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just getting sidetracked…

Getting sidetracked. ^^;; I don’t really feel like writing my chem report. >_>

Anyway. Yesterday I tried using the cable to connect my laptop and it worked relatively nicely. I just couldn’t move anything. It was good until my brother sat on the cable because he was playing GCN and the cable was in the area he usually puts his chair. So I got disconnected and couldn’t reconnect for a while … So! Today I decided to suck it up and just put in the wireless card … it started up in maybe an hour? That part wasn’t so bad, I just read stuff, but then I couldn’t pick up on any wireless signals. I restarted, still couldn’t get a connection. Didn’t feel like working on that lithium report, so I went on Mum and Daddy’s comp. Aaaand … voila!

9. Richard Petty Driving Experience
6975 Speedway Blvd Ste D106, Las Vegas, NV
Put the pedal down at the Speedway and top 100 mph without fear of being pulled over.–10 Things to Do in Vegas Before You Die.

I wanna try that! Muahahahahaha!!! … On Thursday I saw one car pulled over on the freeway and then a few minutes later I saw another car get pulled over … made me all paranoid so I was going 65/70 in the third lane. ^^;; I’m sure I annoyed people behind me. Too bad. Seriously. The one and two lanes were open … go around me!! And I got better mileage than they did! >D

I was looking at those things to do lists because I thought they’d have better stuff … like in Sacramento I’d do about half the things they listed. But for LA I’d only do one or two things. There is much more to LA than Hollywood and clubs, seriously. That’s what annoys me about my chem class, they talk about LA in the superficial sense. :b

Other thing: I saw Gwen Stefani’s “Harajuku Girls” performance. First, what the egl community said (on lj): generally that Gwen is bad or that one song is bad, musically (I don’t disagree ^^;), and that she terribly warped egl and that all her fans will be getting into Japanese fashion through her version, but that also she didn’t specify which fashion style she liked … yeah, that’s pretty much it. What I say: meh. Gwen Stefani’s skirt was kinda lolita-ish, but other than that … it seemed more like she was talking about other styles.

Oh yeah. People in the egl comm said she name-dropped at the end of the song. I couldn’t really understand what she was saying after a while, so I didn’t catch that part. ^_^;; I think, at least partially, that she just really likes this style, and wanted to spread it around. egl-ers are just really strict about their fashion sometimes. :b I was thinking that way for a little while … ‘Oh, you can’t wear/do that, that’s not real egl!’ But after a while I stopped wanting to wear egl so much (because it costs so much if you don’t sew your own clothes ;.;) and I just accepted whatever fashion I could get.

Now I’m just … well firstly I don’t think I’m brave enough to wear the clothes I really want to. :b~ Secondly all I can really buy is what’s at the mall. Thirdly I don’t have enough time to learn how to sew, and fourthly I don’t want to go to thrift stores. The only one I know about is on W-street and I don’t want to drive there. hah

But yesterday I bought this long swooshy black skirt that kinda reminds me of something Amy Lee would wear (but is NOT the reason I bought it)!! :D At the moment I’m wondering if I have black tights that I could wear underneath another skirt I bought (and have yet to wear) and with my boots.

new layout – Avril

Okay, new layout. :) It’s just Avril Lavigne with a brush I made all over the piccie. ^^; Too lazy to fix up the rest of the coding ’cause my touchpad won’t scroll. >.>

For a little while after I restarted my laptop after installing the Windows updates, IE wouldn’t open. O.o And whenever I tried to open an html document on my computer it couldn’t be found. Weird. But everything works now. I hope. Yeah.

So. The other day I found this site, alavigne.com (I think it is) ’cause I wanted to see more Avril piccies of her wearing … I dunno, whatever “they” called it. Just basically what she’s wearing in the pic above. ^.^ I think she’s lucky. >O I want that skirt!

And … I have gone in less of an egl/ega direction and more in a punk goth loli … oh well! ^_^

I try to wash the pain away from me

\^.^/ Yay! Halloween layout! My first one, technically. Since my Padmé layout two years ago never out and out said it was for Halloween. :) *dances* Yaaay! The image is a scan from Gothic & Lolita Bible volume 10. I want the GLBs so bad. ;.; Not for the patterns, just for the piccies inside. ^^’

I know, this layout is only good for about 5 days, but still … isn’t she so cute? ^^. Ish sho cuuute.

Oooh … on Sunday I had a dream about Mana. o.o He was wearing that one outfit, the all white one with the blue hair and shtuff … yeah. *cough* And I was with a friend in a store trying on Mary Jane-ish platform shoes when I saw him. ^.^;;; *cough cough* Obsessed? Whoever thinks that now? :b

Oh oh oh, in one of the GLBs, there’s this girl with shoes that are soooo tall. o.o;; It’s kinda scary. x_X

Don’t worry. After Halloween, I’ll try to get another EGL layout up. :P