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save Harry Potter

Don’t Kill Harry!

That cracks me up. Probably because Harry Potter isn’t one of my favorite characters. I don’t really care for him. As long as she saves Ron and Hermione I’m happy.

But I have read stories where characters I’ve cared for have died. Thinking about it though, I don’t know if I would have those characters saved. Their passing adds something to the story, I suppose.

On the other hand, I’ve never read a story where the main character died. That is a bit weird, don’tcha think? Then again, I do want to see Harry die. I just think it would be … different. Something new. It would definitely make an impact. XD

Oh! I just remembered, a Neil Gaiman story had the main character die. Definitely, definitely, the character couldn’t have NOT died. It would have been a weak, lame, boring, disappointing conclusion.

On that note, hmmm … *grin*

2005 book list

Wheee, I remembered to update. :P Here’s a list of all the books I managed to read in 2005 (plus a few from 2004 >.>). (List started January 22, 2005.) I was trying to read 100 books in one year. I didn’t read that many, just half (including the few from 2004 ^^;). Another goal I’d like to accomplish in life is to read 100 books in one year! (Even though that would amount to reading one book every 3.65 days. …Unless I did it in a leap year, then it’d be 3.66 days…)

It’s kind of weird. I look over the list, and I think, Wow, I read that book then? It seems like so long ago… Like The Handmaid’s Tale or The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I want to reread Ender’s Shadow again. XD (Even though I already have about a half dozen books on my to-read list, not including class required reading. *ack*)

Also, wow, I’m gone for only one week and WordPress is updated. Hmmm, maybe I should leave other things alone and maybe they’ll get updated too… (Note to self, upgrade WordPress after backing up current state.)

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Wallace and Gromit

[Wallace and Gromit] attracted a cult following since first appearing in a short in 1989 and six more since…

What?! There are seven Wallace and Gromit shorts?! Why haven’t I heard about them? ;.; We only own three of them. Our collection is seriously lacking.

At least we also own Creature Comforts. That’s Mum’s video. Which reminds me, I think I wanted to show that to W88. ^^

So yesterday Mum and I went to see March of the Penguins (so cuute! and cooold! o_o and beauuutiful!) and one of the previews we saw was for the Wallace and Gromit movie. XD W88 was the one who said he thought there was one, and I never heard anything about it. But oh well. Now I did!

I only planned to see three movies this year: Revenge of the Sith, Mirrormask, and the Harry Potter movie. So far I’ve seen Revenge of the Sith, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and March of the Penguins. Now I want to see (in theaters) The Corpse Bride (maybe), The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (hopefully), Mirrormask (a MUST!!), and Harry Potter (probably). I may very well see as many movies this year as I did last year. ^^;;; *doesn’t go to the movie theater much*

dreams lengthening and shortening time

Wow. I was updating my private dreamlog (rule for myself: every new dream I have, I have to add at least two dreams to my log) and I found this dream with a reference to Harry Potter. o_o Now, for some reason, I was thinking that the dreams I had in 2001 were old. Yet, I keep thinking that it wasn’t that long ago that I read Harry Potter after Christmas. But, I guess, yeah, I read them in high school. About three and a half years ago. Hehe. I don’t know why, but I think that that’s such a long time ago. Number-wise. But when I think about back then, it doesn’t seem like such a long time ago.

Anyway! In the same dream, Magic cards and books about trains were mentioned. o_o That was a while ago! It just makes my brain do a backflip.