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*pokes Poke*

Wow. *twitchtwitch* Mozilla and IE can take the same exact coding (absolute positioning) and have a difference of ONE PIXEL. *twitch* I can’t tell which one is off, either, because it involves text and I can’t really tell where the top of the line of text is. Grr.

Hidek said to me today, “If you were sorry, you wouldn’t have done it.” Messed up logic. I dunno. That just confused me for a while. ^^;;

Mum and I went to the mall today and we went in this store that sells junky stuff and we saw these, er, things. Like, stuffed animals/figurines/statues/whatever. Well. They were cat/dog/chicken things, and we think they had real fur/feathers covering them. That was really weird. Ooh! That store also had these neat cards. They all had stick figures and speech bubbles, very simple in black and white. This one said, “Congratulations on your marriage, and I hope you have many …” on the front and “anniversaries” inside. Another one said something like, “Sometimes during the day I like to sit and think …” then on the inside “about you.” So cute. ^^

Well anyway. East Wind closed at the mall (albeit a long time ago, but I’m trying to make a point here), but we found this other food place that was there since as long as I can remember that changed its menu (and maybe its management), so now it serves shrimp and sushi! XD No noodle place yet, though. ¬_¬ Westside Pavilion and Thousand Oaks mall and the outlet mall all get noodles, but this mall doesn’t. Boo.

Yeah, I think that’s it. Oh yeah. I spent $220 on books. Er. Schoolbooks. And I bought a new copy of Hot Gimmick vol. 2. Now I have only a bunch of singles in cash. And I need to save up $300 before next semester to put back in my checking account. Ah, back to school and having no money.

(Last night I read a few of the first pages of both Mary, Called Magdalene, and Raise the Red Lantern, and they’re both soso good, and yet I’m still raging against the fact that no money means no books!! Wah!)

little things

Some little things:

  • I don’t know why I can comment on SM00’s blog some times, and other times I can’t.
  • I can’t figure out how to make GM build my old archived entries. So only entries 230-now work, and only the month of February works. >.<
  • Entry 227 is marked as “closed” even though the entry saved on my hard drive is marked as “open” and no matter how many times I upload the one on my hard drive to my website it still says it’s “closed” in GM.
  • All the other entries that aren’t viewable are all marked as “extended entries.” Even though when I go to edit the darn things, there is absolutely nothing in the “more” section.
  • Oh yeah. New archives layout. It’s Chevelle. :) I’m liking their song Comfortable Liar. Not the lyrics, just the music. ^_^ Same with Jimmy Eat World’s “Get It Faster.” I don’t favor the lyrics, but I looove the music. Get It Faster is playing on KROQ now. XD So much fun.
  • I know absolutely nothing about Sakurazawa Erika, and yet I was accepted by the TFL to run the fanlisting. >_> ^^; Hey, I wanna join the fanlisting, but one doesn’t exist. So … I’ll make one! Even though I didn’t know her name was Sakurazawa Erika … <.< *coughcough*
  • I figured out why the borders wouldn’t show up in Mozilla/Netscape. It was ’cause I had “1” instead of “1px.” ^^;; Stupid accomodating MSIE.

Umm … that is all. I think.