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all the songs we used to know

Uh. New layout! ^_^ I guess it’s okay. Not exactly what I feel I’m capable of doing, but meh for a simplish layout I guess I’m satisfied. I don’t know who the lady is. I just found the picture looking through galleries of female celebrities. ^^;; It fit the song I wanted to use, so I grabbed it. And look, red text! XP~ *luvvers her red* Uhh. Can’t think of what else to write about it. o_o

Okay, here’re the things that are worrying me, in short list form: me and Matt and shtuff, college, driving test, English paper, Art History quiz, finals, next semester’s classes, music ear-training exam

Oh! Earlier, in the van on the way home I finished Ender’s Shadow. w00t! XD Now I just have to wait until Christmas to read all the other books. :( But anyway that’s beside the point. For some reason I almost started to cry when I finished. ^.^; I have absolutely no idea why! Ahhh, such a good booki, I luvver that booki. Muah! But I still don’t know why it’d make me tear up. ^_^; I thought maybe I’d cry this time, but then I figured having a crying teen in the car would be kind of irrrr for Auntie and Uncle. ^^;;; And Mommy and Daddy when I got home. And Mickey and Hidek and Tadash and SM00 and Jedi Mako and everyone else in my family, because it’d eventually get around. Blah. Anyway. Yeah. So I swallowed a lot. :b