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I don’t want to go to sleep (despite it being almost 3 in the morning >_<), but I don’t really have the mental capacity to do much of anything, so I’ll just ramble on here for a bit. (Nice statement, no? “I don’t want to think, so I’ll just write in my blog.” :x)

Last Saturday I was home, and Mum and I went to Mitsuwa. Mostly she needed some groceries, and I also wanted gyouza so I could use up the ramen broth packets she bought for me.

While we were in the market area this song came on over the sound system that sounded extremely familiar to me. I said, “Hey, I have this song. It’s Utada Hikaru, ‘Colors.'” Do you know how rare it is for something like that to happen? One, I don’t have many Japanese songs on my computer (or many that I listen to often). Two, what are the chances that I’d have a song that is popular enough to be played in a Japanese store in America? So that was fun.

We ended up buying … well, sad to say I was very self-centered and didn’t notice what Mum bought. I just know she bought dashi because she said she needed it. Oh, she bought kamaboko too. I remember that because it was the normal kind with the clear packaging so you can see that it’s the normal kind, and she said it was probably just New Year’s causing it to be sold out.

Anyway. I bought (with Mum’s money) gyouza and this product that they had free samples of. It’s some ramen, not really the instant noodle type, although it’s similar, but a fancier version. We bought the miso ramen one. It was in the freezer section. The instructions say cook the (frozen) noodles in boiling water for 2 minutes, then in the bowl place the broth and mix with 1–1½ cups boiled water, then when the noodles are done drain them and put them in the bowl. Similar to instant noodles, no? It has 123% the daily recommended value of sodium. ACK! It’s pretty good though. I think I’ll water down the broth more next time though.

I seriously feel like going to a Japanese restaurant. But I don’t have the stomach for what I want. *ticks off on fingers* Unagi donburi, sushi (specifically the eel sushi from Ozeki’s with the eel sauce *grin*), ramen, teriyaki chicken (specifically from that one place at the outlet mall)…hee. Too bad I’m living on a student’s budget. *snerk*

After the groceries I slipped over to the bookstore to look for Kera, but they sold out again. :( I guess it’s really really really popular now. (Darn!) Mum offered to buy it for me whenever it comes in, but I told her she didn’t have to bother herself with it.

Next I looked for any Anna Tsuchiya music, but they didn’t have any. boo. I looked on Amazon; they have her album for $35 as an import. Better than Tommy heavenly6, I had to buy from the marketplace for her album, but not so good because it’s $35! (I think the Tommy heavenly6 album was $25 or something? Not expensive. Maybe it was $15, I don’t remember.)

That was my Japanese excursion, which refreshes me after being in SLO for so long. hahaha.

Now I guess I should go to sleep. bah.


Hm, I was just reminded that I saw that Kids Bop commercial for the CD with Bring Me to Life on it. Can you imagine it? Kids crooning about being “numb without a soul.” Hmm … *imagines hoardes of young goth lolis and kodona all over the place*

Ooh, in my Kera magazine (which I bought today XD) there’s some blurb about Evanescence. ^^;; Of course I can’t read it though. And then there’s this page in the back that looks like you can order older issues. And the one with Amy Lee on the cover is shown. But then I think it’s only available by calling in. ;.; (How much would a phone call to Japan to order a magazine cost? ^^;;;)

Oh well. Today I went with Mum to Mitsuwa and that store is closeded. o_o Guess business wasn’t very good … Mum bought plates from … U … something. Utsuwa? Yeah, utsuwa.com. ^_^ They’re black, and about 7 inches in diameter. She was looking at these reeeeally pretty plates with sakura on a stone-y texture, but they cost $5.50 each, so, yeah, forget about that.

Aaand … I got Nana volumes 1-3 and Gokinjo Monogatari volume 1! :D But I don’t know where to get the translations. ^.^;;

So now I have only $15 or so. Mm. I want to buy Haibane Renmei volume 2. But I don’t want to pay more than $25. ^^;; Oh yeah, I still have to see Millenium Actress … gehehe …

Well, I’ve been working on an Amy Lee mood theme for a while … but now I’m kinda bored with it. Ehehe. It’s hard finding piccies for some moods. Like busy. Or thankful. Or envious. @_@ Last night I started working on my new dreamlog, but then I got bored acause I lost this bunch of papers where I wrote down some dreams from a week ago. ^^;;; So now I feel like, “I don’t wanna do this!” Bleh.