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beating out perfections

Argh, I’m losing faith in fanlistings. -.- Firstly, the first fanlisting I ever [attempted to] join was one for Léon (aka The Professional), but then I noticed that the last updated date was not the same as the last date on her updates list (go check it out, you’ll see), and I realized she used a current date script for the last update thing. -.-;;;; Her site’s on hiatus, as well. For the looongest time.

The next one, The Cardigans. >( ARGH. I don’t know if her join form for that fanlisting is broken or what, but I know there’s someone else who joined (she joined my Gran Turismo fanlisting as well ^^) that wasn’t added. Plus, on her blog, she updates like once every month or so. >_< *sniffles*

Then the fanlisting for Amy Lee, I’m not po’ed about that one. She’s been rebuilding her site since the middle of June and before. Yupyup. But for some reason it doesn’t matter to me. That fanlisting hasn’t been updated since the end of May. ^.^; Then the fanlisting for Eat Drink Man Woman. I’m rather sad that hasn’t been updated since March. :( But she said that people don’t join, so it doesn’t really matter. Even though it means I haven’t been added to the members list. ^_^;; I don’t really mind. It’s just that she’s on the troubles list now for not updating. T-T

My Song isn’t a fanlisting, it’s a clique, but still, she said she’d update pretty much last week, and yet … nothing. It’s a really big clique though. o.o And I’ve got my luverly code up, so I don’t mind much. ^^

The last fanlisting I joined (umm … that I haven’t been added to) is the Yoshi fanlisting. :( She updated, but I wasn’t added to the list. I dunno why. I was gonna rejoin, but then the join form is closed. >.<!! Today I joined another clique, “we’re all a little fragile.” It looks like she updates at least twice a month. But watch, with my luck, something’ll come up so she doesn’t update for a while.

I’m not kidding. There were so many fanlistings I joined that weren’t updated for a loong while after. The Beatles fanlisting, Audrey Hepburn, guinea pigs (but it came back up ^_^), Gregory Smith, Snoopy, Evanescence … which reminds me. I joined the Gordo fanlisting, but it went down (her server went down and she lost all her files), and then I decided I wasn’t that big of a fan, so I took the code down. ^.^;; I should change that.

Oh well. I’m bored. I feel like putting this here. :)

Seven Things That Make You Laugh
1. MTV muting out words XP
2. Hidek (why yes, he is a thing)
3. Why Girls are Weird by Pamela Ribon
4. me (don’t ask …)
5. W88 (he’s not a thing yet)
6. Good Charlotte
7. Peanuts

Seven Things You Love
1. Matt (he’s not a thing …)
2. God (… it’s up in the air, folks)
3. family (“family” is technically a thing … :b)
4. Snoopy
5. California
6. home
7. books

Seven Things You Hate
1. I don’t really hate anything …
2. really I don’t
3. honestly
4. don’t you believe me?
5. really truly
6. not one thing
7. okay maybe I don’t like it when my laptop freezes or when PSP closes

Seven Things On Your Desk
1. laptop
2. headphones
3. Pure Vanilla Extract bottle :b
4. camera (film kind and digital kind)
5. that Japanese racket/board thingie (watch Ikyuusan, you’ll know what I mean)
6. Bible
7. Emmerdale CD

Seven Facts About You
1. umm … I’m not even 5′ tall
2. breakfast often makes me sick
3. sometimes I can’t seem to throw out things *stares at her “Pink Anger” drawing*
4. I am not independent
5. my hair is once again down to my elbow (maybe a bit longer)
6. if I ever get my hair professionally cut, I want it to look like Yulia’s (when it was longish) or that wannabe-pilot lady in The Last Emperor
7. I am no one special, but I am not average

Top 7 Songs People Should Give A Listen
1. Nina Persson – Angel of Sadness (’tis playing now :B)
2. Nina Persson – The Oddness of the Lord (it’s just … weird)
3. Lisa Loeb – Snow Day
4. The Cardigans – Hold Me
5. Chevelle – Forfeit
6. Matchbox Twenty – All I Need
7. Smile Empty Soul – Bottom of a Bottle

Seven Famous People You Want to Meet
1. Rosa Parks
2. Natalie Portman
3. Gregory Smith
4. Hal Fishman (ha ha ha …)
5. I dunno
6. I dunno
7. Nina Persson?

Top 7 Things You Say The Most
1. I dunno
2. I’m not okay (this guy on Perilous Plunge heard me say that, I think >.>;;;;;;)
3. Okay
4. What? (other person) What? (other person) What? (other person) What? (other person) What? *grin*
5. –
6. –
7. –

Woo, wasn’t that a blast.

she doesn’t have the answer yet

O_O *is speechless*

…. How is Netscape doing that?!?! O.O! I can’t see anything wrong with the coding … and I don’t think Netscape is that weird … It shows the scrollbars for each entry, but no text in the entry. o_o Sometimes it shows the first entry. But when I scroll right and back it disappears. o.o And the tagboard isn’t showing up either. But the “sidebar” is showing up. How weird. :( I think I’ll just switch it to a regular-ish layout.

But anyway. New layout. :b I had it saved in a folder for a longo time. About a month, I guess. ‘Tis Lisa Loeb! :D Yesterday and the day before I listened to her Tails and Firecracker albums. ^__^ But not her Cake & Pie album. :P

something (not) so wrong

Did I say I didn’t like Lisa Loeb’s Cake and Pie album much? I take that back. It’s cool. Just not, you know … harsh, or anything. I listened to it today (’cause I’m tired of the rest of my music) and I like it again. :b I like “The Way It Really Is” and “Bring Me Up.”

*dies satisfied*

New layout. Purple. Yukari (from Paradise Kiss :b). Lots and lots of … mixed up coding. Mm. It took me the whole day to get this layout up. ^^; Actually, I worked on it yesterday, too. Yesterday I made most of the layout. Finished editing the image today, making little changes and stuff. I spent maybe 2–2.5 hours yesterday on it. Today I did the coding. That took me the whole day. And this is without slicing the image. Can you imagine how much later I’d be up if I’d sliced it? ^^;;; I don’t want to think about it.

Maybe 5–6 hours coding? ^^;; Yeah … Hopefully I won’t get too annoyed by this layout very soon. >.> ‘Cause even right now I see things that irk me. ._.; Auuugh … Can’t be good enough, can I? :b Hmm … oh well.

I noticed myself not minding rock music as much as I used to. It’s good, because I don’t get annoyed. But it’s bad, because … even though I’m starting to like harsher stuff, I still know it’s not that good, music-wise.

Auugh … lately I’ve been wishing I could be perfectly happy with Savage Garden and The Corrs and Lisa Loeb. Lisa Loeb used to be one of my faves. And for so long, too. ;-; Now I notice she’s a bit too soft for me. But I still like her first two albums. It’s like, first album, most liked, last album, least liked, second album, in between.

Well anyway. The point of all that is … I like my Chevelle album now. ^.^; When I first got it I thought, ‘yuck, this is no good.’ But then I thought, ‘I’ll get used to it.’ Just like I’ve gotten used to a lot of other music I bought but didn’t like much at first. And … now I have gotten used to it. The songs I like the most are Send The Pain Below, Closure, The Red, and One Lonely Visitor. ^_^

Oh. Here’s another thing I wanted to say. I’m looking into pMachine. ^^;; I don’t know what the requirements are for running it, I can’t seem to find anything about that on the site. I think it uses something I don’t have on fs.net. But I’m still tired of GM, and don’t have much of anything else to do … *hides huge to-do list behind her back* … so I’m looking into it. ^_^’ (Looking into it as in … downloading and looking at the files and attempting to upload it on fs.net.)

Ah! The title of this layout … I forget who sings the song. I forget what the song’s called. But I keep seeing the music video (not as often as Bring Me to Life, though, grrr) and I think it’s weird (in a good way) and I’m starting to enjoy the song (actually, I enjoy the song pretty well by now :b), and I can’t think of any other lyrics that would fit the layout, so there ya go.