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Windows Media Player encrypting CD ripping

One thing worse than having nothing to say is having something to say but not wanting to write. *forces self*

So I’m still tweaking my desktop computer, trying to make it an evil stationary clone of my laptop. Tonight I wanted to rip some songs from a couple albums I’m getting rid of, and decided since I’m just ripping these songs for storage, not exactly something I want to add to any playlists, just to rip directly to my desktop (the storage comp., since it has 4x the space). But that plan grinded to a halt with

Windows Media Player cannot rip the track because a compatible MP3 encoder is not installed on your computer. Install a compatible MP3 encoder or choose a different format to rip to (such as Windows Media Audio).

showing up every time I tried ripping songs.

Backtrack a little. I don’t remember when I did this, just a few days ago I suppose. I downloaded LAME, RazorLAME, and Audacity, just because my laptop has them. Well not just, I do want to get some use out of them, even though I don’t really need them on my desktop.

The problem now is, I don’t remember how I got WMP (version 10) to rip CDs while LAME is on the comp. Did I turn LAME off somehow? Uninstall it and save it somewhere else? I copied all the settings from my laptop to my desktop. Still doesn’t work.

I downloaded CDEX along with (/after) Audacity, and that worked fine for that CD that I wanted. But tonight’s CD, ugh. It just wouldn’t work. I kept getting a … something about not being able to read from drive F. No shift, Sherlock, there’s nothing in the F drive, it’s in the E drive!

Meh, I’m thinking it was because there’s some “extra” on this CD that’s accessed on the computer. Of course, I could confirm or bust that theory by sticking in the other CD I wanted to rip. But at this point I am feeling WAY too lazy/aggravated/tired, take your pick. It’s also because of that reason that I haven’t tried out Exact Audio Copy yet.

<monku mode>
Solutions I have found on the internet for my problem:

  • upgrade to WMP 10 (that’s what I have, and despite what they say, it doesn’t encode mp3s)
  • encode in any bitrate other than 128kpbs (too bad that’s the first thing I did, before even realizing I had a problem; I like 192kpbs; besides, I can’t choose any 128kpbs option, it goes from 56 to 192, newer version?)
  • get an mp3 encoder (Microsoft’s solution; I don’t feel like paying!)
  • edit the registry to fix things (this is mostly for WMP 8 and 9, but I found a version for 10, and heck no, I’m not touching the registry!)
  • download a free ripping program (but I already have WMP, I don’t want more programs on my comp, why do I have to do all this work? *whine*)

</monku mode>

program conundrum

At the moment Windows Media Player is annoying me. Why? I forget. *falls over* Um. I think it has to do with how much memory it uses up? A little while ago I had WMP 10, Photoshop 7, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and WS_FTP open, and my laptop was running a mite slowly. Pooh.

Or it could have something to do with how stupidly this version’s playlist editing is set up. (“Oh, to edit a playlist it needs to be in the Now Playing List. And if the playlist itself changes right along with the Now Playing List? No, those changes aren’t actually saved. You must do that yourself, despite the program showing the original playlist as changed!”) Blah.

Or, it could be that stupid “Let’s resize the columns every time the playlist is scrolled!” thing. Does Microsoft just love overloading programs with stupid features that slow down response time? Blah.

But I don’t want to use Winamp solely. That’s because it’s a bit too simplistic. I like having all my music listed in one place and all my playlists being one or two clicks away. Other than that … I have no complaints, really.

The other program conundrum I have is with my blogging software. Right now I’m using pMachine free. But the company doesn’t offer that on their website anymore. It’s just pMachine Pro, or their new software that they’re really trying to push, ExpressEngine. I don’t particularly like using software that is no longer … the focus? Or something. It’s just been pushed aside. That’s how it seems to me. I was waiting for a new release to fix the comment spam thing, but I think the release for the pro version won’t be coming out for a while … and I can assume the free version will come out um, never.

I was trying to ignore all that and just continue using pMachine. I don’t really mind too much, since I don’t use my blog too much anymore. ^_^;; But it still irks me. Yesterday, I downloaded WordPress. Or, actually, checking their site just now, I guess I did it before then … there’s a new version out now. Gee, outdated before I even start … heh.

Okay so the only two problems I have are that I like this pMachine, despite not knowing completely how to edit the templates … and I don’t know if I’ll like WordPress; and the other problem is what the heck do I do with the pM entries I have now? I already have extraneous GM archives hanging around and shiz. I guess I should try their import feature, I’m just afraid of how badly that’ll go. hah. Trying out WordPress would possibly solve both problems, actually. *snark*

(If, when I post this entry, there is “1 comment” already, I’m definitely trying WordPress.)

(2:26 Yup, I’m trying WordPress. *glare*)

Windows Media Player

Not that anyone cares … (saying this because … I dunno, it’s really inane? O_o)

I don’t like doing dishes. :b *goes to do dishes*

*back* I should go to bed now. Yeah. Almost 10. Oh well.

Anyway. What I wanted to say (that seemed inane) is that a few days after I installed the Windows XP SP Pack 2 I remembered why I didn’t want to install it. :b Hidek’s computer has Windows Media Player 9. The study comp has WMP 9. Mum and Daddy’s has WMP 9. I used to have WMP XP on my laptop. I Do Not Like version 9. For two main reasons:

1) It doesn’t count the number of times a song has been played … I know it was very pointless … but … I can’t help it, I have this … weird … condition … where everything has to be even. So I got addicted to making all my songs played the same number. >_> It was the main reason I stayed away from WinAmp so long. *so sad* And I didn’t want to just drop that! Kind of like Monk … He was pouring decaf and caffeinated coffee back and forth to “make them even.” XDDD I understood that part of the show completely … rather sad … also the part where he kept walking funny so he wouldn’t step on the spaces between the pavers. ^^;; It took me a long time to drop that habit. But anyway. Reason 2:

2) The columns on the lists keep readjusting so that the whole title/artist is displayed. o_< It gets really annoying when I’m scrolling through the list quickly! And I used to have the columns spaced in very exact widths, so I could read all titles but two, all artists, about half the album titles, times, and genres. And Microsoft (or whoever) had to go and idiot-proof it. Arrrrggghh. Stupid thing. *kicks*

The first thing I got over after a while. ^^;;; Just today I started re-organizing my Favorites playlist, ’cause I didn’t feel like listening to my rock playlist on WinAmp. (Yeah, all my playlists got jumbled up. O_o?) But the second thing I haven’t gotten over yet, in all the time that I’ve ever used WMP 9. *sigh* Ah well.

Last annoying thing, that didn’t have to do specifically with version 9 … I can’t move single files around. I thought I’d figured out how to do it tonight (hold down the mouse button for a second on the one file) but after a while it stopped working and I’d be highlighting all these songs … ugh. So my Favorites playlist is still more than half messed up. Hm. I think I have to update my music list … *adds that to her long to-do list for her site*

Um. Other random things. I want internet access on my cellphone. >_> I just want to be able to sign on aim on it. ^^;; I get bored between classes … especially lately since I don’t go to bed early enough and I’m tired/sleepy and I can’t keep my mind on my work or on a random book I’m reading in the library. I haven’t ready The Pain Nobody Wants in the looongest time. Dang chemistry and its intrusive ways. Oh yeah. Lab tomorrow. One where we mix scary chemicals and see reactions. Horrible. Oh yeah. o_o Gotta print those graphs. *thanks the Lord for remembering* … *thanks her spirit guide for poking her* … yeah.

I still haven’t given a name to my spirit guide. ^^;; I think the only real reason is because I don’t know if this person is male or female, and I don’t want to … erm. Call a guy Marcy or call a girl … I dunno. :b But anyway. I want aim! Hidek can sign on aim with his phone. He can’t send or receive messages, but he can sign on. And we’re not supposed to have internet access on these phones … The funny thing is, he’ll sign on, then sign off, but he’ll still show as online until he gets on a computer and signs off. Yes, we tested this thoroughly. XP And Sam apparently has mobile access as well … *jealous* I should get his number, then we could text each other. hehe.

Boingy boingy boingy boingy boingy boingy … says W88.

I dun wanna go to classes. Mainly because I’m always tired and yawning and I can’t really keep my mind on everything. o_o Counterproductive, my staying up, no? Oh well. At least my professors postponed the quizzes until next week. XD