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no business like show business

“Parker Preps Prod for Pitt’s Preme”

I know I saw this episode of I Love Lucy recently. Mum asked me if the guy who was Lucy’s dance partner also played Ricky’s manager in another episode. (“My 10% goes on!”) I guess that was two weeks ago. It played today again. Is that the problem of having I Love Lucy on two channels? I can’t really consider it a problem though …

The problem I have is watching I Love Lucy only during the summer months, when all the vacation episodes are played over and over again. (“Didn’t they just come back from Europe? Why’re they going again?”) Argh. Play the normal episodes!!

But anyway. Just wanted to save that headline up there. XD; It’s the first time I’ve caught the whole thing.

Also, Lucy’s skirt. I noticed it for some reason. I like the cut of it. Normally I don’t like stripes, especially when they’re emphasized that much. But I guess now I’m so intrigued by clothes with atypical cuts that I ignore the stripes.

I don’t know any fashion or clothing construction terminology, so I couldn’t even begin to explain the skirt. Sorry for those vision impaired visitors. (Drew the image in Paint Shop Pro 6, with a touchpad, so there isn’t much to miss there.)

Superman?!?!?!, yodeling

“I saw something outside the window!”
“Was it a bird?”
“Was it a plane?”
“Well then, what was it?”
“It was … Superman!”


Some lady on the TV is yodeling “blue.” When Daddy asked, “Is she yodeling?” and Mommy answered yes, I started laughing, I don’t know why

grrrr! tv shows changing and stuff

Dangit! First I find that TVLand/Nick at Nite/whatever is editing I Love Lucy (or at least they edited the one after Hollywood where the Ricardos and Mertzes have a fight over moving to a new apartment). After that the X-Files gets cancelled (well, that I’m not so miffed over, it’s pretty dead). Then today stupidFOX cut off the end of I Love Lucy (viewers didn’t see Ricky get his job at the Tropicana!).

Now I find that Nickelodeon cancelled Invader Zim! My tv life is so unfair. And I already know about Hey Arnold! being as good as cancelled. *pouts* Television sucks. stupidFOX is editing old Simpsons episodes also, can’t forget that. Oyeah!!! My Turner Classic Movies was taken away!!! Hmph. No more black and whites and classics.

*Kenan voice* Whyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!