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2011 fall tv line-up

I haven’t updated for over three months! It’s finally happened, my job has taken over my life and become me!

It’s the last day of the month. I need to write something or go down in my archives as having not updated for three entire months. My job is still taking over most of my mind, and the rest of my mind is occupied with keeping up with social media. And yes, I will complain about that as long and loud as I can, anywhere I can.

Sadly, the one thing in my life that I can update with is tv. The boob tube is all I “think” about outside of work.

My tv premiere schedule last week consisted of:

CBS 9:00 Two and a Half Men
CBS 9:30 2 Broke Girls

FOX 8:00 Glee
FOX 9:00 New Girl
FOX 9:30 Raising Hope

ABC 10:00 Revenge

CBS 8:00 Big Bang Theory
CBS 8:30 Big Bang Theory
CBS 9:00 Person of Interest
CBS 10:00 The Mentalist

CBS 8:00 A Gifted Man

CBS 9:00 The Good Wife
ABC 10:00 Pan Am

I also watched The Lying Game on ABC Family, but it wasn’t a premiere episode.

A lot of these shows are new. I think I’ll continue watching most of them.

My thoughts of the shows: Continue reading

style of reading

I read this article about reading recently (really). The author was talking about how we seem to read less, and this because there’s always something else to do, check e-mail, check news sites, check text messages. I’m not going to discuss that though. What I found interesting was at one point in the article he mentions that it always takes a few chapters for him to get into that reading groove, that reading a few pages here and there doesn’t work for him.

That led me to a sudden revelation. Had I been reading wrong all this time? My style of reading is exactly opposite his. I read at the dining table while I’m eating, I read during commercial breaks while watching tv, at school I would get to class and read for a few minutes until the teacher started lecturing, snatches of precious time in between other tasks. Have I not been getting as much out of books as I could have?

So I decided to try it. I would read a book for a long stretch. Ella Enchanted was a great book, I thought. I’d wanted to reread it for a while, and it was short enough that I could read it in a couple nights, because I couldn’t guarantee enough nights with time to read several chapters in one go for a longer book.

I read Ella Enchanted last month, most of it in one night. (I cheated myself and read a few pages before I’d finished the books I was reading at the time.) (I also stayed up way too late that night, but that’s another story.)

The result—I was pretty disappointed. I didn’t feel the story was any more real, or that I was further into the story. It was the same as always, a wonderful, beautiful story, but this time it was over so quickly. I didn’t get a chance to relish it and live in the world in my daydreams. It felt a lot more like I’d just watched a movie than read a book I loved.

My test may have been flawed though. Ella Enchanted is just one of those books I hate to rush through. My favorite books I always read piecemeal, to stretch out the goodness of the story. Except for The Count of Monte Cristo, that’s a whole different animal.

But in writing this I laughably realized that I have spent times reading many chapters of a book in one sitting. I just didn’t recognize those times as such because they usually start with me telling myself, “I’ll just read a few pages before bed.” Then the story gets me hooked so I spend a number of hours saying, “Only a few pages more, then I’ll go to bed.” Those are what I termed my “midnight rendezvous.” Heck, that was how I read a few Harry Potter books!

Comparing my two experiences, reading books in short little spurts versus reading nonstop for a long stretch of time, I’d have to say that I don’t notice much of a difference. Reading in bits and pieces is probably more work because I have to block out noise around me and focus on reading, but after a a sentence or two I’m fine and lost in another world.

I have to say I feel sorry for that guy though, if it takes him that long to get into his reading, he must miss out on a lot every time he has to start up again.

book to movie

I’ve decided that I will try to stop comparing movies to the original books. Mostly influenced by Neil Gaiman’s comments on his blog. Latest, “A film isn’t a book.”

But it is true. Like Count of Monte Cristo (I read it for an hour this morning and I kept thinking of the last movie), I consider them two different stories. Same plot, similar characters, but two different takes. You just can’t fit all of Alexeandre Dumas’ (paid-by-word O.x) story into a feasible movie. Maybe it’s better as a mini-series…

Also the Harry Potter stories. I was sort of meh about the first book. But I liked the first movie. (I think I read all four books before seeing the movie. I’m not sure.) I found it great fun. I don’t remember how I felt about the other books the first time, but I’ve always enjoyed the movies the first time around. Although the Potter movies are pretty close to the books. So not much of a point there.

Maybe a better example would be V for Vendetta? *hides* Ignoring the Wachowski Brothers-esque elements, I thought it was a good story. It’s not the comic. It’s a different story. I guess liberties were taken to mold the story more to current events. But who’s to say we shouldn’t have that? The original graphic novel is still there, 100% and whole for anyone who wants to get the original story. In the meantime, there’s another idea out there that was based on that story. And after a while, another movie could be made, perhaps one that’s closer to the original story.

That’s another thing, the way people rail against movie adaptations, you’d think the movie was the end-all be-all of the story. But with Count of Monte Cristo you have so many movie versions. Take your pick, which one do you think is the best? N likes the French version. So does Mum. But she still likes the Guy Pierce version. I’ve never seen the French one, so I can’t really say.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, what about movie adaptations that I didn’t like? The ones that come to mind are A Wrinkle in Time and The Face on the Milk Carton. *twitch* Poor made-for-tv excuses of book adaptations. If I forget the story they were originally based on … they’re still pretty bad. But I suppose they work, for the medium that they’re in (film).

Okay, all this post serves to prove is how bad of a writer I am. Blah.

I still remember (not much to remember)

Hmmm … today was rather humdrum. Lecture, art lab, printing lab. Not much special there.

Little tidbits: I stood in line mindlessly waiting for a chicken sandwich during lunch. I went to the library three separate times today. Half the lights in the second floor are turned off, probably for money energy conservation, but there are also quite a few lights that have just plain died. I spent some of the time after art critique talking to a classmate. Woo, go me. :D

The Shining is getting interesting. I didn’t know there was a backstory to Tony! Then again, I’ve only ever seen the parts of the movie where the scary stuff is seen. Wooow, great plot device there.

The Count of Monte Cristo is a lot more convoluted than I remember. I still like the movie with Guy Pierce. I just consider them two different stories in two different mediums (of course, one gets a bit Hollywood-ized at the end, but what do you expect?). They’re both just so much fun! hee.

Oh yeah, this morning the nail of my left index finger tore off. x.x I was closing the trunk of my car. Now, my trunk door is a bit different than you’d expect. You don’t have to slam it down to close it or anything, it’ll close just on its own weight. So I was holding it up with my index finger and I guess I was more tired than I thought because I didn’t realize that I had it resting on my nail? Or maybe it slipped or something, I don’t know. But either way, it got torn off, and I was about to say “Ow!” when I realized that it didn’t really hurt. Just the tip got torn off (of my finger). But anyway, maybe I’m being grotesque talking so much about it.

Or maybe not. I’ve never had a nail broken on this finger before. I’ve had both ring fingers, my right thumb nail, and maybe my right middle finger? I’m not really sure. My finger doesn’t hurt, it just feels really sensitive, and I’ve got it covered in Band-Aids to remind myself that it’s sensitive area don’t do anything that’ll hurt it! Writing my notes was all right. But the problem arose when I got on my laptop … the Band-Aids block the heat that makes the touchpad work! Noooo!! Okay, so I use my middle finger. I’m used to that, in fact I do it quite often. I’m just finding out now though, how much I use my index finger. ahh! I feel a compulsion to use it, and my mind screams “awkward!” when I use my middle finger instead.

Now on to the continuation (end?) of that skip-a-night’s-sleep fiasco. I partly did it hoping my sleep schedule might right itself, but that just doesn’t seem to be the case. *looks at time* (Okay it’s not my sleep schedule that’s messed up; it’s me and my lack of any self-control!) I woke up this morning at 7 fairly easily, which is funny because usually from the time my alarm goes off (6:45) to about 7:20 I’m just rolling over in bed and going back to sleep. But then it hit me about 7:45 that I’m tired. boo. I decided to buy a 20 oz. Wild Cherry Pepsi soda, mostly because I was thirsty. But now I curse that decision, because I don’t want caffeine having been in my body as I try to fall asleep. grr.

woozy, so woozy

Well the little dog in the apartment upstairs is yapping his little head off and has been for quite a while now, so I might as well write here.

Umm, Tuesday wasn’t that interesting. Actually this whole week wasn’t really that interesting. Tuesday I took a quiz (just found out I got 106 on it! woot!) and spent an hour and fifteen minutes (of the two hours allotted) looking busy in art while I listened to classmates talk, since the project can be done on Illustrator and not everyone can bring their computers to class.

Wednesday I went to class then spent the rest of the day working on said art project. Or, well, I guess I kinda interspersed it with reading LJs and blogs and such, and also working on the new layout for the blog. *wry grin*

That dog sounds like it’s in a hamstertrail thing all over the apartment or something. I can hear its footsteps padding all over the floor/ceiling. x.x Annoying. I wish I could bang on the ceiling. But there’s some faux finish on it, and it’s already scraped off in the living room so I don’t want to chance damaging it here. Plus the ceiling’s too high, and I’m too short, even with a stepladder. XD

Umm lessee today is still Thursday. Well no technically it’s Friday. I have to remember that. I’m supposed to remind C to do something Saturday, and I keep thinking it’s Friday (night) and that tomorrow (day) is Saturday.

Anyway. Class, and critique in art on our works in progress. I should remember to work on that this weekend. Also to copy over all my uncopied notes for Sheetfed because we have a quiz Tuesday. But I always say that. And so far on 3 of the 4 quizzes I’ve gotten 100%+ XD

I finished Carrie. I don’t remember what I thought. Er, I mean about what I read today. Earlier thoughts I’ve had (don’t remember typing them up here, correct me if I’m repeating myself): It’s an interesting format. The normal third person narrative interspersed with “articles” and characters’ accounts. It’s not so one-sided, I guess. Or maybe, with third person, unbiased-toward-any-character-at-all. (Unless of course there’s really cool characters that you just gotta love. *thinking of Ender and Bean*) I don’t know, it’s past 1am and I’m just kinda woo. People shouldn’t let me stay up this late. Yeah, where are you, people?! I’m saying weird totally unbased (is that a word?) stuff here.

It’s also interesting how the movie makes it all more horror movie-ish. Shock. Snap. That person’s dead. The book is more horrifying. That’s probably because you’ve got the narration there. Carrie thinks this, other people think that.

I started reading The Shining when I finished that. (Because it’s in the same book; it has four of Stephen King’s novels unabridged.) I read on Wikipedia that King didn’t like the movie. I haven’t seen the whole movie. But I pieced together the whole thing from parts I saw. And the Simpsons. *snerk* The Wikipedia entry didn’t hurt either.

I checked the school library catalog earlier this week and it said Cat’s Cradle is not checked out, but it wasn’t there this morning. grrr. There’s this option I have of asking the main desk to look through the whole library for it (like on desks and in cubicles) but that just seems like such a pain in the neck. I guess I’ll either wait for the library at home to get that book, or I’ll buy it and then donate it to the library. Or maybe just never finish it because ya know I do want to read the important books, but this book just isn’t The Count of Monte Cristo (i.e., really juicy and fun), and I’m just that lazy.

I wonder if the dog is yapping himself hoarse.

I finished Shadow of the Giant Tuesday night. Or was it Monday? Not quite sure. I can’t believe Card ended the book with Bean that way! XO I mean, sure maybe it’s interesting or whatever, but I don’t know, I just think it’s unresolved and lame. Oh well.

Now to go through the whole series (Ender and Shadow both) and write up little bios on all the characters, because fudge if I can remember all the little things, then it comes up from behind to re-enter the story and whaaa? I get confused. So I want to unconfuse myself. I’m debating whether to make a website out of it. It would be my first fansite/informational site. (The Ikyuusan one doesn’t count because uh I didn’t do anything with it. I don’t really count my guinea pig site either because there’s not much info there, just little random articles, and really bad writing on my part for the bios.) It might also be construed as copywrite infringement. :o Somehow. I don’t know. I don’t suppose so. I guess I’m just paranoid. Wow this is a huge paragraph. *cuts in half* … It’s still big.

Um. I should update on things I mentioned earlier. In DTP lab, other students needed more time to finish the ad (probably same problem I had), just one-third but he still gave us time, despite saying the previous week he wanted them ready to print next class. ^__^ Got my other two midterms back. I guess I didn’t mention one. Huh. Well I thought it was fairly easy sailing. (Whereas the other midterm I didn’t feel too secure about.) Turns out I got pretty much the same grade on both. HAHA!

There was a bug on my car this morning. I crawled in the passenger side because it wouldn’t get off the driver side. It looked like some sort of stinging wasp/hornet thing, so I didn’t want to make it angry. (I tried kicking it off with my foot, but he was pretty high up and I couldn’t hit him right, so he just lifted up his back leg to wave back at me. XD;;) The midsection, er the part connecting the thorax and the abdomen (I’m totally assuming that’s what they’re called; I haven’t had basic biology in a long time) was reeeeally thin, as thin as his legs, and I thought he was dying, but I don’t really know. (I actually said “WTF is that?” out loud. But not “duble-yoo tee eff is that” because that’s lame.) It didn’t have stripes like a bee or a wasp. I don’t know.

Enough of thinking about bugs. I guess the people upstairs decided 2 am was late and they wanted sleep, so they shut their dog up. Good night.