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Okay, I fixed up my new layout last night. ^^;;; It’s got Park Ji Yoon on it and it’s black and red. XD My two adored colors. :b Most of all my wallpapers are made in those colors. ^^; In fact, I made a wallpaper from the layout. :) Still needs some tweaking, but I don’t want to stare at it too long lest I get tired of it. >.> In fact, I think I am getting tired of the layout. And I haven’t even put it up yet. Hahaha.

Uhh, it’s got the normal blog layout and everything. :} Thin text space along with small font size. ^^;;; Hopefully it won’t be too annoying. But I still lurv it. I’m debating whether I should put it up now or not. Well, I don’t suppose I’ll put it up today since we’re leaving fairly soon, and I don’t think I’ll go back on. What I’m debating is whether I should put it up tomorrow or any time next week when I have time. Maybe I should have said that in the first place, ne? o.O;;;

I still have to make a new layout for my lj, and I wanna make a new layout for my layout archive, too. I wanted to use a b&w picture of an actor from the golden era of Hollywood, but I didn’t really look that hard, so I didn’t find one I wanted to use. ^^;;;

I went looking for Chobits pictures though. Found piccies of Chii and Dark Chii and a piccie of Kotoko and Sumomo. XD

I also have that picture of Natalie Portman from the time Leon was filmed. o.O I don’t know what to do with it though, ’cause it’s all smallish and has parts of her cut off … I mean … her hair, on the side, and the top of her head … and half her torso … very smallish picture.

Then there’s the wallpaper page I wanna put up … maybe perhaps. (I’m still wary of the idea. x_x Don’t want people stealing my papers, or my bandwidth going up, or … yeah.) And I still have to make that anime smilies page. ^^;; I was thinking about it, and I realized I forget what ^_^; means. O.O One of the most basic smilies, one which I use a lot, and one which I forgot the meaning of … o.O *koffkoff* And then the EW split. And adding lyric credits to LxL and putting up more art at EW and … I forget what else I wanted to do. Oh yeah, there was a short story I had in my mind … I tried writing it out in a notebook, and I got sooo stuck in the middle of it. x.x That always happens to me. >.< I know the beginning and end, and general ideas for the middle, but when I get to the middle I get stuck.