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my hair

Right now I have my hair up in one of those things where the end of the ponytail isn’t pulled all the way through the hairtie. I don’t know what that style is called. Some sort of faux bun? I dunno. My hair isn’t actually long enough to all be pulled into a ponytail. I’ve finally caught on to the use of hair clips to catch those unattractive wisps of hair, though. *snerk*

Lately I’ve been thinking of letting my hair grow out and getting some sort of layered haircut, with sideswept bangs. Oooh, I want bangs! But I’m too lazy to maintain hair longer than shoulder length. Not even shoulder length. For some reason, if my hair is going to stay this length, I’m not brave enough to have any cut other than the one I’m currently sporting. Maybe because that would entail cutting my hair even shorter, and at the moment I don’t want that, I actually want longer hair, I just don’t have the patience to maintain it.

I watched Shimotsuma Monogatari tonight, aka Kamikaze Girls. Wahh, I want Momoko’s hair. ;.;

Chicken Little; Ry bday; J-weekend

Uhm. Let’s see. A couple weeks ago ?? I went to see Chicken Little with Mum and N on Friday. Cute movie! But we were running a little late because Mum wanted to tape Ellen (I forget who was on, Jennifer Aniston?), and somehow the wires got messed up for the VCR so it took a while to set the timer … But anyway the movie was still a good movie! I didn’t think it was better than Finding Nemo (starring Ellen DeGeneres! XD), but L thinks it is. *shrug* Don’t know.

Uhm. I guess the rest of that weekend was boring? I dunno. I don’t really remember. Can’t keep my weekends straight! Oh. Saturday after that went with fam to R’s house for his birthday (ahh, a definite timeframe). What I remember: Double Dash, 3D puzzle, chips, something boring Daddy was watching (football?), ribs, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Yup.

Okay, this past weekend. Japanese weekend! haha. Saturday went to a Japanese boutique where it was at someone’s house and it was a bunch of stuff that women made all through the year that they were selling (holiday theme, but not strictly that). I got a Japanese paper wall decoration thingie (small), black purse (with pink lining! so pretty!), and a blue/grey scarf.

The next one that Auntie G found out about at that place was in some club-y sort of place, like a country club, and it was sooo big and more formal, it had the ladies(/men?) at their tables with their stuff. I got a cellphone case/purse thing to hold my cellphone/driver’s license/money when I don’t feel like taking my whole big purse, because I don’t want to not remember there’s stuff in my pockets again. >.> I can’t remember if I got something else.

Then afterwards Mum Auntie G Auntie Noelle and I went to … Applebee’s? It was all right. I mean, I wouldn’t mind going back, but it won’t jump to mind if I ever try to think of a place to eat. Then home.

Sunday went to Japan Expo. I guess they had less stuff than last year? Or because it was Sunday. Dunno. Still good though. I got … I forget what I got. -.- And I ran into debt with Mum about $59? I don’t really remember. Bah! I should remember more stuff. Hm.

I bought a hair clip, yeah, $10, and I was thinking recently that I can’t even really use it because my hair is too short. ^^;;; Silly me. And umm, I bought … I really don’t remember. *falls over* … *a while later* (playing Sims GCN) A shirt! It was a shirt! It’s a dark grey shirt and it has a (modern) kokeshi doll wearing gothic lolita clothes! XD I really like that shirt. I would have worn it this week, but I had to rush to pack, since I went back with Auntie; I didn’t drive myself.

I don’t know. I was a little miffed that I didn’t get to drive myself. Mainly because I couldn’t dry my hair or brush my teeth or anything. But. As we started off Auntie said that the 405 was jammed, from whatever to Mulholland Drive. Just absolutely stopped, because there was a car fire (on the right?). *meep* So did this happen so that I didn’t have to go through all that traffic? Auntie even said that people are out of their cars walking on the freeway. Now that would have been something! To walk on the 405! XD But no.

And yeah. That’s it. I don’t wanna dwell on how I’m feeling kind of depressed. Blah. Or how I’m kind of stressing out over my grades (nearing finals and the end of classes and I’m so close to a B!! AHHHHH!!!)


Hey look, I still have that old image of the haircut I wanted.

Three more to add to my wanted haircut collection: one two three (pics from GreenerPastures.us)

I found out recently that I have Fuse on my TV! Woo. So that’s how I saw Gwen Stefani’s new video where she wears that haircut. I want her hair … my hair doesn’t curl as much as it used to … or puff out as much as it used to … maybe it’s too long.

downtime, racing, and cuts

Oi. -.- I can’t stand not being able to see my site. *glares* I don’t know how often or for how long fs.net goes down, but it kind of seems like it’s more than the 45 or whatever minutes Host Affect says. :/

But anyway. I don’t know if I misheard W88 or if he was misinformed but Sterling Marlin was in the all-star race last night. I don’t think he finished though. :( Terry Labonte finished 14th. Pooh. I found out last night that he’s won the all-star race twice before, so that was cool. ^_^

Hm. Oh yeah. Here’s the screenshot I took of that lady. :) I’m thinking of watching parts of that movie and seeing if I couldn’t maybe make some mini movie LJ icons. XP