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random music comments

My head hurts … and I’m trying to stuff my head with last week’s anthropology reading assignment … which makes it hurt more. :b

[old Greymatter rambling problems removed]

I want the Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Maps” music video. ^^;; It was practically the entire reason why I got on this computer. And the reason why I sat here for half a minute trying to remember my Greymatter password. *sweatdrop* I like the Sic Transit Gloria video. I just sat here for a minute watching that guy control other people. ^^; I wasn’t even paying attention to the song, either.

I want the My Immortal single. Which is really weird, because I have all three songs on my computer already. And I have the video. It’s just in wmv format. I want it in mpeg format. No one has that. :/

I want the Strokes albums, I want Yeah Yeah Yeahs CDs, I want Lacuna Coil CDs, I want … I want a fourth thing … I forget what. Some punk group. Punk pop, I mean. M88 got mad when his classmate called New Found Glory punk. :P Green Day? They aren’t punk pop.

And now I go off to vote in this primary election. Wheeee …