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Wow, that’s cool. I had this word stuck in my head today. For some reason I first kept thinking “oshimatsu”. Well, I figured out it was really oshamoji, and I knew Mommy said it to me, or told me, but I couldn’t remember why or where. And just now I put oshamoji into Yahoo! (’cause I wasn’t sure if it was a real word or some combined thing or something that wouldn’t be in a dictionary) and I got … rice paddle! XD Now I kinda remember. Oshamoji. Yeah. Cool. :)

I can’t remember what “-tsuki” means in mochitsuki. Actually, I don’t think I ever really knew what mochi means. I wonder what onigiri means. I want onigiri with nori around it! We have nori. :D Yay. Yummy nori. Adam says he won’t eat it ’cause he doesn’t like vegetables. :P Silly. Hmm … don’t know when we’re having rice next. I’ll have to remember to ask if I can have onigiri with nori. ^_^


It’s not lying, or telling the truth, but …

Subreption (n.) a calculated misrepresentation through concealment of the facts; an inference drawn from such a misrepresentation.

o.o Wow. I didn’t know there was a term for not telling the whole truth. Hehehe. Kinda scary. And rather … painful sounding. ^_^;;; Subreption? I dunno, doesn’t it sound like some body part is tearing or something?

Hm. A question for anyone at all to answer. :) (I’d like to hear the responses. ^_^)

How many emotions can you name? What’s your favorite emotion?

words of 2002

Ehehe … ^^; “‘dialarhoea,’ … inadvertent dialing of a cell phone in a pocket or handbag.” *cracks up* “Most likely to succeed: Blog, the noun (a personal Web log). Once the province of Webheads, these online journals are going mainstream.” Oh pooh. *considers trashing her blog* … too lazy. :b