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new spam and new layout

Wow, I got spam with the subject “Get A Free* XM Radio.” Asterisk!!

Is spam going in a new direction? “Yes it is free but there ARE catches, and we tell you right off the bat”…

I don’t like asterisks. Especially on fast food bags. There’s no asterisk-y note at the bottom or anywhere else on the bag!! It drives me insane, ’cause then I don’t know what this company is hiding from me. *shifty eyes* Or in car commercials where the little note at the bottom isn’t legible even on our big screen tv.

Yes I’m a freak and like reading those little notes. ^^;; I like seeing how things are really different than what they say. So it’s a lie … but you’re supposed to know it’s a lie, if you take the time to read it.

Also … oh yeah, WordPress doesn’t save triple line breaks. Pooh. Anyway. New layout coming up fairly soon. I started it as a header for a Livejournal layout, not necessarily for me. But … I ended up liking it so much that I’m putting it on my bloggie. ^^ And I am not a fangirl!!

lazy blalala … stupid speech

I want a new layout for this place. I kind of have an idea for a new one, but that would require a lot of work, i.e. me finding some code that’ll display a random image, and only to end up with a short-lived layout, since it’d be plain, I’d be taking down the layout maybe two weeks after it goes up, ahaha.

I also need to install WordPress and see if I can convert all my old blog entries to WP entries. Uhm.

I’m too lazy to do all that. I’m going to blame it all on speech class. Hate that class. -.- Not really the going up in front of everyone and talking part, that’s just a few minutes of stupidity and humiliation (and no one cares about me anyway, so haha). No, I hate writing the speech even more. Ahhhhahaha … yeah anyway. I also don’t like having to memorize what I wrote and remember it all in front of the class. Meh. Two things I never do in a class if I can help it: writing, and memorizing. In the same class! Gahhh!! *stabstab*

I will always complain about writing. You can bet on it. >b


And … although I disabled commenting on this entry, I still get commentspam. I wonder what’s riding on this program, or what code entrenched itself in … or whatever sh— stuff those rats came up with to get their money. euwwwww, I feel unclean.

program conundrum

At the moment Windows Media Player is annoying me. Why? I forget. *falls over* Um. I think it has to do with how much memory it uses up? A little while ago I had WMP 10, Photoshop 7, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and WS_FTP open, and my laptop was running a mite slowly. Pooh.

Or it could have something to do with how stupidly this version’s playlist editing is set up. (“Oh, to edit a playlist it needs to be in the Now Playing List. And if the playlist itself changes right along with the Now Playing List? No, those changes aren’t actually saved. You must do that yourself, despite the program showing the original playlist as changed!”) Blah.

Or, it could be that stupid “Let’s resize the columns every time the playlist is scrolled!” thing. Does Microsoft just love overloading programs with stupid features that slow down response time? Blah.

But I don’t want to use Winamp solely. That’s because it’s a bit too simplistic. I like having all my music listed in one place and all my playlists being one or two clicks away. Other than that … I have no complaints, really.

The other program conundrum I have is with my blogging software. Right now I’m using pMachine free. But the company doesn’t offer that on their website anymore. It’s just pMachine Pro, or their new software that they’re really trying to push, ExpressEngine. I don’t particularly like using software that is no longer … the focus? Or something. It’s just been pushed aside. That’s how it seems to me. I was waiting for a new release to fix the comment spam thing, but I think the release for the pro version won’t be coming out for a while … and I can assume the free version will come out um, never.

I was trying to ignore all that and just continue using pMachine. I don’t really mind too much, since I don’t use my blog too much anymore. ^_^;; But it still irks me. Yesterday, I downloaded WordPress. Or, actually, checking their site just now, I guess I did it before then … there’s a new version out now. Gee, outdated before I even start … heh.

Okay so the only two problems I have are that I like this pMachine, despite not knowing completely how to edit the templates … and I don’t know if I’ll like WordPress; and the other problem is what the heck do I do with the pM entries I have now? I already have extraneous GM archives hanging around and shiz. I guess I should try their import feature, I’m just afraid of how badly that’ll go. hah. Trying out WordPress would possibly solve both problems, actually. *snark*

(If, when I post this entry, there is “1 comment” already, I’m definitely trying WordPress.)

(2:26 Yup, I’m trying WordPress. *glare*)

vacation, all I ever wanted

I had to turn off the commenting for non-registered peoples ’cause that casino spam bot thing found this site and has been posting ads all over my entries … grrrs. Sorry.

Hm … technically the end of my first week of vacation … hehe. What have I done … lots of computer stuff of course, cleaned my room closet and desk (yay, more space!), went to the dentist (he was an extra in Memoirs of a Geisha!), bought a Blender magazine with Gwen Stefani on the cover … I guess that’s pretty much it.

I haven’t seen Closer yet. :( I thought we were going Thursday but then when I said, “So we’re going to Century City after my dentist’s appointment?” Mommy had no idea what I was talking about. She would have been willing to go except M88 said he had to go to Mitsuwa to buy sushi for a party he had in one class or another on Friday. So … meh. We’re gonna go Monday.

My new CD player for my car finally came in! XD We’re gonna go get it Monday. I just hope they can give me my CD back. *nervous*

I got $93.25 for my books. Well, for my math and chem books. I forgot to bring my logic book with me. x.x It was sitting in my notebook at home, ’cause I’d been taking notes from it. Meh. Oh well. I spent almost $112 on Christmas this year. $30 more than last year. And I even bought one less present. o.o You people are all expensive! Expensive, I say! haha (Well right off the bat I spent $15 more on Adam’s present this year than last year … but I also didn’t get him a birthday present either, so nyeh.)

I set up this fake account in Quicken so I could figure out what kind of stuff I buy … I’m not really done yet, I have to figure in my checking account … and I know I’m missing many receipts … but in the past 4 years and a half (because yes I am a freak and saved most all my receipts in that time), I’ve spent the most on … well that would be education (over $1000), but ignoring that one … the most I’ve spent on is … anime and anime merchandise!!! Is that such a big surprise? :b Over six hundred freaking dollars! But keep in mind that DVDs and artbooks cost mucho bucks. Also, I probably bought a lot of music online that I don’t have a recording for, so it wasn’t counted in … I spent about $300 each on CDs, manga, and books. I don’t remember the number for comics, but it’s probably lower than it should be as well, since I don’t have recordings for about half the Sandman comics I bought (five of them, each being about $20). I think I spent $100 on clothes, but that is veeery skewed since Mum and Daddy pay for my clothes. hehe. ^^

Anyway … that was probably boring to everyone else but me. Oh well. *grin*