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Me: YAY! fs.net is back up! *backs up MySQL databases*

e-mail from HostAffect: We sold all you guys to a new company! Rejoice!

Me: o_o No ****

e-mail from HostAffect Steadfast Networks: *flowery* Changes! We’re also moving you to our servers in Chicago. “…the full moving process will likely take two days.”

Me: O_o

webhostingtalk forums search on steadfastnetworks: No bad news! But everyone’s talking mostly about dedicated servers and resellers, which you’re not using!

Right Now
Me: o.o … ???

I don’t know, maybe I’ll stay with this Steadfast hosting. I don’t have any money for new hosting anyway. ^_^;;; SFN has been around for 5? years now, so that’s cool. Since I’ve seen mainly hosting companies that have existed for only a year or months all this week … I’m leaning toward trusting them. :b They also don’t seem to be underpricing themselves, looking at the shared hosting. >_> I don’t know if I’m allowed to use Daddy’s credit card every month for a $5 charge. I also don’t know if I have the mind to remember to pay every month. *shrug*

I have to e-mail them about their “extra domains are $2 a month” line. Does that mean an addon domain, or actually hosting the domain on the server? Okay, that question doesn’t make much sense. x_x I don’t like contacting support people. I always feel stupid. But maybe it was just the Endore support … I contacted Your-Site.com support ’cause I had a question about these hits for .pl scripts in my logs, and they didn’t make me feel stupid. :) I dunno.

My mind is going byebye. I’m writing down all these different things, aren’t I? Maybe I should ask, or would the domain itself be included in the hosting package … ?? I dunno. Why do I own two domain names? And I want a third. :b

I’m tired now. And hot. Why is it so hot now?

I just realized SFN doesn’t have a 30-day money back guarantee. O_o They don’t have any money back guarantee. That’s just … weird.

Hey lookie, it says “Hosting for up to 3 domains” under their $20/mo deal. I wonder if that’s different than what they said in the other line. I dunno. Maybe I could ask, Is that addon domains or something else? Hur hur, yeah, something else. Smart brain, oh yes.

… Okay I’ll stop thinking about that.

During classes today I kept adding things to a to-do list. I think I did all the really important stuff. I don’t really know though. >_> My brain is kind of lost and drifting around. But I still feel like I have things to do. I could look over my math homework. I don’t really see the point though, if my mind isn’t going to understand it. Even in chem today I kept making weird mistakes on the math.

I got my chem quiz back, and I did even worse on this one than the last one. >_>;; I thought I’d done really well on it. But I guess I didn’t. See, there were eight questions. I got all the points up to the third to last one, where I made one stupid mistake and got the wrong answer. I got partial credit on that, but the next two questions built up on that one question, so … I got those two completely wrong and I didn’t get any credit on either of those. *sighs* 32 out of 50. I know I have a credit/no credit thing in that class, but still, I’m (maybe stupidly) hoping that I’ll get an A in chem 1A next semester. So that way I could get a B in Speech. >b

Earlier today I was really irritated. Now I’m uncomfortable because of some heat that seems to surround me and depressed because of my stupidity.

Anyway. Uh. I think that’s all I did today. Look up stuff on hosting. Also read blogs/journals. Made one icon that I don’t really like but MEH. Made two other icons from Get Fuzzy comics that are all right, but … they’re not very icon designery, if you know what I mean. … Crop, text, and a border, voila, icon.

Okay okay okay enough of that. Last night I bought Hot Gimmick vol. 4 for only $2.32. XD Waldenbooks emailed me a 20% off coupon, which I coupled with my 10% Reader’s Discount and my $5 off coupon. Yeah. XD I’m maybe 2/5 through it. I don’t really know why I stopped reading it. o.o

Record to self: turned laptop on sometime around 2:20. Off of standby … I don’t remember. 2:35? Laptop still unresponsive, put it on standby again … 3:00 still unresponsive … pushed the power button over and over and it started up nicely, but then it wouldn’t really do anything. (I tried to restart so I could connect to the internet.) So I took out all the power sources and started it up again and it worked. That was maybe 3:30.

bury it

I don’t know what to say. I’m not really playing video games. The one I’m playing the most is The New Tetris, and I play that one about twice a week. I haven’t played OoT since … the last time I played, I dunno when that was, but I got about halfway through the forest temple. I’ve played Link to the Past twice since classes ended. I got through part of the second place … the place where I get the power glove. But then I kept getting hit and I lost the fairy I spent so much time looking for. >_> So I stopped playing.

I kinda sorta finished cleaning out my closet. I should really find another place to put my Barbies so I could put a box where they are, then I could move more stuff to the storage area above, and have more space for clothes.

I don’t have any other place for my Barbies though. I think Auntie G keeps her in the garage. ^^;; We don’t have any space in the garage. Mum just spent the longest time cleaning it out, and it’s still a tight fit. I guess it doesn’t help that one car in there is a van and the other is a car bigger than mine.

I think I want to sell my Dodgers Barbie. I don’t like the Dodgers that much. But I keep thinking, ‘Don’t make money! Give it away!’ Then I think, ‘But who would want to buy a collectible Dodgers Barbie from the Dorothy Brown School?’ Or wherever we donate stuff … I dunno. ^^;;

I want to get rid of some of my manga too. I don’t really feel like giving it away, ’cause I don’t know who really would want to read it, but then I feel bad making money off it when … I don’t know.

I owe Daddy $15 for the hosting I bought. Which really really seems to be down more often than Endore (when they were good), and Endore only guaranteed 99.5% uptime. But then again, I paid $100 for Endore. ^^;; Then $50. I also owe Mum $32. Plus a portion of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, for Daddy for Father’s Day. Then I need to save up $200 more dollars to deposit in my bank account. Then I can start spending again.

I really need a new CD player.

downtime, racing, and cuts

Oi. -.- I can’t stand not being able to see my site. *glares* I don’t know how often or for how long fs.net goes down, but it kind of seems like it’s more than the 45 or whatever minutes Host Affect says. :/

But anyway. I don’t know if I misheard W88 or if he was misinformed but Sterling Marlin was in the all-star race last night. I don’t think he finished though. :( Terry Labonte finished 14th. Pooh. I found out last night that he’s won the all-star race twice before, so that was cool. ^_^

Hm. Oh yeah. Here’s the screenshot I took of that lady. :) I’m thinking of watching parts of that movie and seeing if I couldn’t maybe make some mini movie LJ icons. XP