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price I pay

I had an hour and a half to work on my lab report. What did I do instead? Crossword puzzle for half an hour and spider solitaire for the past 40 minutes. (I might play spider solitaire like Mum and Auntie played Freecell. Wasting Losing time. D:)

The Starter Wife is on in 20 minutes, and I don’t have either of my classes tomorrow, so woohoo! I opt to write in here rather than continue playing card games. Easier to stop writing. XD;

Record keeping stuff: over the weekend, went home. Friday night went out with Noelle’s family for dinner, since C skipped his 3–6 class.

Went shopping Saturday, found only one pair of jeans after five hours. >_< Jeans are either ugly or not in my size. Mostly ugly, right now. I honestly do not see anyone wearing dirty jeans … so stop selling them!

Sunday went back to hang out with Noelle’s family. Muahaha! Monday had a barbeque with family, Grandma & Grandpa, and Uncle R. Huh. Either I really am losing my memory, or Uncle R wasn’t as annoying Monday as he could possibly be. I almost forgot he was there, haha! He brought over a lemon meringue pie that he said was fresh, bought that morning, but Mum said it was old, so “Whatever he says, it’s the opposite.” Only G&G, Uncle R, and Mum had the pie. -_- (Lemon meringue is Uncle R’s favorite, but of us, only Mum likes it.)

Tuesday … art lecture was canceled. Had my individual art project critique with the activity teacher though. And haven’t worked on it since. :x Wednesday art was canceled, I don’t remember why. Thursday, today, regular day. Tomorrow, typography and art are canceled. XD; Free day! If I were smart, I would work on my lab report and my art project, in that order. But I don’t think I’m that smart.

I’ve got … art project, extra credit for art possibly although it’s not probable I’ll do it, typography poster, another typography poster (I’ve got a second idea, but I think I’m too lazy to do it), 320 lab report, 320 quality paper … then I have to study for 203, 218, 320 finals. I’m not studying for art. X) I’ll take my A−/B+, thanks.

Next week, 203 is canceled Tuesday but I’ll still be on campus because I want parking before 10, and there’s no 203 lab Thursday so I guess I’ll go to class, come back here, then go to 320 group presentations.

Finals week: 320 Monday, 218 Wednesday, 203 Thursday.

Two more weeks and then I’ll be home! This cold sore will also have healed over by then. Ouch.