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The stuff about Danielle don’tknowherlastname and don’trememberhisfirstname Pearl is saaaaad … :( But heh, Sarah Hughes. ^u^ I stayed up til 11:30 last night watching all that. Poor Michelle. Mommy said no one remembers silver and bronze medalists. :( That dad who killed his kids … ¬_¬ Poor mother. And South Korea and Russia. Heh. Has anyone ever pulled out of Olympic games? These are all messed up.

Earthquake. In California by the Mexican border … I forget the city’s name … Caliente? o_? No … Csomething. It didn’t reach here though. It was 5.2 … maybe. Mommy wonders what’s going on with all the earthquakes lately. We felt a sharp jolt Wednesday that no one ever commented on. I yelped cause I thought I did it, for the tiniest split second. I’d just turned off the TV!! Calexico. Woo, it was just on the channel 4 news. Lots of aftershocks.

YES! {in response to the anchorwoman’s “Were the expectations (of Michelle Kwan) too high?” kooky}

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We had an earthquake today! And because of my fear, all I did was stand there instead of run for cover. ¬_¬; When Dusty jumped out of my arms and gave me horrible puncture wounds I woke up and ran into the doorway. It happened at 5:00, or something. One mile east of West L.A. or something like that. South? Or was it west? Dunno.