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many nights go by…

Haven’t updated for a while. Haven’t really had anything update-worthy. I think my brain took a vacation and I haven’t really thought of any post-worthy opinions.

Saturday … uhm … I think I didn’t do anything special. Sunday I went with Daddy to the mall. He went to buy cards for New York relatives and cookies for the neighbors. I went to get 30% off a Nana manga, but Borders Express didn’t have the Nana I want. *tear* They only had 1 and 2. I finished 3 a little while ago, and there’s a bit of a cliffhanger there, so blagh I wanna read the next one really soon.

I bought Hot Gimmick volume 10 instead. I read that last night, and I just kept getting confused. Who are these characters? What’s going on? What happened? Blah. I have to reread the whole series. -.-

Monday … was nothing interesting, really. Mum stayed home because she felt a little sick, and went in to work today. Afterwards we went to the market.

Wow, I’m talking about going grocery shopping as the highlight of my day. No wonder I don’t update outside of school. *makes a face*

What else can I talk about … Oh, on my validate all websites’ XHTML project, I got a little further along. With Blue Book I switched from using html documents to php documents for the pages, just so it’s easier to update the layout. Specifically the navigation. The reason I stuck with frames for that site so long is ’cause I didn’t want to have to update the navi for every single page. I’m happier with the site now! I might actually update more often! I still have to clean out the quotes, get rid of ones I don’t like any longer.

But I suppose that’s only interesting to me. Maybe Noelle.

Um, on Christmas presents I’ve bought or put together everyone’s but SM00’s. I’m gonna go get that tomorrow. The sad thing is that both C and N paid up everything they owe for all the presents (I usually buy stuff and we split roughly three ways), and I’ve got only $21 cash for SM00’s present, and I want to check Borders tomorrow to see if they have Monk season 3 (40% off DVD boxsets) and Nana volume 4. Technically I have only $80 in my checking account (just because the property managers haven’t cashed the rent check yet doesn’t mean I count the $1300 that’s in there), and maybe I can ask Mum for $70 tomorrow for inputting Grandpa’s stuff into Quicken that I can deposit in the bank, and then I’ll feel better about using debit to pay for Borders stuff.

Two sentences that were toooo long. I need to get to bed.


Me: YAY! fs.net is back up! *backs up MySQL databases*

e-mail from HostAffect: We sold all you guys to a new company! Rejoice!

Me: o_o No ****

e-mail from HostAffect Steadfast Networks: *flowery* Changes! We’re also moving you to our servers in Chicago. “…the full moving process will likely take two days.”

Me: O_o

webhostingtalk forums search on steadfastnetworks: No bad news! But everyone’s talking mostly about dedicated servers and resellers, which you’re not using!

Right Now
Me: o.o … ???

I don’t know, maybe I’ll stay with this Steadfast hosting. I don’t have any money for new hosting anyway. ^_^;;; SFN has been around for 5? years now, so that’s cool. Since I’ve seen mainly hosting companies that have existed for only a year or months all this week … I’m leaning toward trusting them. :b They also don’t seem to be underpricing themselves, looking at the shared hosting. >_> I don’t know if I’m allowed to use Daddy’s credit card every month for a $5 charge. I also don’t know if I have the mind to remember to pay every month. *shrug*

I have to e-mail them about their “extra domains are $2 a month” line. Does that mean an addon domain, or actually hosting the domain on the server? Okay, that question doesn’t make much sense. x_x I don’t like contacting support people. I always feel stupid. But maybe it was just the Endore support … I contacted Your-Site.com support ’cause I had a question about these hits for .pl scripts in my logs, and they didn’t make me feel stupid. :) I dunno.

My mind is going byebye. I’m writing down all these different things, aren’t I? Maybe I should ask, or would the domain itself be included in the hosting package … ?? I dunno. Why do I own two domain names? And I want a third. :b

I’m tired now. And hot. Why is it so hot now?

I just realized SFN doesn’t have a 30-day money back guarantee. O_o They don’t have any money back guarantee. That’s just … weird.

Hey lookie, it says “Hosting for up to 3 domains” under their $20/mo deal. I wonder if that’s different than what they said in the other line. I dunno. Maybe I could ask, Is that addon domains or something else? Hur hur, yeah, something else. Smart brain, oh yes.

… Okay I’ll stop thinking about that.

During classes today I kept adding things to a to-do list. I think I did all the really important stuff. I don’t really know though. >_> My brain is kind of lost and drifting around. But I still feel like I have things to do. I could look over my math homework. I don’t really see the point though, if my mind isn’t going to understand it. Even in chem today I kept making weird mistakes on the math.

I got my chem quiz back, and I did even worse on this one than the last one. >_>;; I thought I’d done really well on it. But I guess I didn’t. See, there were eight questions. I got all the points up to the third to last one, where I made one stupid mistake and got the wrong answer. I got partial credit on that, but the next two questions built up on that one question, so … I got those two completely wrong and I didn’t get any credit on either of those. *sighs* 32 out of 50. I know I have a credit/no credit thing in that class, but still, I’m (maybe stupidly) hoping that I’ll get an A in chem 1A next semester. So that way I could get a B in Speech. >b

Earlier today I was really irritated. Now I’m uncomfortable because of some heat that seems to surround me and depressed because of my stupidity.

Anyway. Uh. I think that’s all I did today. Look up stuff on hosting. Also read blogs/journals. Made one icon that I don’t really like but MEH. Made two other icons from Get Fuzzy comics that are all right, but … they’re not very icon designery, if you know what I mean. … Crop, text, and a border, voila, icon.

Okay okay okay enough of that. Last night I bought Hot Gimmick vol. 4 for only $2.32. XD Waldenbooks emailed me a 20% off coupon, which I coupled with my 10% Reader’s Discount and my $5 off coupon. Yeah. XD I’m maybe 2/5 through it. I don’t really know why I stopped reading it. o.o

Record to self: turned laptop on sometime around 2:20. Off of standby … I don’t remember. 2:35? Laptop still unresponsive, put it on standby again … 3:00 still unresponsive … pushed the power button over and over and it started up nicely, but then it wouldn’t really do anything. (I tried to restart so I could connect to the internet.) So I took out all the power sources and started it up again and it worked. That was maybe 3:30.