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Little Women and Friends

I don’t watch the show anymore, and can’t think why in the world I ever did watch it, but I guess I’ve got a few good references from it …

Whenever I read Little Women now (which is often, because I’ve reread it every few years since 7th or 8th grade), I can’t help but think of Friends where Joey gets Rachel to read The Shining and Rachel has Joey read Little Women. Especially the part of the book that causes Joey to put the book in the freezer. (Note for those who haven’t seen the episode: Joey would put The Shining in the freezer when it got too scary for him.)

I just got through that part recently. Why is it so hard?! ;_; Especially as I get older, and gain more life experience…

very slowly reading

What does mon dieu mean? *is too lazy to look it up* My something … That princess lady, the one married to the Bolonsky guy … Lisa? She’s said it twice so far. I’ve read 17 pages of War and Peace! I’m so proud of me!

After I finish this (and I do plan to finish it, even if I have to finish it the Scarlet-Letter-hard way) I think I’m going to read the rest of the Anne of Green Gables books. That is, if I can fight off the urge to reread Little Women, Little Men, and Jo’s Boys. Then if I ever get a freefreefree day (it has to be a really free day) I’ll read The Haunting of Hill House. ^.^ I’m shivering already.