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Start your SUMMER OF SAVINGS at Waldenbooks® and Brentano’s®! May 30 through June 15, BUY ANY 4 BOOKS AND GET THE 5TH BOOK FREE! This amazing offer includes EVERY BOOK IN THE STORE — Fiction, Non-Fiction, Kids, Bargain Books, and more!

Ahhhh!! *is in trouble* ‘Cause I know I want ParaKiss 2–4 (yaaay! Waldenbooks has 2 in finally! might not have 4 though … ¬_¬) so that’s three books. But they probably wouldn’t have Flower Drum Song. The one at Westside Pavilion didn’t. And … I just never really went in a book store looking for a specific book unless it was part of a series. ^^;; And I’m not reading any series right now. So … if I go in … ahh!! I spent all my money?!?!

Yeah. :x Or maybe I could buy Kare Kano. Or … that other manga I was looking at. *can’t remember* Or I could buy more X/1999. The publisher is selling a newer edition of that. I don’t really understand why. It’s all more uniform, though, I gotta admit.

Oh. On Tuesday I bought Sailor Moon volume 11 aaaand … Megatokyo volume 1! XD Ish sho cooool. :D I’ve already read that part online (haven’t read the rest though ^^;;), but the printed version has a commentary by Fred. Yaaay. :) Is very cool. ^_^