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try always

Tweaked the layout, so now it’s more normalish and not all above the fold with scrolling divs. Yay! Not sure how I like how it looks in 800×600 resolutions though. (The sidebar goes all the way to the bottom of the page in order to not create a horizontal scrollbar. :/)

Um, I noticed that in the “Write Post” page of WordPress, the selected categories are no longer at the top of the list… Why was that changed? I was a little annoyed when they first switched from alphabetizing all categories regardless of if they were selected to having selected categories on the top, but I got over that. It was very handy knowing without having to scroll what categories I’d placed the post under.

It’s doubly annoying now because the Categories window is so freaking tiny now. (Height-wise, I mean.) Scroll a little bit and I can barely see where the window scrolled to. Three lines? Five lines? I can never tell! Very disorienting.

edit: Vote for this idea! “Revert the 2.5 Write screen to 2.3”

WordPress 2.5

Bran’ Spankin’ New version of WordPress … I’m not a big fan of it. Hah. I hate to complain. I’m not against change. But I am against changing my workflow!

I just don’t like how much scrolling I have to do on the Write Post page. (I have to go all the way down there to add a password?! Or even to categorize my post? Which also involves much more scrolling…) It seems to me like there’s so much wasted space to the right … because I don’t use a lot of the stuff there, haha.

And the tags thing … maybe it’s just me. I’m used to Simple Tags. WP’s tag guessing thing is so slow. boo. Then again, Simple Tags could slow down my system a fraction of a second. But … at least the reaction to my typing, say, “bu” (completely random letters, yes), wouldn’t take a whole second (more?) to show up.

Also, why can’t I customize this page? I was able to change the last version’s around. Well, sorta. Going from one WordPress blog panel on this domain to another, the position of those things (widgets?) changed back to default. mrrr. But … theoretical customization, come on, people!

I dunno. I suppose I’ll get used to it. I have to, don’t I? *grin*

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tag conversion…

In regards to the last entry (second paragraph, not the first), I got my answer: I have to convert from Simple Tagging tags to WordPress native tags. Manually. The author of Simple Tag[ging/s] hasn’t mentioned an import feature. :( That’ll take a while for me to complete.

[Oct 18@10:47 Woohoo! I stopped being a dumbbell and read in the support forums that there’s an import available IN WordPress for Simple Tagging! Saved myself … a few hours’ worth of work. But I have now discovered that the Category Cloud plug-in cloud doesn’t validate. Ugh. That’ll be sitting on my mind.]


Today, I mounted a really tiny litho plate on a 20-year-old Apollo/Didde all by myself! And I didn’t lose any fingers or break the press! Go me!

In WordPress news … native tagging support? Does this mean all the work I put into tagging my entries with that plug-in (too lazy to look up and link) was a waste? (Too lazy to go read about WordPress 2.3 any further. I should have been in bed two hours ago anyway.)

should become castaway

“And sometimes this Blog is just a diary, or a reminder. You forget the things you were certain you would always remember, especially the tiny things, and all too often they’re the things that matter.”
Neil Gaiman, December 1, 2006

I know he said that in reference to his daughter, but dang I still love how he writes.

Yesterday I went to lecture, art lab, then printing lab. Oh. Before lecture I was in the library “tracing” over the landscapes/cityscapes/interiors (abstracting everything into geometric shapes). I got two thirds of it done in an hour. :o In lab we got a half hour presentation on what are abstract geometric shapes, and what are not. Then I spent another half hour finishing the third page of examples. Rest of the time I tried coming up with my own pictorial design. I came up with two then couldn’t really think of any more. x.x Have to work on that this weekend.

Had a lab final in printing. Oh yeah! My teacher said in class: she’s lived in Michigan, where it snows, and when she was moving to California she thought, oh yay, the sun is always out! But it’s so cold here! Not outside, but inside. Her husband said “we have to go get sweaters!”

Hah, yeah, no one heats (public) buildings around here. >_> My mom’s even got the thermostat at home down to 66° since last winter. I never even gave that a second thought. Do other places heat to a comfortable level during the winter?

Yesterday I forgot to turn off the heater (we don’t have a thermostat) in the morning, so it was on pretty high all day until I got home at 5:30. C and his friend had the windows open since they don’t know how to work the heater. -.- So I don’t have the heater on now, and I’m wearing a tank top, shirt, thermal top, sweatshirt, leggings, and sweatpants. Still a little cold though.

Wednesday night it was really cold. I think it went down to 42° while we were checking the weather. Thursday morning there was ice on my car! Only the rear window, but still! This one site C’s friend checked said that average and record temperatures in SLO are more extreme than temperatures in Berkeley/Davis. O_o I understand the highs; they’re more north, so naturally it’s cooler. But the lows! How in the world can we get colder than the Bay area??? They get fog! It rains often there! We’re in what’s called the Gold Coast. (I think it’s a just marketing/tourist gimmick though.)

Today I vacuumed my room and called the evaluations office to see if my transcripts were marked with the equivalent classes at Cal Poly. That’s it. bah! I should be working on art stuff, but I’m so lazy!

Last night I stayed up til 1:30 am working on my blog. XD; Moved the last of the pMachine entries to WordPress. No more pMachine floating around uselessly on my domain anymore, woohoo! Installed plugins for tags and weighted tags and for weighted categories. So now you’ll see those around.