I’ll be home! This cold sore will also have healed over by then. Ouch.

a boring record

I managed to finish my art journal last weekend to come home this weekend. Well, I didn’t have time (and probably still won’t, unless I un-lazy myself) to paste these lace border things as a final tying-theme-together touch. But let’s forget that.

Saturday (yesterday) was the surprise 25th anniversary for my aunt and uncle, at my uncle’s mom’s house. It wasn’t much of a surprise … they walked in and we were all sitting around talking. XD Everyone (on my maternal side of the family) was there. W88 didn’t come though.

Um. I dunno, I don’t really have much to say about it. Talked to my SLO aunt, talked to my cousin and her husband, talked to … Noelle and SM00 of course. I guess that’s about it. We played a bit on Noelle’s MacBook. hehe.

Mum made tamagoyaki for the lunch. First time, essentially, that I’ve had it. I know I had it before, but I just thought it was egg, nothing special about it. I don’t know who made it. Either Bachan made it, or it was bought. I know there’s a world of difference there, but I honestly can’t remember. This time, I see how it’s a little better than just egg, but I don’t consider it anything special. o_o Blasphemy! XP I dunno. I’m too American? Eggs come by the dozen here? *laugh*

Saturday night I finished my other art project, the color harmonies. I like the effect. I used, for the most part, just magenta and greens. I’m disappointed though that some colors weren’t mixed right (grrr at me). For the triadic, the magenta-purple is too dark and doesn’t match the other colors; the split-complementary has the magenta too dark, too close to the blue-green instead of being between the blue-green and yellow-green; same goes for the monologous: the middle color is too dark, too close to the dark color instead of being between the dark and light color.

The analogous is the only one I’m completely (almost, I’m not perfect, there are some stray mushty brush strokes) happy with, and I didn’t have to mix those colors at all because their values were already equidistant from each other.

But, oh well, I get another B in an art class because I’m just not meant to be in art. (Well, I’m not sure I’m getting a grade, but that’s a whole other story I don’t want to go into. Ugh.)

Oh, before I finished my art project I went with Mum to the mall because I needed a new watch. The one I have seems to drain the watch quickly. I got a new battery last winter and already it blinks out and fades away, and I’ve probably used the alarm only once or twice. Plus the wristband is cracking again so I figure, fix two problems at once.

We also went to look at Payless Shoes, Forever 21, Borders Express, and Hallmark. Forever 21: Mum’s comment sums it up for me. “It reminds me of the 70s.” Not that that’s a bad thing at all, I’m just not a 70s-style sort of person. Yes, I like the clothes, I think they look nice, different, not blah, but will I wear them? Heck no. Now I’m all sad. Anchor Blue closed at Westside Pavilion, and Forever 21 is going in a style direction that I don’t care to follow. Where am I supposed to find clothes???

At Borders Express I saw Nana volume 5 (in plastic wrap o.o!!) but I didn’t have a coupon and I’d already spent $20 on a watch and didn’t want to spend money that is coming dearly at the moment, so I skipped it.

Hallmark still has the giant Snoopy plush. XD I want! It’s $20 even, and ish big and not wearing any accessories (except a collar) or hugging Woodstock, so it looks like an extremely huggable Snoopy, like my Mr. Snoops. Snoops makes me sad, he’s all squished out flat and not very stuff-y and dirty, his fur’s not soft and new. But again, I didn’t want to spend money.

So what do I do today? I went with Mum and N to CompUSA’s clearance sale and spent $56. (How can they be closing?? Noooo, Best Buy and Circuit City suck in the computer department!! CompUSA was my saving grace! And Fry’s drives me up the wall, it seems so dirty or unkempt or something.) I bought a mousepad with a frog on it ($7), a Tetris game for Windows/Mac ($15), DVD-Rs ($15), and an 80 pack of slim jewel cases ($17). Yes I am insane what the heck am I going to do with 80 of them I don’t think I’ve ever needed to use even 10 of them in my entire life so far.

I’d even told myself to not buy anything with my credit card this month, because the past few months I’ve had $50+ bills every single time. So somehow my debit card is exempt from my spending ban? Grrr. I guess I’ll just have to work extra long hours this summer. (Since my cousin says the guy is swamped with work, I guess I definitely have a job with him again. *crosses fingers and knocks on wood* I haven’t even really bought clothes in a year! Where’d all my money go? *cough Borders and its ebil membership cough*

N wanted a mouse and numeric keypad for the laptop he’s buying in a little while, but ended up buying a controller for the racing game he’s getting, since CompUSA didn’t have what he liked. XD Mum bought a mouse for the old computer (so N doesn’t have to buy a mouse anymore; he’ll just take the one from his current computer) and a 100 gig external harddrive. :O I’m a spoiled brat. I was looking at them because lately I’ve wanted to backup my laptop AND my desktop, and if my desktop serves as my laptop’s backup, where is my desktop’s backup? Plus, it’s really annoying being on my laptop and having certain files I want that are on my desktop. I hate to fire up the desktop just to get a few files. So now files will be central on the external harddrive and I can move stuff off my laptop!

At 2ish we had Chinese take-out for Grandma’s and Uncle R’s birthdays. I forget their birthdays already. >_> One is the 20th and the other is the 18th? I dunno. We tried a new Chinese place, Panda Coin Kitchen. It’s all right. It’s good, I like it. I just like Canton Kitchen better.

Mum and I watched Devil Wears Prada tonight. Good movie. Not great. Kind of average. Meryl Streep was great. I kept wanting to smack all the fashion people in the movie though. They’re just clothes omigosh!! I always do that … feel that way. I buy the high fashion magazines because of who’s on it (Natalie Portman, Ellen DeGeneres) and get angry because of all the fuss and emphasis on something so material and not really important.

But I’ve been typing for over 40 minutes and should really get to bed. So I’m done.


I was reading Nana (volume 1) last night (or this morning, whatever) and when I got to Nana Oosaki’s story, with the image of her onstage in a punk outfit, I had this instant thought, ‘I love punk.’

Lately I’ve been not thinking of punk when I think of clothes to wear/buy (or even design). I guess I’ve been too influenced by all the snarky fashion commentary on tv, like on VH1 or the Style channel. It makes me think in a rather conservative, clean, picture-perfect mindset. But … I don’t need to dress that way yet. I’m still a student! I can express myself with punk-leaning outfits!

It’s not even the rebellion against “fashion” and high-priced brand names that get passed off as style that I like in punk. I just like how almost anything goes. It’s kind of like FRUiTS, but without the bright flashy 80s-style colors. :P

Chicken Little; Ry bday; J-weekend

Uhm. Let’s see. A couple weeks ago ?? I went to see Chicken Little with Mum and N on Friday. Cute movie! But we were running a little late because Mum wanted to tape Ellen (I forget who was on, Jennifer Aniston?), and somehow the wires got messed up for the VCR so it took a while to set the timer … But anyway the movie was still a good movie! I didn’t think it was better than Finding Nemo (starring Ellen DeGeneres! XD), but L thinks it is. *shrug* Don’t know.

Uhm. I guess the rest of that weekend was boring? I dunno. I don’t really remember. Can’t keep my weekends straight! Oh. Saturday after that went with fam to R’s house for his birthday (ahh, a definite timeframe). What I remember: Double Dash, 3D puzzle, chips, something boring Daddy was watching (football?), ribs, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Yup.

Okay, this past weekend. Japanese weekend! haha. Saturday went to a Japanese boutique where it was at someone’s house and it was a bunch of stuff that women made all through the year that they were selling (holiday theme, but not strictly that). I got a Japanese paper wall decoration thingie (small), black purse (with pink lining! so pretty!), and a blue/grey scarf.

The next one that Auntie G found out about at that place was in some club-y sort of place, like a country club, and it was sooo big and more formal, it had the ladies(/men?) at their tables with their stuff. I got a cellphone case/purse thing to hold my cellphone/driver’s license/money when I don’t feel like taking my whole big purse, because I don’t want to not remember there’s stuff in my pockets again. >.> I can’t remember if I got something else.

Then afterwards Mum Auntie G Auntie Noelle and I went to … Applebee’s? It was all right. I mean, I wouldn’t mind going back, but it won’t jump to mind if I ever try to think of a place to eat. Then home.

Sunday went to Japan Expo. I guess they had less stuff than last year? Or because it was Sunday. Dunno. Still good though. I got … I forget what I got. -.- And I ran into debt with Mum about $59? I don’t really remember. Bah! I should remember more stuff. Hm.

I bought a hair clip, yeah, $10, and I was thinking recently that I can’t even really use it because my hair is too short. ^^;;; Silly me. And umm, I bought … I really don’t remember. *falls over* … *a while later* (playing Sims GCN) A shirt! It was a shirt! It’s a dark grey shirt and it has a (modern) kokeshi doll wearing gothic lolita clothes! XD I really like that shirt. I would have worn it this week, but I had to rush to pack, since I went back with Auntie; I didn’t drive myself.

I don’t know. I was a little miffed that I didn’t get to drive myself. Mainly because I couldn’t dry my hair or brush my teeth or anything. But. As we started off Auntie said that the 405 was jammed, from whatever to Mulholland Drive. Just absolutely stopped, because there was a car fire (on the right?). *meep* So did this happen so that I didn’t have to go through all that traffic? Auntie even said that people are out of their cars walking on the freeway. Now that would have been something! To walk on the 405! XD But no.

And yeah. That’s it. I don’t wanna dwell on how I’m feeling kind of depressed. Blah. Or how I’m kind of stressing out over my grades (nearing finals and the end of classes and I’m so close to a B!! AHHHHH!!!)