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bury it

I don’t know what to say. I’m not really playing video games. The one I’m playing the most is The New Tetris, and I play that one about twice a week. I haven’t played OoT since … the last time I played, I dunno when that was, but I got about halfway through the forest temple. I’ve played Link to the Past twice since classes ended. I got through part of the second place … the place where I get the power glove. But then I kept getting hit and I lost the fairy I spent so much time looking for. >_> So I stopped playing.

I kinda sorta finished cleaning out my closet. I should really find another place to put my Barbies so I could put a box where they are, then I could move more stuff to the storage area above, and have more space for clothes.

I don’t have any other place for my Barbies though. I think Auntie G keeps her in the garage. ^^;; We don’t have any space in the garage. Mum just spent the longest time cleaning it out, and it’s still a tight fit. I guess it doesn’t help that one car in there is a van and the other is a car bigger than mine.

I think I want to sell my Dodgers Barbie. I don’t like the Dodgers that much. But I keep thinking, ‘Don’t make money! Give it away!’ Then I think, ‘But who would want to buy a collectible Dodgers Barbie from the Dorothy Brown School?’ Or wherever we donate stuff … I dunno. ^^;;

I want to get rid of some of my manga too. I don’t really feel like giving it away, ’cause I don’t know who really would want to read it, but then I feel bad making money off it when … I don’t know.

I owe Daddy $15 for the hosting I bought. Which really really seems to be down more often than Endore (when they were good), and Endore only guaranteed 99.5% uptime. But then again, I paid $100 for Endore. ^^;; Then $50. I also owe Mum $32. Plus a portion of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, for Daddy for Father’s Day. Then I need to save up $200 more dollars to deposit in my bank account. Then I can start spending again.

I really need a new CD player.

layouts, games, and book shopping

Ummm … *is in the middle of changing the layout* Lookie, mah birthday prezzie from Noelle. :D:D:D:D So cool! Pun not intended. ^^;;; Kawaii kitty, no?

Oh yeah, the Japanese reminds me. When we were coming home there was a commercial on the radio for some new store. This isn’t the whole name, just the part I remember. :b I heard them say “The Shishi Store.” I was sitting there thinking I must have heard it wrong, and then Daddy said, “Did they just say The Shishi Store?” ^_^;;;;;; So hah! I didn’t imagine it! XP And uhh … I don’t wanna explain. >.>; *moves along*

Today I followed N to his room and asked if I could play with the GCN. We played Tetris Worlds. :D Weird setup, though … it’s kind of like, how far can you stray from the simple game of stacking tetraminos while still stacking tetraminos? And for some reason, I kept landing blocks one space off from where I meant them to go. >.< Annoying. He kept goading me. ^^;;; I’m not very good at Tetris anymore … *sniffles* I was always two or so levels behind him. Pooh.

After we played two or three neverending games @_@ (N: When does this end? Me: Now. *quits*) we played The Sims. Bwahaha, I’m one level higher than he is in our house. >b He kept poking fun at me because of my bathroom though. >.> (N: Who has the cleaner bathroom? Me: At least I don’t have flies flying around my toilet! N: Those are your pet flies. They’re by your room. Me: Yeah well at least my bathroom doesn’t stink.)

Went to Barnes and Noble. *.* Their manga/comic section can look pretty nice when it’s cleaned up. Of course, it’s still only two shelves worth of space, but better than nothing. Everything was all out of order. I would have straightened it out (my fingers were just itching to put everything in order), but I was carrying food from Tony Roma’s, and plastic is loud when other people are reading. o.o

Got this one manga, forget what it’s called, read about it in my Waldenbooks e-mail thingimabobber. It’s “controversial.” :b Also got Kare Kano 3 (dunno why, not that into the series), Neil Gaiman’s Smoke and Mirrors (waiii!), Why Girls Are Weird (about this girl who posts made-up diary entries online, and what happens because of it o.O), aaaand … The Art of Charles Schultz. w00t! XD $25. o_o But it’s Charles Schuuultz! It has his older comics and stuff. Mommy says they’re not as funny. But they’re cute. Yup! ^-^

I spent, in total, $81.11. ._. Okay, new rule. No wandering around bookstores after I’ve got two or three or four books! x_x

Spent the rest of the night working on my First Band on the Moon fanlisting. Woo! :D I was working on the Other Side of the Moon fanlisting, but then I got tired of coding/writing, so I went to look at Noelle’s present. X) And it led me here. Muahaha.

I changed the coding a bit, though. Put the entries in a div tag, instead of in an inline frame. (Used frames for L.S layout, don’t wanna do that again any time soon. x_x)

Oh yeah. :D New layout at Literal Scars. Woo! Dunno how good it is though. I always tend to like my really not-so-normal stuff, and then it turns out that there’s something wrong with it. :( Oh well. Poem! (on the layout) “I need to have loved you. I need to have told you so.” Whyyy can’t I write like that?

Oh yeah. Went to this person’s writing site. I like her poems. ^^; All three she’s got up there. Especially the first one. ^^ Kind of makes me want to create my own writing site (one separate from my art). But I don’t have nearly enough of anything for it.

Anyway, anyway … now on to fixing up the tagboard for the layout. And after that I think I’ll leave the OSOTM fanlisting for when I wake up.

Animatrix, the New Tetris, and the Sims

Stayed up til 2:30 last night watching The Animatrix. Gehehe. I loved the animation. ^__^ But I didn’t get much of the stories. Partly because I had the volume turned down low, and partly because I haven’t seen the Matrix movies. ^^;;;

“The Final Flight of the Osiris” used computer animation, like the Final Fantasy movie. And “Kid’s Play” used animation that’s quite different. Looks sketchy, or like they left the pencil marks in, or … I dunno. I rather liked it. I don’t really remember the rest. ^^;;;

Today I spent almost an hour playing The New Tetris. ^___^ Except I really stink at Tetris lately. ¬_¬ First game I got like 400 lines, second I forget, 460? And third I was just trying to get our needed lines below 65,000, so I just got 270. x_x Augh.

Hidek played The Sims on the Gamecube with my neighbor. He was “Ozzy” and Hidek was “Dude.” My neighbor said, “Don’t put their rooms right next to each other, that’s gay!” o_o;;; When I went into his room again, Hidek said, “See how lazy he [neighbor] is? He’s got doors going directly from his bedroom to the bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room!” Hahaha. And my neighbor walked into the bathroom while Hidek was on the toilet >.> so Hidek walked in on him when he was in the bath, saying, “At least when you’re in the bathtub you won’t get out.” :b

Thefanlistings.org is down. :( I’m left out in the cold! Wahhh!!! *ahem* >.>;; It’s one less thing that I could be doing. Of course, I could be working on Elsewhere (for some reason I just stopped), SMCasmin (I worked on it a bit yesterday; I have one section written, and the beginning of another), or Midnight Rendezvous (I’m thinking about just making it generally about books; anything I want to put up there concerning me and books). But no, of course not. I made another livejournal for myself for quizzes and surveys. ^^;;; I dunno why. I don’t know if I’ll even use it for that long. I don’t even know how to change colors or anything. :( But it’s here, anyway.

my gaming

I played Tetris today. :) I got something like 538 lines. 80,964 (something like that) more lines to go! ^__^

Then I played Animal Crossing. I was going to sneak and play W88’s Master Quest, but I couldn’t find it. -.-

Well I earned 130,000 bells. There’re 400,000 something bells in my account. And my house stinks. There’s all this “wasted space” everywhere. Except in the basement. ^_^;; But I can’t figure out how to fit everything together.