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woo, two posts in one day…

I’ve been on the internet too long. Year-wise, not hour-wise. I dunno …

Someone on the radio said, I forget, but they said “…you’re…” The person said it like yor so I seriously thought they said “your” and I was about to correct them, “No, you’re.”

… yeah, I’ve spent too much time online … or I’ve gone to the next level in grammar nazism.

I upgraded WordPress! Woo! Easiest Upgrade Ever. haha. But I found out there’s an import Greymatter included IN the blog itself (ehehe), so I decided to find out more about it, maybe even import … but I guess it’s hard to do in 1.5. I was willing to try it with 1.5.1, but then I found out it needs to import from a Greymatter install (duh?). Dangit! I don’t think I’m allowed to install Greymatter on this server. I forget where I read that. I wonder what would happen if I tried anyway … >b It’s not like I’m actually going to use it or anything …

(Oh, it’s under their TOS. Pooh.)


No sir, I don’t like it.
… okay /end Ren & Stimpy quoteyness

I installed WordPress … which took quite a bit of work because for some reason my ftp thingamabobber keeps “timing out” or something, while I’m uploading stuff and I have to log out and log back in. I never said I understood ftp servers.

I guess WP is okay. I’m just not used to it. I can’t figure out their template system. It makes me sad. I must be doing something stupidly.

WP also only can import my Greymatter entries. They’re working on some pMachine Nucleus importer … what the heck is this Nucleus thing?

Also don’t like the categories thing. *pokes it* Never used it before, never was interested in it, won’t start anytime soon. boo. Why can’t I turn it off? (pMachine lets me do it. /end whiny child bit)

watch it come up

Yay! No more Greymatter! ^_^ Not that there’s anything wrong with it, I just got tired of all the cgi files and stuff. Now I’m using pMachine. If I paid for it, it could make more blogs, but I dun wanna pay for it. *cheap* So only one blog.

I think everything’s good right now. Except flimsysilence.net won’t go directly to “index.php” :( And I don’t want to use a splash page. Yughies. Also the GM archives aren’t up yet. And the entry/archives pages aren’t fixed up, so they’ve got the default pM layout. Um. I think that’s it. Now I’m being lazy because I just fixed up the look of the entries on the main page. ^_^; So yeah.

I don’t really have anything else to do at the moment. Except for maybe worry about my grades. I don’t want to do that. I could read Battle Royale. But I’m not really in a reading mood. I don’t know what I could do …

more blog news stuff

Yay, I have entry pages for entries 1 through 30. See how productive I was today? Haha.

Now I’m undecided. Do I sign up for an account at some journal site? Or do I not? If I do, then I have yet another journal account. @.@ And it wouldn’t be on my server. If I don’t, then I’m stuck with Greymatter, and I don’t want to keep racking up these entries that I have to carry around with me every time I change servers. But I’m gonna get hosting for fs.net in the next few months, what would I do with that journal account then? But if I don’t get a journal, I wouldn’t update my blog, ’cause I don’t wanna use Greymatter.

And other thoughts that I can’t quite form in my brain and put in order here. Mm. *shrugs*

Well, either way, I’m trying to make a new layout. Except PSP 8 is so slooow. :| I dunno how it compares to PS, memory and space and whatever else wise, but it’s still slower than PS. Although it takes like half a second shorter to load up. XP And just now, when I hit “save” then went to another window, it said PSP did something or other and had to be closed, and bleh. So I dunno if it saved, Ha Ha Ha. Doesn’t matter, I’m not sure I like it all that much after all.

But still. PS never has to be closed. Well, except when I select the window to close it and then close it, but all the display windows are still struggling to show up, then Windows tells me it’s not responding, do I want to end it immediately? I just hit no and it closes on its own time. *shrugs* I think the only good PSP 8 does is give me more filters and stuff to mess with. :P

That reminds me … PS 8 came out recently, didn’t it? Hmmm … *dreams* I think it comes with Adobe Illustrator as well? I don’t really know what I’d do with that, I just want it. :b I dunno, I forget what I read. I forget where I got the link to the page that I read. o_O

No, what I really want at the moment is a computer that could handle PS and PSP 8 and … whatever else. Ooh. I would like a computer that I could play Rollercoaster Tycoon and Starcraft on without the graphics being all fuzzy. Yes, that would be nice. But it cannot be had. Maybe when I go to Cal Poly. No, definitely when I go to Cal Poly. ¬.¬ I’m not gonna take graphics classes with a laptop that has only 256 ram, and absolutely no space for more.

I’m being random. Oh well. To add to the randomness … my immediate wants are Paradise Kiss 5 and The Strokes’s album that isn’t Room on Fire (I keep forgetting the name of it). Yeah. And a nice red shirt. Or tank top. I have one old red shirt that’s faded and that the cats pulled a couple threads out of, so it looks ratty, and I have an almost brand new tank top from Forever 21, the Asian one with all the gold glitter on it, but it has glitter on it, and I don’t like wearing it around just anywhere.

I never mentioned that I found out over winter break that the mall now has a Charlotte Russe store. :D Verah cool. Great fun. Except it’s too expensive. :( Oh well. Need sleep badly now.