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Happy cows?

Awwies, PETA’s a bunch of meanies. Blegh.

How green is their valley? Do they even have a valley? A lawsuit filed on Wednesday by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals challenges whether the California dairy industry’s award-winning ad campaign featuring “Happy Cows” frolicking in verdant pastures is false advertising. The suit, filed in San Francisco, asks a Superior Court judge to order the California Milk Advisory Board to permanently suspend its two-year-old television and print advertising campaign.

I mean, they have a point. But I never thought that all the cows wandered in green valleys. ^_^;; I mean, how many green valleys are there in California? All I can think of is the San Fernando Valley and that’s not green at all. And the one by Noelle’s house, if that is a valley … I’m not sure … it looks like a desert.

But those commercials are so cuuute! XD “Foot massage! Ahhhhh! *earthquake goes by* … Darn, those never last long enough.” Heehee. ^_^

PETA “eat the whales”

I was looking for something through a search engine and I got a lot of sites, none with the exact phrase I was looking for. One of them was Eat the Whales. I’ve never heard of PETA before (or at least I don’t remember hearing of them) so I guess it’s not too shocking, but still, to think that anyone would do that! Seriously, their only pro is that “we could spare more than 24 billion animals a miserable life and hideous death every single year!” Well no duh. one whale = 1200 pigs. O.o If we all started eating cows instead of pigs and chickens and fish even, there’d be less deaths. But that’s obvious! There’s more meat per cow than a fish or pig! These people must know how hard it is to keep the whales off the endangered list!

*mutters* bakas. Why don’t they try and stop those weird things at county fairs or whatever, catching greased pigs and hogtying. Isn’t that slightly torturous? Ooh, I forgot one thing! They’re not Christian, so of course they don’t understand that God gave us the animals for our own (heavily moderated) use. They think we should leave animals alone …