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So some things are kinda irritating me.

Lori said “crap” in a comment she posted on my journal. I don’t mean to be a hypocrite or anything. I don’t really care if other people cuss (at least I try not to ^^;). And I kinda think not-so-nice words every so often … but I don’t like certain people to cuss. Namely my relatives. ^^;;; One time N said “bitch” (not to anyone, he just said it) and I was so shocked, but C didn’t seem to make much notice of it, so I tried to play it cool. ^.^; *is a dork* But uh anyway I never ever ever use cuss words out loud, unless I’m just saying the word. And I’m gonna stop typing it out online where Lori can see it. Even if I am that pissed off.

I know I’m not supposed to say “bad words” because it might offend other people. I definitely don’t want to offend other people. Nor do I want to be offended when other people say them. ^^;; But I don’t know. Sometimes words just fit. Sometimes the world is just so negative … I wonder what it’s like, telepathy. Something that transcends words …

But I’m also trying to not talk about my beliefs because I know it makes everyone uncomfortable. <_< Like when Lori brings up NDEs and reincarnation at the dinner table and I know where she’s been getting it all from (Mum and me). ^^;; And then Auntie and Uncle say things that I want to correct, but I don’t, because it’s their beliefs and they’re not hurting anyone so why should I disrupt them? *shrugs*

I am also not liking Your-site.com. x_x;; I mean, it’s reeeeally nice, I like the people who own/run it, but it’s a bit more simplified than I was looking for. (I completely forgot to check that I could create more ftp accounts!!! ARRRRGH! >_<) I want a Cyberpixels account (or even iPowerWeb, even though I don’t have that much money ^^;;;;), but I can’t, because Noelle and Lori use Greymatter and Cyberpixels doesn’t allow that script ’cause of security problems. x.x Guh. I don’t get any subdomains with y-s.com, I can’t make more ftp accounts, I don’t have any MySQL databases, and only one domain per plan. *sigh* And with Cyberpixels I could have had a free third domain name. >b Yeah, I’m starting to want crimsoncut.com again.

Ummm … I also want a blog on there. Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m putting on an act with my blog/public LJ entries. I’m not— it’s me, but it feels like an act, because I know Lori and Noelle will be reading it, so I kinda up the happy chipperness a bit. ^^;; And that blog would not be associated with my current sites at all. I’d even use another nickname on there. I’d call myself Marcy. :b So that way there’re no ties to my real life. >b Yeay, happy dreams.

Sad thoughts: Amy Lee was mentioned on the egl community because the dress she wore was designed by h.Naoto. WAO! XD So cool! I didn’t know that, but I really liked her dress. I thought she designed it, like her other dresses, but she didn’t, and this is so cool because it’s h.Naoto!!!

I’ve decided that I like Atelier Boz and h.Naoto both. And when I get a fulltime job and am settled in a home, I shall blow big bucks on $200+ clothing items and pay someone in Japan to buy for me ’cause they don’t ship to the US.

But anyway. So on the egl community everyone (but one person) was saying they didn’t like Amy Lee. And one person even said Amy doesn’t wear her clothes very well. o_O I mean, okay, it’s their opinion, nothing to get riled up over. But it still makes me sad. Because I think she’s a great person. Human, yeah (thinking of the Cold incident), but she’s still a good role model for girls. (IE, she’s telling them to not wear skimpy clothing, unlike Christina Aguilera. Is it just me, or did the dress she wear at the Grammys look like she was spreading her legs on her chest? o_O [Yes I’m weird I know that. >.>;;])

And then they were all worrying that her wearing h.Naoto would make EGL or punk loli a fad in America, and that they’d all be called “Amy Lee wannabes” when they were all wearing it first. But she designs her own clothes (even though they go under the goth or punk label most of the time), and she’s not following someone else’s trends.

Okay now I’m just rambling and not making sense to myself.

Ooh, I made a mini movie icon for Livejournal. :D It’s not very good and it’s a bit short and choppy and headache-inducing. But lj has insane limits. Har har. I want to make a mini movie of the scene where she’s looking at the kites (the part that’s right there) and then the part where she’s on the ground next to the tower ’cause she jumped off it. *blink* Am I being morbid? I dunno. They didn’t have that scene in the music video. So now I’m stuck with the old DVD player that freezes after ten seconds of this region 0 disc or the new DVD player which doesn’t take screenshots. >.<

So I was looking at the Lily Chou-Chou fansite ’cause I couldn’t remember why I didn’t download the movie clips (they’re in .mov format, and I don’t like Quicktime on my laptop), and now I feel like watching the movie again. ^^;;; Freaky schoolgirls who tell guy classmates to “scare” another girl classmate because they’re jealous of her piano skillz, then when the guys rape her, they say “Idiots! Oh well.”

And moving from that disturbing scene, I also want to see Dumbo again. ^^;; What? Last year I read that it’s supposed to be a “perfect imitation of a Disney film” because Walt had nothing to do with it and yet they were able to rehash everything he’s ever done in a movie. :b And someone else said the pink elephants scene was utterly pointless dribble, but I never thought so. It scared me as a kid, but I also thought it was really entertaining. ^^ I also have to see the Emperor’s New Groove. Is that what it’s called? I was reading this Disney book in the college library on Disney storyboards, and they were talking about this movie called “Kingdom of the Sun” about an emperor who was turned into a llama. Yeah. I also want that book. Preeeetty paintings! ;.; Mum has this book on Pinocchio and the art in it. There’s an amazing painting of that bar of soap. :P

And now I’m bored with typing so baibai. (5:53, wow)

Lily Chou Chou wa SUGOI desu yo! XD


O_O!!! I just saw Kill Bill. And GUESS WHAT?!!!!! I HEARD A LILY CHOU-CHOU SONG!!!!!! Omigosh XD XD XD XD!! That was sooooo coool! It made me like Kill Bill. :b (It’s a funny movie, and I liked Lucy Liu ^-^ but still not up to my tastes.)

At the lilyphilia board they said it’s the song Kaifuku Suru Kizu, or Wound That Heals. It’s in the scene where she’s lookin’ at the swords. Wooo! :D

Yeah, anyway. ^^;; I thought that was uber cool.

[edit] *cough* Sorry. I forgot this. ^^ IMDb put up a page for Lily Chou-Chou as a composer. Not bad for a fictional character, eh? XD XD [/edit]

I wait in the shadows

Last night, I found this program on the International Channel (I waaant! but it’s part of an extra package with Comcast T-T). It was showing music videos. I think they were all Korean but I couldn’t really tell. ^^;; Yeah. Asian rappers! O_O It was scaary …

OOH! And I saw the last half minute of a BoA video!! XD (I’d changed the channel and forgot to switch back. >.>) She looks a lot older. o_O She looked like a regular 16-year-old, not an Asian 16-year-old. :b

Then there was this boygroup video … the music so seriously sounded like an Nsync song. But since I don’t listen to their songs I don’t know which one exactly. ^_~ And I don’t know if it was the same video, or another boygroup-esque video, but one of the guys looked kinda like Hoshino. XD Hoshino! T-T Poor Hoshino … *sniffles*

Then there was another video which started out interestingly enough, like a modern artistic thing or something, but then it ended up being a normal boring video with backup dancers. -.- The beginning had the singer (Park Ji Yoon) at a sewing machine, and there was this black beetle (I forget the specific species) walking around … and I’m still not quite sure what happened to the beetle. :( But that certainly would be one way to get black lipstick. :B And there was this teddy bear banging on the window … which she ended up tearing apart. Huge teddy bear. O.O Like … it took more than two men to carry it kind of big … yeah.

So. Now I’ve got Park Ji Yoon piccies to use for a new layout. :D I’m getting tired of the … I don’t know. Something about this layout. Besides, I still want a normal blog layout with a designated sidebar. I don’t really know why.