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we’re the north pole

W88: “We only have the Kings a little south of us.”
Me: “South?”
W88: “Yeah, they’re in Anaheim.”
Me: “Anaheim is south of us?”
W88: “Yeah, it’s in Orange County.”
Me: “Orange County is south?”
W88: “Yeah.” *weird look*
Me: “I used to think everything was north.”
W88: “There’s nothing north of us! It’s just boring flat farms.”

I have very bad directional skills. :b I just learned like a year or two ago that San Diego was south of us … and today I learn that Anaheim is south too! Ehehe … Well at least I’m sure that Mexico is still south of us.

I guess Torrance is south too. And … I forget what the names of those cities were. Mum and Daddy and I went to a Lowe’s there. (I only went so they’d go to Best Buy and get me the Garden State soundtrack, but Best Buy didn’t have it. -.-)

Base 24 vs. Base 10; SF trip

Out of the blue one day…

Mama: “Don’t you think we should work on a Base 24 instead of Base 10?”
Me: Base what and Base 10? *thinking aliens and secret government stuff* Ohh, Base 10 “Why?”
Mama: “Because 24 can be divided by 3 and 10 can’t.”
Me: “What do you mean? When you divide 10 by 3 you get a third.”
Mama: “Yeah, I know, but it never ends. It keeps going, 3.3333 … With 24 at least you get a whole number.”
Me: “When you divide 10 by 3 you get one-third, and when you divide 24 by 3 you get one-third.”
Mama: “… I have to rethink that.”

^.^; Umm, a convo I mean to put up when it actually happened, but forgot, and now I suddenly remembered, so now it’s up! ^_^

And yeah, me and Mommy and Daddy and N and M88 went to … San Luis Obispo, Apple Farm Restaurant/Inn, then on to San Jose/Santa Clara (I think … ?_?), then down to San Fransisco, Oakland, Back to SF, then hooooome … I’ll write about it later … I hope.