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I’ll just “Hang” – Matchbox Twenty

I like this song, “Hang,” by Matchbox Twenty. I like how the music is so simple and … clean :b and nothing overly … anything about it, and then there’s Rob Thomas, and sometimes he goes along with the peacefulness of the music, then other times it’s like he’s letting himself go while at the same time restraining himself. I wish I could do that. I wish I could sing. Or recite poetry. Or something. I wouldn’t mind it if I could only read poetry. Maybe like Jewel. Or something.

music and video watching

Today I spent a good portion of my time watching music videos. ^__^; They were all on Yahoo Launch … so it meant I was on Mommy and Daddy’s compi, yeah. *never figured out why WMP videos don’t work on the laptop* I saw three Goo Goo Dolls videos (Iris and two from the early nineties … haha! ^.^; *hushes*), some random ones that came on after the ones I clicked on, a 3 Doors Down video (When I’m Gone *sniffle* sad; me wants mp3 *looks at Adam* :b), aaand … Matchbox Twenty videos. Yayayay! :D

I saw most of the videos on Launch. I saw the 2000 interview thing. Rob Thomas said Backstreet Boys have good voices. Interesting opinion. But he’s right. The people at the concerts are having fun, so what’s it matter if they wrote their own songs or not? “Frank Sinatra didn’t,” he said. I didn’t know that. Charlotte Church doesn’t, either. Or I’m assuming so, considering I’ve seen her perform classical and Christmas songs only … :b Yet she’s very respected. Anyway.

So. Yeah. Let’s see … I saw Disease, 3 A.M., Push, Long Day, Back 2 Good, Exclusive Interview [2000], Busted, If You’re Gone, and, of course, Mad Season (although I’ve seen it a few times already). ^__^ Wheeee … I liked 3 A.M. and Long Day. I also really like the songs Long Day and Push. Although I’m not certain I could listen to the latter without laughing anymore … ^_^;;;; *whispers* Weirdos all around … y’hear?