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I don’t want to go to sleep (despite it being almost 3 in the morning >_<), but I don’t really have the mental capacity to do much of anything, so I’ll just ramble on here for a bit. (Nice statement, no? “I don’t want to think, so I’ll just write in my blog.” :x)

Last Saturday I was home, and Mum and I went to Mitsuwa. Mostly she needed some groceries, and I also wanted gyouza so I could use up the ramen broth packets she bought for me.

While we were in the market area this song came on over the sound system that sounded extremely familiar to me. I said, “Hey, I have this song. It’s Utada Hikaru, ‘Colors.'” Do you know how rare it is for something like that to happen? One, I don’t have many Japanese songs on my computer (or many that I listen to often). Two, what are the chances that I’d have a song that is popular enough to be played in a Japanese store in America? So that was fun.

We ended up buying … well, sad to say I was very self-centered and didn’t notice what Mum bought. I just know she bought dashi because she said she needed it. Oh, she bought kamaboko too. I remember that because it was the normal kind with the clear packaging so you can see that it’s the normal kind, and she said it was probably just New Year’s causing it to be sold out.

Anyway. I bought (with Mum’s money) gyouza and this product that they had free samples of. It’s some ramen, not really the instant noodle type, although it’s similar, but a fancier version. We bought the miso ramen one. It was in the freezer section. The instructions say cook the (frozen) noodles in boiling water for 2 minutes, then in the bowl place the broth and mix with 1–1½ cups boiled water, then when the noodles are done drain them and put them in the bowl. Similar to instant noodles, no? It has 123% the daily recommended value of sodium. ACK! It’s pretty good though. I think I’ll water down the broth more next time though.

I seriously feel like going to a Japanese restaurant. But I don’t have the stomach for what I want. *ticks off on fingers* Unagi donburi, sushi (specifically the eel sushi from Ozeki’s with the eel sauce *grin*), ramen, teriyaki chicken (specifically from that one place at the outlet mall)…hee. Too bad I’m living on a student’s budget. *snerk*

After the groceries I slipped over to the bookstore to look for Kera, but they sold out again. :( I guess it’s really really really popular now. (Darn!) Mum offered to buy it for me whenever it comes in, but I told her she didn’t have to bother herself with it.

Next I looked for any Anna Tsuchiya music, but they didn’t have any. boo. I looked on Amazon; they have her album for $35 as an import. Better than Tommy heavenly6, I had to buy from the marketplace for her album, but not so good because it’s $35! (I think the Tommy heavenly6 album was $25 or something? Not expensive. Maybe it was $15, I don’t remember.)

That was my Japanese excursion, which refreshes me after being in SLO for so long. hahaha.

Now I guess I should go to sleep. bah.

posting…New Year’s weekend

I’ve been a lazy blogger. Bad me. Umm, lessee…

December 27th, Wednesday, took my car in for 30,000 mile maintenance. The service area’s computers were out, and we (Daddy and I) waited an hour then found out the computers were back on but they didn’t tell us. -.- Um, I think Mum C and I went to Westside Pavilion so C could return a shirt he got for Christmas that he already had, and to look for calendars. Weren’t any there, so then Daddy C and I went to Fox Hills to look for calendars. I got my guinea pig calendar, wahoo! :D

My car didn’t get worked on until 2 in the afternoon, and so my car wasn’t ready until the next day. Argh. I woke up at nine to see if the car was ready but they didn’t call so I called them, then got put on hold for about 5 minutes before I was disconnected. (It’s a very busy place with not so good channels of communication open with the customers.) So then Daddy C and I went in the van to pick up Noelle W88 and SM00 for the weekend.

We stopped by Grandma and Grandpa’s on the way to pick up bills, and Daddy left the key in the car so C could listen to the radio (what we did at the bank), but this time C decided to go in too, and locked the door so the keys were locked in the car. :o Grandpa had to drive Daddy to Mum’s work to get the other key. So we left our house at 10 only to actually get on our way to Ventura County at 11. Blah.

On the way back from picking them up we went to Amoeba. Heh, a minivan on Sunset … pretty scary stuff. But I guess Daddy enjoyed driving. XD; We got home about 3ish, I don’t remember. Oh yeah, we drove home from Amoeba on La Cienega (I think?). It was interesting to see parts of L.A. I don’t normally see. ehehe.

So that was Thursday. Friday we (everyone, Mum Daddy C Noelle W88 SM00 me) went to Mitsuwa in Torrance. Well first we went to Daddy’s work to pick up a bonus something or other but his boss wasn’t there. Then we went to some Japanese weapons place but it was closed. After that we went to Mitsuwa. Mmm, good udon. *grin* Everyone else (except Daddy, he didn’t get anything) had ramen.

Went to the bookstore. I bought the Paradise Kiss manga series in some special large(r) format. I don’t know what it is, I can’t read the Japanese on it, but I do know it’s an inch or so larger on the sides. Then we went to Fry’s, but Mum Daddy and I stayed in the car. They had the Wii but you had to buy 5 games with it. o.O Odd.

Hm, I don’t remember if it was Thursday or Friday night, but we went to Barnes & Noble so W88 could return a Japanese book that he didn’t think was any good. Oh yeah, it turns out my car was ready at 10 on Thursday. They must have called right after we stepped out the door. ;.; We went to pick it up at 3 but their computers were down again so we couldn’t pay with credit card. ARGH. So we left then came back at 5 to pick up my car.

C rented Talladega Nights from Blockbuster, we watched that Thursday/Friday night, I don’t remember. We thought it was really funny. ^_^;; Daddy and I (and N, some) watched practically all the extras. I really liked it. But this movie had less, er, guest roles? (drivers from NASCAR) than Cars did. :/ I thought that was kinda boring. But I guess they didn’t really fit into the story.

Friday morning I had a dentist appointment. I drove there all by myself! It’s the first time in 4 or so years that I could actually remember the way there. >.> (I think it’s because Mum always takes into account the traffic, so we always went different ways to get there.)

Saturday Noelle W88 SM00 and I went to Westside Pavilion. I thought there was a Hollister there that SM00 could go to, but it turns out it’s opening next spring. D’oh. Oh well. SM00 and I went to BCBG and Victoria’s Secret and I also checked out this store called “Image” that looked kinda interesting but it’s outta my price range and actually it’s not as nice as the display window.

Erm, I don’t remember, one day we watched Shimotsuma Monogatari (English title: Kamikaze Girls) and Dark Water. Was it Saturday? And we watched Talladega Nights on Friday? It was weird, ’cause after watching Dark Water, that night SM00 went into the hallway and she came out saying water was dripping from the smoke alarm. O.o! The girl was coming to haunt us! But it turned out that the toilet upstairs flooded, and leaked downstairs. ehehe That night the boys and I played Texas Hold’em. Then SM00 joined us to play the boardgame Payday. (1994 edition. Apparently, the old version didn’t have the lottery. o.o But that part is so fun! XD)

Sunday we went to their house to make mochi. (Gee, I can’t say “pound mochi” can I?) We had In N Out for dinner. (Why do I mention that? I have no idea. Maybe it’s just my recent aversion to eating burgers, after having eaten a handful of Big Macs last quarter. meep)

Monday, New Year’s, that was fun. I actually got to see the whole Rose Parade for once. o.o I think last year I was too nervous about school to sit down and watch television. And all the years before, we always went to a relative’s house to celebrate and not much tv watching got done. I guess I missed out on the Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks era. :( I remember her, but I never really watched so I don’t know how she did the parade. We had shrimp and oysters for dinner. Well, oysters only for Mum and Daddy (and Jichan?) and N tried one. (I mention that because we didn’t have the traditional udon dinner. haha)

Tuesday Mum didn’t go in to work ’cause she wanted a vacation and the doctors weren’t in anyway and she didn’t have to do payroll. Daddy, C and I went to Borders. Daddy used his gift card that we gave him for Christmas, and I returned the Nana manga that had the security device with the dried up glue that was pulling out the paper (I wonder what they did with it, hopefully not restock it) and got a $20 journal for only $1.73 with the return and my holiday savings. woohoo! Then I went with Daddy to Barnes and Noble. Why? I dunno. Just felt like going out, maybe I felt like looking at their journals and date books.

Wednesday Mum and I went to Target, Petsmart, the bank, Angel Maid Bakery (it was closed from the 1st to the 8th o.o), Home Depot, Cora’s, then the mall. At the mall we went to Forever 21, Expression, another store that I don’t remember the name of, the gift store in the corner (they had practically everything 50% off, and there was less stock on the shelves o.o I hope it’s not closing), Hallmark, and Sally’s Fabrics.

Thursday I watched a lot of Monk season 3. C and I had to take down all the Christmas decorations. I also helped to take down the tree. It didn’t hurt my hands as much this year. heh, I must be getting smarter. *laugh*

Friday, I don’t remember. o.O Saturday all the relatives got together at Noelle’s house for New Year’s. We left our house at 9 like we planned (shocking; maybe everyone was hungry, haha) and got to Noelle’s house around 10. Had good ozoni. XD C bought Wario Ware, so we played that. I made wonton with Daddy helping. Then the boys played NASCAR I don’t remember which one, for the Gamecube. Then we had dinner. Yummm. Tempura shrimp, sushi (anago, mackerel, traditional kind, football stuff, and California), cabbage salad (I just realized I forgot to get some of that o.o), teriyaki meat, barbequed ribs, wonton, deviled eggs, almond chicken, I don’t remember what else. I’ve got some leftovers sitting in the fridge for dinner sometime this week. XD

Sunday morning I woke up at 8 (I have no idea why) and packed up most of my stuff before 9. After breakfast pretty much all I did was watch tv. ._. Had Cattre sleeping on me. Took a bath. Drove up to school. C drove up to the outlet mall from home. I was still falling asleep a half hour before we got to SLO, and I only drove 2 hours. Hrm. Unpacked stuff. Was too tired to get groceries, so we had some fish filets that’re in the freezer. Tonight we’re going to McDonald’s ($1 Big Macs on Mondays, although I think I’ll get a salad instead even though it’s five times the price and I don’t really like the salad that much [Jack in the Box is much better with the Asian salad], it’s practically the only veggies I eat up here).

I really don’t like my schedule this quarter. Nothing today until 2 (I hope I find parking >_>) then my last class ends at 7:30. Tuesdays it’s practically nonstop (or there isn’t enough time during breaks really to come back to the apartment and return to school without making me feel stressed that I’m cutting it close) from 8 to 5:30; Thursday is similar, from 9 to 5:30. Wednesday is from 8 to 11, 2 (hope I find parking again >_<) to 4, then 6 to 7:30. ARGH.

I dunno, I feel kinda like it’s back to doing nothing. I don’t know how to explain it. I’m just doing the same thing over and over and over again and it’s really boring and kind of aggravating and I guess I just don’t see where I’m going by doing this. I have to buy groceries, I have to go to class, I have to do the art projects, I have to get dinners for C and me, I have to take showers in that disgusting shower, I have to use the toilet every day, I have to wake up every morning, I have to eat breakfast, I have to not feel like gagging while I eat breakfast, I have to pay bills, I have to do lots of stuff, I dunno, I just don’t like it.

I know I found working last summer kinda boring and repetitive and humdrum and really tiring, and the traffic was bad, but at least I didn’t have to make my own dinners? I had a set routine. I have a routine here, but it’s not the same. Classes are at different times every day, and I don’t really like grocery shopping or making dinner or having to remember to pay things in order to not get kicked out or lose services on top of remembering my class schedule and when things are due and when the next tests are and how much food we have left and when to register for classes next quarter. I dunno. I’m complaining. I’ll be quiet now.

(All this typed up in an hour and 10 minutes. Just two more hours until I go to campus and attempt to find parking. -_- I don’t think I’d mind walking to campus for this class, but it’s art, so I have lots of supplies to take with me, which I don’t want to carry. I wish C had his license so he could at least drop me off before and pick me up after this class. But nooo, he doesn’t. Gargh. I’m hungry. What do we have to eat?)

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Mitsuwa, Ringu 2; tv, Ewan McGregor, RRK

Mommy and I got treats at Mitsuwa. We got nori and boro and rice candy. w00t! Except … they cheated me. ¬_¬ It saaaays “free children’s STICKER inside” and they give me a temp tattoo. Boo.

Mommy and I saw “Ringu 2” at Mitsuwa. Actually, I think that store is called Book Market or something. (It says “Recycle!” on their bag, haha.) Anyway. We were looking at the back and then Mommy put it back and as she was putting it back I noticed this tiny picture in the corner and I picked it up again and showed it to Momma and said, “That’s creepy.” It was just a picture of hair hanging off something with a white sheet covering the head and body. ^.^;; But it still gave me chills. >.> Yeah. I wanna see the Japanese version. Muuust haaave! Also the Animatrix. Hehehe. We watched the second one in multimedia. It was cool.

After dinner today I flipped through my favorites and Ewan McGregor was on the International Film Channel. I think he did an independent film recently? I’m not sure. It looked interesting, the little clip I saw … He said he doesn’t limit himself to just Hollywood films, he bases it on whether he can get excited about the script, and I thought … ‘He liked the Phantom Menace script?’ Well, maybe it looked good while it was on paper or something …

Oh yeah. I saw the last ten minutes or so of Rurouni Kenshin today. I saw what’s-his-name, the guy Jedi Mako is talking about, the “12-year-old assassin.” :b Yeah, no kidding. x.x I don’t like his voice. I also don’t like Misao’s voice. Wai wai! I saw Misao today! Coool! :D (‘Cause Kaoru was such a disappointment :b) And people kept calling Kenshin a bum. Haha. Oh yeah. What’s-his-name. The guy who’s being called “Leader.” (I say, “Take me to your Lee-dur! :B” whenever I hear it. ^^;;) He had those two blades out of one sheath. Hehehe. nifty. Yeah.