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AHHHHH!!! Elsewhere’s coding for each and every page is so totally messed up! (Validation-wise.)

I’ve finally decided to try to validate the (x?)html for Elsewhere. ^^;;; But … there are so many pages! *cries* And for the moment I don’t feel like changing from html to php pages. I guess I like being able to view the pages through my computer, and not just online.

(Don’t look at Elsewhere though, I’m still trying to update all the pages to the new layout. And … whatever else I’m going to end up doing to it.)

(note to self: main graphite section complete)

i don’t think woah

Yeah! iat r back, w00t w00t! ^_^;; My domain registration expired on the 2nd and I couldn’t renew until the 6th. >_>

And all the stuff that I updated/changed on my pages over the weekend … uhh, I can’t remember whatall I worked on, so it’s not being uploaded. ^^;; So there really was no point of me updating, was there? Oh well. Mainly I just made a fanlisting collective and added more photos to Elsewhere. The reason why I made a fl collective is so I can just change ONE page when I have to say something about all my fanlistings. >_>

AND I got two books on Friday on Mary Leakey, for my anthropology report. Yay! One of the books is over 600 pages long. *dies* I haven’t started reading them yet. :b Of course.

Last night I started playing Ocarina of Time on the GCN. ‘Cause I haven’t, yet. ^^;; No, I guess I’m not much of a gamer anymore … not that I ever really was either … *shakes her fist at her brothers who hogged the consoles all the time* I dunno how many games I’ve played, but the ONLY one I’ve ever finished is Kirby’s Dreamland. ^^; Yeah, when I beat it (a long long time ago … in a land far …), I was sooo happy! XP But I can’t beat the second game. >_> Stupid crystals won’t show up so I can find them.

Aaaaanyway. Yeah. Last night I played OoT. And I got stuck in the Deku Tree. >.>;;; I got the slingshot. Now I dunno what to do. ^^;;;;; I read the player’s guide, that thing sucks. I read a walkthrough, and that thing sucks. (Go left. Go right. Go up. Go down. >.<) I feel really stupid. ^^;;;;

Oh! I had a dream that I went with my brothers to a mall, and we went to this store that had DVDs and CDs and video games, and they were having a sale on their games, and they had Link to the Past for GBA and the Zelda bonus disc, which they had a high price on. And I magically had lots of money, but only enough for one game. ;.; So I walked up to the cashier with both games and my money, and he asked which one I wanted, and I said I didn’t know, so he rang me up, then asked which one I wanted, and I said I still wasn’t sure, so he opened up both games and popped them in and started playing to show me how each was. Then I woke up and I didn’t have EITHER game! *cries*

Speaking of a guy cashier at a video game store, I wonder how Kayura is, and her video game store guy … >.> I think I lost her e-mail. >_< Dang, I lose more friends that way. And she doesn’t get on aim anymore. *sigh*

Oh well. We can meet up again in Heaven. :) And now off I go to pull weeds with Mum in the front yard. XP

I just want you to know

Spread of ‘Sobig.F’ Internet Virus Declared Fastest Ever

Ahh, so that’s what that is. >_< And the trojan thing kinda scares me. I know almost nothing about them, so that’s why. But it’s too late to go find info about them.

** Thirty-three percent of those polled thought teacher salaries were “just about right.” (from here)

They thought WHAT?! >.< Dang cheapskate taxpayers. Stupid tax system that gives little money to education.

Hm, I think I’m gonna ask Mommy why my high school US Gov’t book said that a public school system is bad. I forget why.

Also, made this. Heh. It’s nothing bleeping amazing. :b And I’ve still gotta work on the glowy effect around her hands. But I like it. When I’m done, I’m putting it in EW. Finally! Something actually new to add! ^-^;;

I’m also think of splitting the visual and written parts of that site apart, then adding a link from the writing site to l.s. Why? I dunno. The idea was planted by this clique that I was interested in. It said I had to have a link to a place where my writing is. And I didn’t know if EW would qualify, being that half (or over half) of that site is my art. ^^;; But I don’t know. I might just take the lazy way out and not do it. XP

But if I do do it, there was something someone (maybe Dream) said in The Sandman that caught my eye. I might keep EW (change the name a bit) and keep it as some passageway to either site. Then I’d call my art Black Light and written stuff Blood Letters. O.o I just realized both of them are BL. ^_^;;;;;; And the problem with using those names is that I was gonna use Black Light for my wallpaper site (if I ever actually put it up o_O *doesn’t enjoy the thought of putting up her wallpapers*), and I’d have to come up with another name if I do the split. Oh well, something to think about tomorrow during classes. :P