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the Arm Saga

Don’t feel like doing other stuff I should be doing for school. XD;

This is about my current bout with tendonitis/tennis elbow/stupid arms.

Let’s go back to the first weekend in the quarter. I’d gone back home (driven three hours) for Easter on Saturday. After dinner I played the Wii with cousins and bros, WarioWare and then Wii Sports. I could tell when swinging the bat in baseball and throwing the ball in bowling that my elbows were complaining; they felt sort of like my arms could be torn off, or that there was no strength in my elbows. But I kept playing because, hey, I’ve never had problems before, right?

(From maybe 2001 on I’ve had instances where my elbows would hurt while using the computer. I would just adjust my position or try not to rely on my arms so much. If my arms ever hurt when not on the computer, I just slept with them in a relaxed position, maybe 160° angle, and they would be fine the next day.)

Sunday night I drove back to school, three hours.

Monday morning I woke up, went to class fine. This class, though, was in the PC lab, where the drawers (??) that the mouse and keyboard sit on tend to roll back under the table on their own. So number one I might not have been sitting in the best position, and number two mostly I was using my right arm to hold down/out the drawer. That was the last straw and my elbow began aching in class. The rest of the day it hurt, and I tried not to overuse it. Tried not to use it at all but that wasn’t possible.

Monday night I kept waking up in pain, because I’d washed my face and applied all the facial products, yes using my right arm. Tuesday morning I was a bit better, but not by much.

From then I’ve just been keeping my right arm out of commission as much as possible. I try not to lean my head on my right hand while in class/in front of the computer. My dishwashing ability has gone down; I scrub less so I have to spend longer time going over the same thing. In labs I have to use the mouse with my left hand, and try to keep my right hand in my lap, relaxed. Also don’t use my right arm when I drive. I managed twice so far to drive home and back at 70 mph using mostly only my left arm. XD; My right arm I use more as dead weight to make right turns easier on my left arm, which can start to hurt while driving.

Even though I’m getting used to driving one-handed, I still don’t like to do it. I feel most secure with my hands at 10 and 2. Or probably more like 9 and 3. (I will ignore that article in Westways or whatever it was that suggested 8 and four to avoid getting wrists broken when the airbag deploys. If I were to encounter an accident I would rather have better control of my car and have more of a chance of avoiding collision than having less room to make quick movements resulting in a more likely impact and save just my arms from getting hurt.)

This whole thing has made me think a lot. I can’t play the Wii. ;-; I can barely play video games with a regular controller: I need a pillow to rest my arm on and have to remember to keep the elbow relaxed. Do I have to think of another career if my arm doesn’t get better? Should I get into a different line of work regardless? How the heck do you rest something that you end up using a durn lot more than you thought?

I have to be more careful from now on. Even though I’m not right now. My elbow is complaining but I’m ignoring it because I’m too lazy to pull the laptop closer, pull the chair under the desk more, raise the chair higher, sit with better posture.

I know I’m going to be using the computer a lot in my career, so all my arm use quota will be used up then. So what else can I do? I mean, can I go swimming? Just barely one hour of playing the Wii, six hours of driving, half an hour keeping my arm firm to hold out the drawer, has rendered my arm useless for the past seven weeks. Is a job worth that?

Will I even be able to work this summer? (I will probably just have to use my left hand with the mouse.)

Ugly life

Oh my goodness, Ugly Betty was all over the place tonight! o_o Trying to keep their audience … very cruel.

But I’m not really one to talk about primetime television on my blog … except Monk, of course.

My cell phone keeps “failing” calls today, I don’t know why. I had to call my voicemail four times to hear a message, write down the number, and save the message. Or did I save the message? I may have just given up the last time. It’s interesting that the message was available every time though, and not deleted. That’s nice. *pats voicemail company on the head* Then a group member called me and all I got was “Hello.” *phone ring* *some people talking* *dead air*

Oh yeah! I remember, yesterday I tried calling my voicemail and somehow I ended up getting the last person I called. In between me (what’s the cell phone equivalent of “dialing”?) going to voicemail and having someone say “Hello?” I heard some girl talking, she was saying something like “I know how to do it!” and some guy was saying “Get [something], address, [other stuff].” … Right. At first I thought it was the person whose car I whacked in the parking lot at school. (Trying not to hit a car on the other side whose driver was still in the car, both cars I guess were parked too close on each side.) But no, I ended up saying to someone else entirely, “I think I hit the wrong button… bye.”

After that I got a call from a phone in the 925 area code. I picked up ’cause I couldn’t remember if I had a group member in some class with that area code. *blink* Some guy asked for me, I thought, then the sound cut out for a bit, and I said “Hello?” and ended up hearing some lady speak Spanish to me. Riiight … She was asking for Eddie, which in a male sort of Mexican accent can sound like my name … right? My hearing isn’t that bad … right?

But I think I’m sort of rambling. I meant to say that I just hope I don’t forget something tomorrow or next week.

I can’t think, my left elbow hurts. Er, right above the elbow, on the outside. My posture probably isn’t helping. *sitting crooked* And the keyboard is pushed all the way to the right to make for the mousepad on the left so my left arm is sorta reaching to hit the keys … I hate keyboard/mouse positioning. It seems like they’re both in the way of each other. Ideally the mouse should be right in front of your hand/arm, not off to the side, but then ideally the keyboard should be smack dab centered in front of you, not off to the side. I think I need to buy a keyboard with no arrow keys or number pad. XD; Do they even make those in regular sizes? ie, not travel size?

I’m such a bad blogger. I can’t write coherent, topical entries like some bloggers. Can’t keep a personal blog that’s all nicely written and such. None of which (whom? I switched nouns somewhere) I’m going to mention here because I don’t want them to notice me talking about them. XD; I’m all rambly and blalala just like I used to be four years ago. Huh. Wait. Six years, in just a month and some days. o.o!! Wow. I might need to get a life.

Anyway! I need to finish reading chapter 15 for typography, which I find personally a waste of time because I don’t plan to set tables but then of course eventually I will but I don’t want to read the chapter because it isn’t a manual for my program of choice, InDesign, it just says what to do, and possibly ways to go about doing just that, if “your layout program allows it/has that feature.” *twitchtwitch*

Don’t get me wrong, I like the book and plan to keep it and use it for reference (in life … for life … they both sound like I’m going to make life choices based on the book O_o). It’s just that the author tries to be general and applicable to what you do, and it’s very helpful in that sense, but it gets sort of annoying when he says, “a good typographer does such and such, and I don’t know how to do it in your program specifically but you really should do it because I’ve modeled you into a typography snob and you’re going to feel guilty if you don’t.” Augh!

Right. Tables. I don’t think InDesign does tables. I know it does tabs! I like tabs. Not sucky, ugly tabs in Word, or fat tabs that take up a lot of my typing space in Notepad. Nice tabs, that you can set the way you like.

Anyway. Typing for 30 minutes. Wow. Maybe this is why I stopped writing in here. XD; Takes up so much of my time! Other things I’ve dropped this quarter: going on aim; reading (except for my typography book); any extra work on my appearance (but who am I kidding? I don’t do much more than bare minimum that often when I do have the time); tidying up apparently, there are piles of stuff everywhere that I keep thinking harbor spiders or fleas. But things I’ve picked up: behind-the-scenes site maintenance; keeping to a somewhat reasonable sleep schedule during the week (except tonight :x); nursing my right elbow >_< to keep it from hurting; making school-related supply runs alone.

Now I should get to bed.

you’re the spotlight, girl

Yay! I’m so happy! I got Linotype’s FontExplorer! XD A student in class said it’s like iTunes for fonts, ’cause there’s a store in the program. Cooliz. :D But I got a font management program! Wooooo!

I haven’t installed it yet. >.> Still set in my ways. Turn on fonts to use them? But that’s an extra step … and on this laptop, I’m not sure if I want an extra program opening on startup … but I should definitely install it on my desktop. Getting closer and closer to a Mac … :b

This blog needs a new layout. The tiny text area is bugging me now. I’ve got an idea in mind, but first I have to make a new layout for my Cardigans fanlisting. It’s been wanting one for a while now…. Over the weekend I made a new Mochi fanlisting layout, and validated coding for most of the other fanlistings, still got a few left to go through. Opened the Kouda Mikako fanlisting. :D Yaaay, I’m so happy, I gots the Cardigans fanlisting and the Miwako and Mikako fanlistings. Maybe I’ll open a Miwako & Mikako relationship fanlisting. *laugh* Yeah. Right.

Hm, I should also get around to making that layout for my journal. I had the idea in mind since probably around the time I put this eyemelon layout up. Just never got around to it. :o

But first and foremost, I need to go to bed. I didn’t have caffeine today! And I didn’t take a nap either! (Both done past two Mondays, don’t know why.) But my elbow hurts slightly. Both elbows hurt somewhat during the night. But nothing wake-inducing. Yays. I just need to rest my right arm yet again. Bah. Should rethink this career involving so much computer use. :x

… I’ll do it tomorrow.


A computer-less weekend! Oh my!

Let’s start on Saturday. Mum wanted me to help her make the cookies, so I did that. We made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (or chocolate chip oatmeal cookies?) with some coconut thrown in ’cause Mum likes that, and “holiday nuggets.” I dunno what they are. ._. They’ve got lots of shortening and butter and sifted powdered sugar and chopped nuts, and they’re covered in powdered sugar. Very good. heehee.

Since Mum was doing other stuff (I forget what), and my elbows are I am so frickin weak, we got N to hold the bowl for me while I stirred everything into dough. ehehe. And since N was sacrificing his time, I thought we should put on some Christmas videos so he wouldn’t be so bored.

We watched Timmy’s Gift (Precious Moments), then It’s Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown (saw the first and last Christmas specials on TV last week), then Care Bear’s Nutcracker Suite, I Love Lucy Christmas special, Madeline’s Christmas (that tape’s going bad ;.;), then Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol (and an added short that’s on the DVD), then Mickey’s Christmas Carol, then Brand Spanking New Doug Christmas special.

Grandpa’s birthday was the Monday (or Tuesday?) before, so he and Grandma came over for Chinese take-out to celebrate. My great aunt had them over for dinner earlier that week, too. Uncle R couldn’t come Saturday ’cause he had to work. XD So we had good eats. Then Little Women, the 1933 version with Katherine Hepburn, was on, so we watched that. Grandma could name practically all the actors. o.o But then again, I just remembered that she asked me only once where C was. Hmm. It was Grandpa who asked about a dozen times during the movie, “Is that Katherine Hepburn?” *blink*

They left a little while before the movie ended, to pick up Uncle R? So N popped in another tape and he, Mum, Daddy and I watched the Hey Arnold and old Doug and Edith Ann Christmas specials.

Uncle R came over some time that night to give us presents. Yup. He gave N, C, and me gift certificates to McDonald’s and Papa John’s. *makes a face*

At nine Meet Me in St. Louis was on, so Mum and I watched that until 11. ^^ One of my favorite movies, wheee!

Sunday I wrapped my presents to everybody (except N and C ’cause Mum did that for helping her with the cookies), then made the brownies. Mum watched The Homecoming while she made the yams. I like that movie all right, but I guess at my age it just moves too slowly for me. When I’m older I’ll probably enjoy it more. I didn’t watch the whole thing. I left around the time John Boy went to the church. Oh, I guess I went on the computer over the weekend. I talked to Adam, then went to bed at midnight.

Christmas day Mum woke me up at 8:30. I got dressed, opened my Santa present ($15), then we were actually on time and left at 9. *shock* The streets were so empty. XD One of my favorite parts of Christmas. L.A. is so dead! We got to Auntie G’s, unpacked, hung around for breakfast that W88 and Noelle and Auntie made. N and I washed the dishes and Mum dried and put things away. Then we watched C beat my cousin’s husband at Texas hold’em and win $5. XD; Then we opened presents. Noelle liked her present from us. :D It was a $20-bill folded into a ring and it was in a ring box. XDD Noelle W88 and SM00 gave me a Dooney & Bourke wristlet that SM00 picked out. I like it, it’s cute and not ugly like lots of purses out there nowadays, and it’s definitely classy.

W88 got the Axis & Allies boardgame, so the boys and aforementioned cousin’s husband and Uncle G played that. I did the money. Muahahaha, that is my role in (boardgame) life. I finally learned how to play the game. o.o My brothers had played with my dad’s game since elementary school, then W88 has been borrowing it lately, and we never really knew how to play. ahaha. It’s a role-playing game. o.O Gotta roll dice, always roll dice, more and more dice… I’m okay. I’ve just never seen so many dice in one place outside of a game store. I think they got through three rounds of turns. My cousin’s husband said that’s what he did before he and my cousin started dating, play that game. XD He’s one of us!

Sadly, C didn’t know what to do, and W88 didn’t know he had to tell C tactics, so technically the Axis (cous’ hus and Uncle G) was winning when we had to clean up for dinner. Uncle G gained a lot of land, and he had a huge army. N had land, but his resources were thin. C had pretty much the same as at the beginning (oh, plus 6 tanks and no transport XD) and I think W88 had about the same as well. He called me a Nazi ’cause I thought the Axis looked like it would win. booo.

Noelle’s family left after/during dinner (after theirs, during ours, hehe). C had me and N play Big 3 then Egyptian War during/after dinner. Afterwards, I read League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vol. II (from C) some then had dessert and sat around listening to grownups talk while C, N, and second-oldest cousin did the dishes. We left soon after that, ’cause N had to work today, and they were starting up The Devil Wears Prada. ;.; I missed it! I uh, also left my laptop and The Secret Garden there. *furtive glance* I was tired and just wanted to leave. ^^;; Mum picked them up from my second-oldest cousin’s husband today though.

Today I just watched my Monk season 3 DVDs (Mr. Monk and the Blackout, I couldn’t remember who the suspect was ¬.¬) and read volume 7 of Gokinjo Monogatari. Wahh, it’s over! But I really liked the extra chapter! Miwako!! XDDD Although I think I might like Mikako more than Miwako now. >.> Probably just because Mikako was the main character and you could go into her character more, as opposed to Miwako who was just a side character and didn’t get much development compared to Mikako or Yukari. :(

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I’m all sad now. Ironic, considering the last post.

Going from my desktop to my laptop I noticed that my laptop screen is darker. Maybe it’s just because the desktop’s settings are higher (hope hope!), but my laptop is going on its fifth year now…

I looked up LCD screen lifespans, and it’s on average five years. Same goes for laptops, roughly. You know, other than the cheaply made laptops or the laptops that are so old they just keep going because they’re made with good parts.

:( Do I have to plan to move over to my desktop completely next summer? Or use my (imaginary) Mac funds for a new laptop?

One would think I could kill two birds with one stone: buy a MacBook! But no, I don’t want a MacBook. I want a G5 (omigosh so spoiled!) and the big pretty monitor. I also want a laptop. I’ve found that I definitely like coding on laptops. The touchpad is right below the keyboard, so when I move my hand there to move the cursor then move my hand back, I can find home row very easily. As opposed to a mouse & keyboard desktop setup, I find it hard to move my whole right arm from the keyboard to the mouse and back again. I’m left-handed (but right-handed when using a mouse), and my right elbow tends to hurt after too much computer use, which I have to look out for (and not overstrain my right arm).

Regardless, I like my laptop. It’s a Dell Inspiron 2650. Other than the video card having a spazzy period (needing updating), and the wireless drive (or whatever the internal thing is called that connects me to networks) needing to be updated after I got a new wireless adapter thing, and needing a new battery (but that’s expected of lithium batteries; they stop recharging after a while), my laptop’s been really good to me. ^^; I even dropped it once and the battery bounced out of it!

I don’t suppose it would go any time soon. How do you know when a computer’s going to die? O_o I sure hope I get some hints. I have stuff backed up on my desktop, but I haven’t moved over any updated files yet. Then again, it hasn’t even been a month since I did the backup.

The only hints of anything not being as good as the first day I used it is, as mentioned before, the darker screen (I really don’t know if it’s darker relative to what it was before though; I never thought to come up with a gauge for this moment O_o) and this one pixel on my screen where the green light is always on. It’s kind of annoying. But I can live with it. Once it goes to maybe 3 or 4 dying pixels, I’m tossing in the towel. *grin*

*hugs lappy* Don’t leave meeee!!!