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we were swinging oh so nice

Hm, haven’t updated for a bit. ^^;; But, I got my Amazon stuff on Tuesday. XD Read the first page of the intro of Flower Drum Song and Chobits 7, but that’s it. ^^;;

Right now I’m in the middle of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (which I started reading on July 5th), so I’m trying to finish that before anything else … and I also got interested in Count of Monte Cristo, so I’m reading that too. ^.^; I’m on page 60 after a day or two of hesitant reading, and reading TMIAHM. >D It’s like the newest movie, only … better! ^__^

Earlier today, since Hidek was at his friend’s house, I hopped on our compi to scan this piccie of Miwako [“little bit blue Miwako”] (yaaay Miwako!! :D) and the back of my Emmerdale album, since I got approval to build the fanlisting a while ago. -.-;; So far today I made the layout (finally, a good frames layout o.O), and started working on the nav/style sheet, but then I stopped feeling like working on it, so I got on aim. ^^’ I was “a-little-bit-blue.”

Yesterday, when I went in Hidek’s room (I forget why I went in there …) he and his friends were talking about their “weaknesses” and whatever weird stuff. Hah. And I shall call them Friend 1 and Friend 2, just because I can. :b Friend 1 is the one who lives next door. Friend 1’s weakness is non-organic objects. Hidek’s weakness is multi-colored objects. I forget what Friend 2’s weakness is. Then Friend 1 told me my weakness is paper. o.O Then he threw the hamper lid at me and it scraped my thumb. -.- He said, “I thought you’d move.” So I grabbed it and started whacking him with it, and Hidek said, “Oh, a non-organic weapon.” XD

I haven’t played The Sims for a while. I was gonna play today, but then decided I really didn’t want to play all that much. Hah! So very good of me. Yeah. Instead I cleaned out My Documents (got it from 882 megs to 880 ^^;;;) and my Favorites (got rid of 75 or so so far)

Anyway … tonight, after dinner, I read Chobits 7 and it made me more sad. :( Kinda felt like crying. ^^; But it’s so coool. :D I both want vol 8 really really badly and want it not to come out, because it’ll mean the end. And oh! There was an Angelic Layer reference. So cool. :)

Oh yeah. My You’re the Storm single. Hehehe … very good. ^_^ Although I like the song For What It’s Worth more. (“For what it’s worth, I love you. And what is worse, I really do.”) You’re the Storm is still cool. (“I like the sweet life and the silence. But it’s the storm that I believe in.”) And they kept in the war-sensitive stuff. :b Although I don’t know what the radio version’s like. ¬_¬ Stupid America keeping The Cardigans away. And the song that I really really wanted ever since I heard the “mini version,” Hold Me … ^-^ yay! I got it! But it’s a bit faster than I expected. :( Makes me sad. It’s not a slow depressing song. It’s more peppy. :b

[“Hold Me” lyrics removed]

I also found out about this other band … Death Cab for Cutie. It’s a pop band. ^^’ But indie pop. Good indie pop. :) Downloaded their song “For What Reason.” Good. Am debating whether I should buy their albums or not.

Which reminds me. Daughter Darling released their album finally. To very good reviews. Except for this one trip-hop website, which says they’re “not trip-hop.” o_O But anyway, what I wanted to say is … I don’t think I’d find their album in a store, and we just bought from Amazon. ARGH! I need CD! I need to know them before they’re big! I need to not look like a bandwagon fan!! :b

Actually, one of the guys (I forget who) said their stuff isn’t radio friendly, which is what they wanted, but they’re still gonna try to put at least one song on the radio. *shrugs* Oh well. Keep my head up for our next Amazon splurge. :D

I have no money anyway … >.>


Blegh, I already have loads of books to read … even though I complain that I have nothing to read. I’m reading The China Garden by Liz Berry right now. I also kinda started Count of Monte Cristo (wanna read it before I watch the movie again). And then there’s War and Peace which Mommy got for me a year and a half ago during Christmas. I think I’m on page 80 thereabouts. ^_^;;

I also yoinked Daddy’s copy of The Other some time last year because Mommy and Daddy were watching the movie (made by Disney o_o) and they were saying how good it was. I’m up to the part where the kid is talking about a big stain spot on his ceiling. Like a page after that. About 5-10 pages in. Ahaha. And I forget when Mommy gave it to me, but I also have The Haunting of Hill House.

And there’s these two books I’m thinking of giving away, but I want to reread them before I actually do, just to make sure I don’t want them. Plus I have Moll Flanders and The Diary of Anne Frank on my to read list. I’m also thinking about rereading A Tale of Two Cities. Just because I got about 1/5th out of it the first time around. ^_^;;;

Aaaand, for the finishing touch, I bought Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere today. Eeeee!!! :D:D I saw American Gods there, and I would have bought it, but the corner of the back cover was bent. :( And it wasn’t a nice crease, either. It looked like it had been folded one way (while being put back on the shelf, maybe), and someone folded it back, but in a slightly different area, so there’s this … thing in it. Yughy. I also saw The Sandman! :D But it was book two. So I no buy. I looked through it though. Looks so goood. *wants*

Oh yeah. The guy at the cash register said to me, “They say this is good,” when he scanned Neverwhere. XD Mommy asked me how I find out about these books. I said, “I dunno” ’cause I didn’t want to think. ^^;;; Well, I heard about this book … okay, I was at thefanlistings.org, and I saw that someone made a fanlisting for Coraline. I thought that sounded interesting, so I went to look, and it looked cool, so I went to the official site (and it is amaaaazing *.* go see!) and really got interested then went to Amazon.com to read more and found out it’s for kids. Hah.

I would read it, regardless, but I’m trying to improve my reading skills. >.> Or something. Oh yeah. Mommy said kids in Japan aren’t reading novels anymore. They’re reading nothing but manga now. I can’t believe that. I mean … sure, manga is uber cool, but still, it’s like … I don’t know. Not as good as books. Nowhere near good as books. Even Paradise Kiss, which I looove (and Waldenbooks didn’t have volume 4, grrr), it just doesn’t compare to, say, Sabriel (another book I’m thinking of reading again XP). I dunno. Anyway. Back to the story at hand.

People on Amazon were talking about how good Neil Gaiman’s other books were in reviews for Coraline so I went to look at his other books. Actually, I just clicked on his name and scrolled through all the titles he’s done and I noticed one called Death: The Time of Your Life, and it had a neat looking cover :b so I looked at it, and they said it was a substory of his Sandman series, so I went to look at that, and that looked cool, and then I went to look at the books he’s written (’cause I was really curious by then) and, yeah, that’s how I found out about it. ^__^ I also realized that he cowrote Good Omens, which I’d read about a while ago because someone was crowing over it in their blog. So … yeah. Hehehe.

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*dies satisfied*

New layout. Purple. Yukari (from Paradise Kiss :b). Lots and lots of … mixed up coding. Mm. It took me the whole day to get this layout up. ^^; Actually, I worked on it yesterday, too. Yesterday I made most of the layout. Finished editing the image today, making little changes and stuff. I spent maybe 2–2.5 hours yesterday on it. Today I did the coding. That took me the whole day. And this is without slicing the image. Can you imagine how much later I’d be up if I’d sliced it? ^^;;; I don’t want to think about it.

Maybe 5–6 hours coding? ^^;; Yeah … Hopefully I won’t get too annoyed by this layout very soon. >.> ‘Cause even right now I see things that irk me. ._.; Auuugh … Can’t be good enough, can I? :b Hmm … oh well.

I noticed myself not minding rock music as much as I used to. It’s good, because I don’t get annoyed. But it’s bad, because … even though I’m starting to like harsher stuff, I still know it’s not that good, music-wise.

Auugh … lately I’ve been wishing I could be perfectly happy with Savage Garden and The Corrs and Lisa Loeb. Lisa Loeb used to be one of my faves. And for so long, too. ;-; Now I notice she’s a bit too soft for me. But I still like her first two albums. It’s like, first album, most liked, last album, least liked, second album, in between.

Well anyway. The point of all that is … I like my Chevelle album now. ^.^; When I first got it I thought, ‘yuck, this is no good.’ But then I thought, ‘I’ll get used to it.’ Just like I’ve gotten used to a lot of other music I bought but didn’t like much at first. And … now I have gotten used to it. The songs I like the most are Send The Pain Below, Closure, The Red, and One Lonely Visitor. ^_^

Oh. Here’s another thing I wanted to say. I’m looking into pMachine. ^^;; I don’t know what the requirements are for running it, I can’t seem to find anything about that on the site. I think it uses something I don’t have on fs.net. But I’m still tired of GM, and don’t have much of anything else to do … *hides huge to-do list behind her back* … so I’m looking into it. ^_^’ (Looking into it as in … downloading and looking at the files and attempting to upload it on fs.net.)

Ah! The title of this layout … I forget who sings the song. I forget what the song’s called. But I keep seeing the music video (not as often as Bring Me to Life, though, grrr) and I think it’s weird (in a good way) and I’m starting to enjoy the song (actually, I enjoy the song pretty well by now :b), and I can’t think of any other lyrics that would fit the layout, so there ya go.

I don’t want the world

I was looking at b2 (don’t have a link; too lazy to get it) because, yeah, I’m kinda getting tired of rebuilding stuff … but I don’t know php. So I have to learn php. I don’t know where to look for that. ^^;; Eh, yeah. I have other things to do, though … like stuff with IAT.

I haven’t touched that for a long time. I uploaded the fanlistings. But that was it. I have to update STF and BB and BG and … well I guess I have to update other sites, too, but I don’t particularly care to do so. ^^;;; Also Elsewhere. I stopped drawing. But I have very old drawings I have to scan and put on the site. And I also have very old drawings I’ve already scanned in but I have yet to put them on the site.

Last night I got an idea for a manga-like illustration … >.> Does that mean I’ve been reading too much manga? *thinks* Nahh …. :b Well, I read MT, SM, ParaKiss 2 & 3, Kare Kano, and Ceres, all in a week. I stayed up past 3 last night (this morning) finishing ParaKiss 3. ^^ Ohoho … (You’ll never understand if you haven’t read it. Or … glanced through it, at least.)

I think I’ve kinda forgotten the image I had in mind. The last drawing I did … I guess it was around two months ago. I tried to draw this image I had in my mind and it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. It didn’t even turn out looking correct. It’s like … some disproportionate (if that is a real word) cartoon. *cough* I didn’t like it. It was mean. I got mad. I stopped drawing.

I really should stop trying to draw stuff I can’t handle. ^^;;; But then there are only so many variations of a face I can come up with … and all my full-body images look too simple. I don’t know how to make them look illustrated. I know, color them in. But bah, I’m no good at coloring. Mainly because I haven’t practiced. ^.^;

Anyway. Last night Mommy got me to watch The Dead Zone on the Mystery channel. Yeah … Christopher Walken is kinda creepy. ^_^; But it was good. At the end I said, “That was like the season finale I watched before.” Yeah. I wonder why they (the writers) did it that way.

Um. I slept until noon today. Not really. (Actually, it was more like 2. >.>;;;) But I just read another rant about blogs. “A meandering, blatantly uninteresting online diary that gives the author the illusion that people are interested in their stupid, pathetic life. Consists of such riveting entries as ‘homework sucks’ and ‘I slept until noon today.'”

*shrugs* I’m not complaining. This isn’t a counter-rant or anything. I don’t know why I have a blog. ^^;; But oh well. I’m thinking. I guess … I dunno. There are like some people who have a blog because they have friends who like to know what’s going on. Like Dave or … I don’t know her name. I read her blog anyway. O_o Weirdo. Anyway. Yeah. I dunno. I’m done.

Oh. And homework sucks. XP

books books books!


Start your SUMMER OF SAVINGS at Waldenbooks® and Brentano’s®! May 30 through June 15, BUY ANY 4 BOOKS AND GET THE 5TH BOOK FREE! This amazing offer includes EVERY BOOK IN THE STORE — Fiction, Non-Fiction, Kids, Bargain Books, and more!

Ahhhh!! *is in trouble* ‘Cause I know I want ParaKiss 2–4 (yaaay! Waldenbooks has 2 in finally! might not have 4 though … ¬_¬) so that’s three books. But they probably wouldn’t have Flower Drum Song. The one at Westside Pavilion didn’t. And … I just never really went in a book store looking for a specific book unless it was part of a series. ^^;; And I’m not reading any series right now. So … if I go in … ahh!! I spent all my money?!?!

Yeah. :x Or maybe I could buy Kare Kano. Or … that other manga I was looking at. *can’t remember* Or I could buy more X/1999. The publisher is selling a newer edition of that. I don’t really understand why. It’s all more uniform, though, I gotta admit.

Oh. On Tuesday I bought Sailor Moon volume 11 aaaand … Megatokyo volume 1! XD Ish sho cooool. :D I’ve already read that part online (haven’t read the rest though ^^;;), but the printed version has a commentary by Fred. Yaaay. :) Is very cool. ^_^